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Shocking! Worst place to stay

"I have just come back from a week staying here and it was a week of hell. I like many others read reviews and thought it can't be that bad how wrong was i! We arrived late in the morning the guy on reception wasn't even helpful he told us there was no lift and we were on the second floor he didn't offer to help us with our cases at all. But on the website it talks about there being an elevator! there really isn't one. When we got to the room it was just pure filth, rubbish was left from previous people it was cleaned or anything air con didn't work it was just appaling. As the days went on more problems just arose, the shower leaked throught pools of water near our beds, live wires were exposed behind the beds, beds uncomfy, sheets/towels not changed had to beg at reception for towels to which we got a hand towel. The staff were just rude and not willing to help in anyway. When leaving we didn't realise our checkout date and we were told we had to pay $35 euros to keep the room till 6:00pm we arrived back at 5:10pm? they should of given us a heads up and she told me the cleaners told me you had to be out this morning, so i said well you watched me walk out this morning and not saying anything it really is so bad. It states its suitable for families NO WAY theres stains all over the carpets, its vile the pool is just never clean we went peak season and saw no more than 4 people siting by the pool what does that tell you! I've been to ibiza before and i LOVE the place, this has been the one time i've come and just coudln't enjoy myself at all i was so stressed out the whole week i was here it shouldnt be like that! NEVER EVER stay here and NEVER EVER book with SUNMASTER! No exageration this place is not fit for humans to stay. It states it has a bar and food facilities it doesn'thave either of these it's very misleading and they are ripping people off we are in the process of trying to get money back i have taken approx 50 + pics of evidence and if they don't sort it out i WILL be taking it further"

by PL2011
1 / 10

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Grand For Young People

"New reviews for this hotel were posted just before I was due to fly out and I will admit I was terrified at what the place was going to be like. We arrived late at nice and the receptionist couldn't have been more helpful. There are no lifts and we had to carry our suitcases up two flights of stairs but considering we only had to carry them up once and down once it didn't bother us. the hallways to the room were all carpeted and there was what looked like bleached stains all along the sides, which i'd read about in other reviews. once in the apartment, however, it was spotless. the room was quite spacious. the air conditioning did however seem to blow out hot hair instead of cold. we never complained about this, just bought a big fan and that did the job for two weeks. the maids came nearly every day with towels. every couple of days they changed the sheets and did a big clean of the room - wash floors, bath, toilet, balcony etc. on one occasion we had to beg them not to clean as it was fine. they couldn't have been better. we found everyone who worked at reception friendly, professional and very helpful. they provided us with club tickets and advised us on getting ones they didn't have. the pool area was was quiet for the first week and got really busy the second week. while at times it did have leaves etc. in it, the was always a guy trying to clean the leaves out. there was a lot of trees around the pool and a slight breeze so obviously they were blowing in. our flight was late the day we were checking out and the receptionist gave us a key to another apartment to shower and change in, they said we could use it for as long as we wanted, that was spotless also. For the price we paid for these apartments we couldn't have asked for more, your hardly expected a palace when they are so cheap. its defo not somewhere you'd bring a family but for young people its perfect...not too strict that you can make noise and bring people back. id recommend these apartments for people who arent looking for something fancy but something clean and comfortable."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, booked with Expedia
by HolidayLover
5 / 10

