Puet Apartments

Carretra de Ibiza,, Ibiza, Spain
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What you expect for the cheap price

"We ended up staying in Puet Apartments after some people dropped out of the holiday and this was the cheapest option. We didn't get a great price but it was the cheapest that was available. When we got there the rooms weren't ready but we didn't have to wait long, the rooms were average as expected. They were very hot and there was no air con which was the worst problem and the shower that we had was very poor. There floor often got soaked in water and the maids came about twice in the 7 days so we ran out of towels. There was a group of ten of us and the other girls room was slightly better than ours. Also I wouldn't call the apartments 'self catering' seeing as there was no oven only a small travel hob that took ages to cook any thing.

The benefits was that there is a cheap cafe downstairs with lovely staff, so it was easier to buy food which was around 5-8 euros a meal. The apartments share a pool with the hotel next door which was fine and it was a ten min walk or less to the strip. There is music playing 24/7 as your across the road from ibiza rocks but that's what you expect in ibiza. Over all the hotel was standard but okay if you got it at a cheap price, the positives were that the hotel was clean, close to the strip and we had no problems with the staff or any one complaining seeing as we were in very late most nights. Perfect if you want a cheap holiday but no air con was the worst problem.

by Unknown18
5 / 10

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it was ok

"stayed here at these apartments last year, handy spot, walking distance to the west end and other night clubs. across from ibiza rocks as well so the place dosent sleep. staff were alright, looked constantly pissed off though but you would expect that, having to listen to crowds of people non stop for months. no air condition was a nightmare in the apartments though and renting a fan didnt make much of a difference either. staff threatened to throw us out after a handling had started after a party in one of the apartments one night, but it was all sorted in the end up. didnt hear much from the staff until this one incident. would reccomend staying here as it wasnt that bad, apart from one thing i'd rather not mention on here haha but i would definetely go back there. the rep we had though was a twat, didnt do much to help us out at all! theres a wee hooker house around the corner as well if that makes it any better for you!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, booked with Thomas Cook
by ibizawnker
5 / 10

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Not the best!!

"Arrived at puet and we were told we had to wait 2 hours to get into our rooms! when we eventually got the keys we had to climb a lot of stairs to get to the apartments. there was 12 girls and we had 2 apartments. we walked in our room and the sofa bed was being held together by metal clamps as it had been broken by the previous people. the apartment was very basic but we didnt think it was too bad. no air con took its toll after a few days because u cant sleep with the doors open to the balcony's as it is horrendously noisy. the night guard was a right moody ****, and we had music on before going out at around 11pm and were constantly told to turn it off otherwise we would be thrown out. the rooms were cleaned once in the whole week we were there and we had clean towels just once.the food from the cafe was standard, nothing special but it was quite well priced, and there is a few other cafes very close that we tried out too. there is no pool, but you can use the next hotels, however its very small and doesn't get much sun. probably wouldn't go back due to the no air con and the rooms not being clean!!!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: hire a couple of fans when you first arrive
  • Good For: Beach
by Eriin
5 / 10

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Loved it!

"The puet has 12 rooms, each apartment has 3 balconies 1 on each bedroom and 1 on the living room, i thought it was gonna be a proper dump but it just werent at all! ther was onli 2 of us in are room so wetha ders 2 or 6 u still get a 2 bed apartment which i thought was proper boss!! in each of the bedrooms thers 2 single beds a mirror some little draweres and a big built in wardrobe, then the bathroom is quite big, apart from the bath never seen a bath that small haha, the in the living room thats actually quite big the wooden couch didn bother us haha n thers like another bed in the livin room which we jus used for another couch, also in the living room thers a table and 6 chairs, 2 barstools which is like at the breakfast bar and a small kitchen which had 2 hob fings couple of pans n that, a fridge goodsize actually. The maid gave us clean towels nerle everyday and toilet roll but a couple of times we heard her in the room but never had any clean towels toilet roll no clean sheets or r bins hadnt bin emptied which we thought was abit weird!! we thought we was hallucinaten haha...the bar women n bar fella was lovely! n the night man was alrite aswelll....agree with the other post giv us a few snide looks like comin in at bells! and when we was tryna speak 2 ppl in the rocks at 4 he wud b like shhhhh but we jus ignored im its an escapades hotel for godsake, the bar ppl sed he cudn kick us out hes just ther for the safety of the rooms n to make sure no1 else comes up! we only paid 250 each for the week well worth it id go back!!! o 1 bad fing no air con but just sleep wit all the doors open!"

by kayla09
9 / 10

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"Arriving was abit of a pain as we had to climb 3 sets of stairs with our case's, we were pleased when we arrivied to are room, i dont know why some people have been moaning about the coutch thing, its a bed and when your rotten your never assed what you sleep on.

The night gaurd was sound! He used to just look at us in disgust when we would roll up te stairs haha, but yer he wasnt bad. The only time we had a problem was when we was talking to the lads in thr ibiza rocks hotel, he got a chair and watched us so we didnt shout over to them but thats the fun of the holiday.

The maid was abit of trouble, we had money robbed but was are own fault really. Three of us sleeping and three went out, the key was in the safe but never mind nothing we could do. After that we just used to go get the towels from downstairs or we would say leave them outside. Before all this though she did used to change are sheets and we would get like 4 loo rolls so what the hell are they chattin up there haha!