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"Me and my cousin recently went to ibiza for the first time for 2 weeks for my birthday. Before we went we had a look at the reviews but like any one would we just thought people were just being overrated so we took a chance and went as it was cheap. When we got there the transfer people did not drop us where we could see the hotel as it was set back from the road, we checked in and got to our room as we were staying for 2 weeks our suitcases were quite heavy the downfall was there was no lifts! so we had to drag our cases up 4 flights of stairs to get to our room. When we was walkin to out room the hallways stunk there was dirty tampons on the floor condom wrappers and it was filthy! my first impressions were not good at all!. When we finally got to our room the room was huge, but the air conditiong did not work, there was no tv as it looked like it had been robbed, there was mouldy food and dirty dishes in the sink and fridge so obviously someone had just either left or it had not been cleaned!, When we tried to open the blacony doors they would not open, there was graffiti all over the table and all over the walls the wall paper was hanging off it was vile! the only perk of the room was the size of the room. The bathroom was absoloutely filthy the bath was black and the shower did not work on some occasions. I did go down to complain about it because i did not think it would be this bad and there was no way i was staying in a room that was blowing out hot air which was supposed to air conditiong!, When i did finally get some where with my complaints they moved us to another hotel which was Piscis park.. that was even worse! so we went bk to sol bay. for the 2 weeks while we were there we did not use that pool we used another hotels pool as it looked dirty and there was only a few people actually using it. On 3 occasions tho when the cleaners eventually did come round to "clean" they tried to kick us out and say that we had not booked our room for the full 2 weeks which we did and they also did it to some girls we met over there that was stayin next door to ours. But i did kick off and complain and they gave us the room untill the 26th when we was actually leaving on the 23rd! which there was no point.. BUT I WOULD ADVISE DO NOT STAY IN THIS HOTEL!! u would probably have more fun sleeping in a tent!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dont go there!
by Leics23
1 / 10

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This hotel is Awful.

"I read reviews on this all the time and think yeah ok whatever. But, i am genuinely being serious. This was by far THE WORST hotel i have ever stayed at. Me and my boyfriend went for a week to San Antonio, and booked to stay in a hotel across the road from this. On arrival, we were told that our booking was not there, and we had to be moved across the street to Sol Bay. As compensation, we were given half board basis with the hotel on the next corner, part of their group. The apartments were dirty, the cleaners barely did anything. They changed our sheets once in a week, gave us clean towels WHEN WE ASKED. Our shower broke the first night, hot water was not working the full time we stayed there. Also, the air conditioning did not work, which i complained about on several occasions and was still not fixed even up until the 7th day. It was absolutely awful. I would never stay here ever ever again. The pool was flithy, we used another hotel's pool the full week, and mostly went to the beach. There was normally only around 2 people at the pool, and this is IBIZA, one of the busiest places. It was such a dissapointment. When out hot water broke, we had to use another room to shower in, and in this room the roof was leaking water, and it looked as though it was going to fall through. I would NEVER EVER stay here again. Please do not choose this hotel if u want a good holiday."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Nothing
  • Good For: Beach
by Danielle
1 / 10

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"It was disgustingly dirty, hardly got cleaned, staff ignarant and rude, did nothing when requested, to safe for children at all plugs coming out the wall etc & the pool was rusty not safe as the holes for the filters were not covered & alot of injuries got caused. Luckily we did not eat there we ate at the rivera which is wonderful"

by Sx
1 / 10

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Hell hole.

"Wow, i could not believe this place was so bad, a vagabonding tramp would be appalled at the facilities, cleanliness and staff. Avoid at all costs, or i suppose if you want your holiday to end up like one of those B-list movies about the trip to the hotel from hell. In that case, go for it."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Never travel here.
by I hate Sol Bay.
1 / 10

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worst day of my life!

"I pulled up to what seemed to look like a row of shops!! however, if you looked up there were balconys with cracks in! We walked up this alley way, where the entrance was! I thought lets give this hotel the benefit of doubt, so we recived our key were the lady in reception told us that the room was not ready for 4 people. Even thou we had paid an extorsinant amount of money for 4 people!

We walked into the corridors which was full of dead mini beasts! there were urine stains up the wall and on the floors! There were open bags of rubbish in the corridors and there were no ceiling tiles!!!!

We then walked into the room, there was stale food in the fridge, pubic hair in the bath, mould around the taps and shower and used sanitary towels in the bin! not only did i fear for my health and cleanliness but also for mine and my 3 friends saftey!

The beds were damp and had holes in! i would never ever recommened this hotel to anyone! and i personally think it should be nocked down! or even better burnt down!! I personally wouldnt let a homeless man sleep in the beds provided! it looked like a scene out of the film taken!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dive!
by Chloe
1 / 10

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nothing like on pictures!!!

"we stayed in Sol Bay apartments for a week in July, and all i can say is: it doesn't look nothing like on pictures, so don't belive what yoou see because it looks nothing like it, much worse in real!!! staff is rude, hardly speak English, so you can't rely on them. Rooms are basic, old furniture, in our room we had broken wardrobe, broken chairs, tv works only if you pay 20 euro for a remote!!! bathroom was dirty and filthy, kitchen the same. we had a balcony with one dirty table and two chairs even tho it was three of us. the tap water is salty, like from the sea, its a nightmare to wash ur face or hair!! swimming pool is small and dirty with broken laungers, we didnt go near it at all for a week. even to call a taxi you have to give them 20 euro deposit, thats just insane. Beach was nice, you have to pay for laungers and umbrella, thats 4euro each. Sol Bay is on busy, lively street, so dont expect quiet, peaceful nights. We used to walk to San Antonio, used to take us 15 minutes, about 20 minutes to West End. We had a good time, but dont expect much from Sol Bay apartments, u cant expect much for that price anyway."

by JessyJameson
2 / 10

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do not stay here!!!

"Just got back from a 5 day break with my girlfriends and we stayed at the Sol Bay. Lets start with the reception staff, rude, rude, rude. Unhelpful, especialy the male and a really nasty younger girl. No lift. carpeted landings covered in vomit stains and god knows what else. The rooms we got was just vile. Food and dust staines cuttlery and pans,rusty knives, no toaster or kettle, filthy stained fridge with a broken door, no bin. Broken toilet seat, grime covered bath with a rusty mucky shower tap, NO hot water, no air con, it was acctualy blowing hot air which was not good seeing the weather was roasting! mucky linnen on the beds, pubic hairs on the floor near my bed,rubbbish had not been cleared from previous people either. mucky pokey balcony with rusty wonky table covered in dirt. no coat hangers in wardrobe, tv diddnt even work at all. Cleaners never came and were always giving mucky looks when you passed them and always seemed to just be messing arround and not working. we never got any clean towels, sheets or toilet roll. The pool looked ok but on closer inspection was horrible, all the loungers were broken and weatherd, the paint around the pool is coming off and you get paint stuck to skin, flakes of paint floating in pool, film of filth on top of pool, i only saw it been cleaned once in 5 days and that was only a mucky pipe stuck in the water so i can only hope they was cleaning it. Water was never tested. The pool water had a strange salty taste too. Dont expect the reception to ring for a taxi for you because they wont unless you give them 20Euro (that was the rude male). No bar no restaraunt. The very worst i have ever stayed in, i love ibiza and will return agin but never ever again to the sol bay! I would never bring my children to a place like that either, not child friendly or safe at all."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: please dont stay here of your holls will be ruined
by e-by-gum
1 / 10

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An honest review

"To be really honest when i got there i thought that the accomodation was not as first bad as it was made out to be, and was quite glad of this as i had already booked it prior to reading any reviews... I have been home now for two days and actually miss it! with this place you get exactly what you pay for...Basic Accomodation with no frills at all. The only obvious dirt i saw was on the carpets of the landing as they seemed to be all covered in sand. But the place had only been opened a week and there was cleaning equiptment everywhere to suggest that this was being attended to... The staff at the time of my stay were very helpful and there seems to be a distrust of the cleaning staff running through the reviews and i have to say i did not experience this at all. I would suggest this place for a family simply because of the location. it is one of the busiest streets in san antonio bay. The poole area was the thing that saved the accomodation because it doesnt marry up with the rest of the building it was actually nice... So to sum get what you pay frills...not for young families... i enjoyed my stay."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Its good for a party holiday...
  • Good For: Beach
by ppod
4 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Holiday from the depths of Hell!!!