Overall for the price you pay u dont expect pure luxury! It was a ball of a holiday and loved every minute of it. The staff were sooo nice downstairs, however i do reccomend you pop into the ohio thats oppisite the puet, there sooooo cute haha!

Defoo would go back there again =D

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Boss lively place with loads of places to get drunk!
  • Activities: The boat trips are always best!
  • Good For: , City Breaks
by clare09
7 / 10

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No Chance!

"Arrived at the appartments and noticed straight away that we had one bed less than thought. The poor excuse for our 6th bed was a TINY wooden couch with thin matress, not one of us slept well on it. Having no air con took it's toll on us over the two weeks and constantly had to sleep with the doors open which let in a lot of noise, one of us even slept on the balcony over the wooden couch one night! Never cleaned, even when the lady came in she seemed to dance about for a good 5 - 10 minutes and left with not much being done. Toilet was a no go area for her aswell, no attempt was ever made to clean it. We had to ask eventually for extra towels because we never recieved any.. The staff started out ok with us, but ended up threatening us saying they would get family and friends to 'jump us' after we'd been noisy one night.. but being an escapades holiday hotel full of young people you expect to be able to have a laugh and make a bit of noise. Having to walk down the main road to the other pool got tedious after a while, although the guy in the bar who works there was always willing to help. The night guy has issues. We tried talking with him at the start but he ended up breaking into our room while a few of us were in bed blaming us for throwing stuff from the balcony which we hadnt. For a anything up to a week on a tight budget this will pass, but anything over that then just pay the little bit more, it really is worth. Our second week was spent in a horrible unclean room and half ruined the holiday."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by o_mcgill
1 / 10

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Would stay here again if....

"These were good apartment and would stay here again. Few slight problems though - our room was hardly ever cleaned and our beds were not changed once in the 2 weeks we were there. We were given fresh towels and loo roll although never enough for the 5 of us. Also no air con which annoyed some of the boys! The ibiza rocks hotel has music pumpin at all hours so its hard to get to sleep when you finally do fall into bed after a mad session...No pool either but you can use the Jovial next door which is great and the wee man that works there is sooooo nice! I didnt have any bother which the nite watch man he was usally nappin wen i went past and we partied mostly on the beach anyway so didnt need to bring mates up. We got a decent place for wat we paid - was cheap as! So would stay here again. Roll on Ibiza 09!"

by vicki08
8 / 10

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Arrived to a room that had the lasts...

"Arrived to a room that had the lasts guests clothes hanging from shower and small amounts of litter on ground which made me worry straight away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should not have worried after giving the top to our amusing welsh rep to wear even though it was females our holiday got off to a great start with everyone being there for fun.

The staff were so friendly and always smiling. Food in apartments were lovely. The night porter was even friendly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bar man was always willing to change channel on tv to suit our needs.

Ok the downsides. Not much sleep due to paper thin walls and over amourous guests and having to use next doors pool.

all in all fab holiday and would def return to these appartments

by Lc Wilson
7 / 10

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Me and my mate stayed at the puet a...

"Me and my mate stayed at the puet a few times.i have to say this place was first class. the staff and owners were great. great bar and overall a fantastic place to stay we will be headin back soon. highly reccomend to anyone....... slim!!!!"

by r Moore
10 / 10

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Absolutly fab holiday in these...

"Absolutly fab holiday in these apartments for the money we paid it was basic but sod it youre in ibiza to get smashed not to sleep

awesome time would def stay here again

by Kloey Penman
10 / 10

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Absolutly loved this holiday! The...

"Absolutly loved this holiday! The apartments are right near the west end street, which is amazing, some places are quite cheap and you get so many deals, but does get annoying after a while with all the bar workers coming out and tring to get you to come in their bar but you will get good deals off them if you do!

Escapades staff are great, Leighton the best of course! They are so much fun too and really look after you. If you go with escapades make sure you do the package they offer you at he meeting because it is well worth the money and is so much fun- it includes a foam party, pool party, warter party at es paradis club, bar crawls etc etc!

Cannot wait to go back here again and I will def be going with escapades!

O yer before I go beware of the night watcher man, he has got anger management problems but when your drunk you just argue with him and laugh at him, we didnt listen to him we just brought people back to our room, but then we got the electricity turned off but it was quite fun in the dark lol. Then he tried to get in out room but we put the key through the hole so he coulkdnt un lock it, he gave up in the end!!!

by C Ellis
9 / 10

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I'm abit late in adding my comments...

"I'm abit late in adding my comments but I'm looking to book to Ibiza again so while I'm on ill leave a note. My stay at puet wasn't a pleasant one never got clean towels daily ended up having to use the tea towels then the furniture sort of doyley things! The shower head was cracked so we had to mop up every time we had a shower, the room was never cleaned throughout our stay and when we got there the only part of the floor cleaned was the part you walk on! because underneath the bed and furniture was a load of collected dust and dirt! Also there was mud in the bath dunno where that came from! The noise from the surrounding apartments meant you could either sleep with the doors closed and cook or open them and not get any sleep because of the constant shouting and loud music, That's us Brits tho! Anyway what do you expect from a two star? next time ill go four star. Apart from that the staff seem pleasant and friendly."

by B Clarke
5 / 10

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  • by o_mcgill

    " Parasailing to the sunset. Unbelievable. "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " Get ready early, get a carry out and get yourself down to the sunset beach to start your night. "

  • by ibizawnker

    " close to most main attractions in san antonio "

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