"We (5 girsl & 1 guy in their 20s) stayed at the Sol Bay Apartments in late August for a week and i have to say it was the worst accomodation i have ever set my eyes on in years! For a start the area which surrounds the hotel is quite dark and every night there was a group of kids hanging around the entrance drinking and looking quite suspicious. However, lets get back to the apartments themselves. We checked in at around 1230 local time and was told by the receptionist that our rooms were not ready and to come back 2 hours later, no offer of anywhere to place our cases until we asked. We then went to the pool area and this is spacious, good location for the sun throughout the day and the pool itself was a good size, but the water was very salty which we would not expect from a freshwater pool. 2 hours later, i went back to the receptionist and asked if our rooms were ready, he was really not interested, mind you he never was interested throughout the whole week, he was more interested in watching the TV that sits in reception. Anyway, he then went to check rooms and came down 10 minutes later and handed two keys and said the rooms were ready. 3 of us stayed in each room and when we went to our room which was A6, the cleaners were still in the room and we waited a further 15 minutes before they had finished!! when we did walk in the smell of bleach was incredible, had they used a whole bottle to clean the floor!! The room itself, was in a state of disrepair...the curtains were hanging off the pole, the tiles were falling off in the bathroom, the socket wires were exposed behind the bed, the bed themselves were the uncomfiest i have ever experienced, the doors were not sturdy and the locking system was not one you would have confidence in. The cutlery was dirty and had food remenants on them, the plates and glasses were dirty and everything just felt dirty and dusty and unclean! The corridor outside the apartment was the most unpleasent corridor looked like a scene out the film "The Shining" the lights kept flickering on and off, the floor carpet was stained, dirty wet, turning blue with the air conditioning fluid leaking from the roof onto it, i wouldnt be surprised if it was infested with ants and the like. The 1st night, we were sleeping and someone managed to get into our apartment and stole purses which had money and credit cards in them....none of us woke up and the door was locked the night before...make your own conclusions from that! when we went to reception, the guy who was the same one from when we checked in just pushed the phone towards us and didnt say much else....when we asked him where the Police Station was, he said over the bay...very helpful indeed! Mind you, this guy's customer service skills all week left alot to the imagination, he has no customer service skills!! i am surprised he continues to work there as he is incompetent and completely unhelpful. Throughout the rest of the week, 2 other apartments were broken into and they had there doors kicked in, one apartment never had the door replaced / fixed for 2 days!! no wonder the people left the apartments soon after they had got back to find their apartment door kicked in!! The cleaners only cleaned our room once in the whole week, we had to ask to have clean towels, this is far from acceptable! Overall, the apartments are a complete shambles, a disgrace and they should be condemned to be fair...they even have pictures on some holiday websites of a bar and restaurant...this does NOT is an empty shack / shed which is like everything else in this building, dirty, shabby and completely unfit for purpose. If you want to stay here then be prepared for a time in hell as it needs to be shut down and completely refurbished, new staff need to be brought in and why not go the whole hog and knock it down and start needs it!! It doesnt even deserve to get a 1 star rating, it should be 0 as that is how bad it is, i dont think there is anything positive that can be said about the Sol Bay!"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, Room Only, Booked Independently
by Nytstorm
1 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

me and my family stayed here we...

"me and my family stayed here we booked a fortnight in these apartments but flew home after only 5 days,we were put in sol bay 2 which is nothing like the picture online we were out the back past the skip bins,down the street led into an unlit entrance up numerous stairs with no help at all from staff (we had cases and a pushchair)and put into this dive of a place most of the furniture was broken and rusty including beds and cot,dining table,balcony table and chairs and the electricity box door(metal) flew across the room when the main door was opened we had no hot water, 1 fork, 1 spoon, 1 dinner plate and approx 10 butter knives(self catering!!!!) the cleaning rota was a joke,no towels ,sheets or toilet rolls were replaced during our stay we bought our own the mattresses were stained not just one of them but both beds had mattresses that were stained on both sides the settee/3rd bed was also stained on both sides (my teenage son refused to sleep on it but opted for a inflatable bed on the balcony instead!!!!bought by us may i add) the air con didnt work the whole time we were there,(we were roasting)the final straw for us was when we found bloodstains on the lining of the curtain the full length of it (major incident style) we had spent 4 days complaining to staff constantly with no joy what so ever and decided that enough was enough when ever we went to reception (about half a mile up the road from our apartment )we were met with " me no know"!!!!!!!!! so we flew back home at extra expence to us and are still fighting for some compensation now!!!p/s it hasn't got sky t.v or a bar onsite as advertised the bar is now a store room!!!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY"

by  K Whitehead
1 / 10

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  • by Nytstorm

    " Ibiza is great...the Sol Bay is horrifying, staff are incompetent and beware the thiefs!! "

  • by HolidayLover

    " Eat at "The Old Tavern". Use the water taxis at the beach during the day to get to San Antonio and the West End. "

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