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Another two victims of 'The Arcadia Cough'

"We boarded the Arcadia on 16th March 2015 in Hong Kong. We were required to state we were both in good health on boarding. Oh that we had remained in good health. After a few days my husband developed a sore throat and this was very quickly followed by an irritating cough and loss of voice. At this point I started with a sore throat also. This also developed into a cough and chest infection. Although many passengers were also suffering from the same symptoms and the shop had run out of throat.lozenges and medicines due to the high demand, reception said they were unaware of the problem. A crew member became quite irate when she asked how I was and I said I had succumbed to 'the Arcadian Cough'. She said there was no such thing. You would have to be blind and deaf to be unaware of the high number of passengers suffering. The theater was packed for a talk on piracy and hardly a minute passed without an outbreak of coughing. This cough really spoiled our cruise. It left us feeling very tired and meant when we used the dining room we had to request a table for two as we were too self conscious to share a table, even if we had had the voices to communicate. We didn't feel the air conditioning over our bed was very good, as our symptoms were always much worse in the morning. It was also very noisy, possibly due to a dirty filter. I raised this with reception and the system was inspected. It was very quiet after the service. Had I been aware of the number of people who became ill on this ship I would not have booked. In future I will look very carefully at reviews.

P&O really need to acknowledge there is a problem and remedy this as soon as possible.

by Cruiser123
2 / 10

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Arcadia and still coughing - check the health of your ship before booking!

"We joined in Hong Kong and disembarked in Dubai on Sunday 6th April 2015. On our first encounter with our neighbor she told us that her husband had had pneumonia and they nearly had to leave the ship. We thought no more about it until our first evening in the theater - there was a coughing chorus. We succumbed a week later! I saw the ships doctors to check that my lungs were OK as I had pneumonia in January and was concerned that I might be a sitting duck! While waiting for him, another passenger told us that he had been in the ships hospital for three days and then had had to be admitted to a shore hospital. He had just re-joined the ship after four days ashore. I was given antibiotics which have had no noticeable effect and we are both still coughing up a storm!

P&O apparently only accept that there is a problem if more than 2% of the passengers report to the sick bay. So as the majority put up with the cough and don't fancy paying to see the doctor, as far as P&O are concerned there is no problem. It is time for the health authorities to look into the health issues on this ship!

It is also a wake up call for people planning cruises to check not only the cruise itinerary, but also the health of the ship before they book. We most certainly will do so!

  • Holiday details: Mar 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Eastern people wear masks to avoid polution etc - a requirement on this ship?Might be fun!! Failing this, the food is excellent so enjoy!
by Delana
4 / 10

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Arcadia Illness

"After having a serious illness which is still ongoing. We are pressing the matter legally. Anyone else who have had there holiday ruined should do the same. Power by numbers is recommended you can contact me at ."

by petesa
2 / 10

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Arcadia Cough

"I have just got off Arcadia and I started coughing on about Feb. 22nd and it is still with me a month later March 19th. I have thrown everything at it to ji available . So many people were coughing throughout the RTW cruise that it definitely spoils a very expensive 43 nights as half of them were spoils due to severe coughing, tiredness. The cough kept me awake and sometimes was so severe that I was sick. I think the whole ship should be fumigated to get rid of the virus infection before people are allowed on it again. British health authorities should investigate."

by Jill Johnson
5 / 10

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Arcadia cough

"We have just had three weeks on the Arcadia from San Fransisco to Sidney .five days in to the cruise I caught the Arcadia cough !the medical officer said it was upper respiratory without examination !! By the time we reached Sidney it was worse !! We traveled on to Perth and I was then admitted to hospital with viral pneumonia !! Come on P&O and admit you have a problem how many people have to die before you do something .our holiday was ruined !!our dates were from jan 30th to Feb 21st Doreen Dale"

  • Holiday details: Jan 2015
  • Advice: Don't go
by David D
2 / 10

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Legal Help

"I have today spoken to Irwin Mitchell who have ongoing issues re this cruise ship they already have clients who are claiming against P & O.

Check there website. The higher the number of claimants the more chance of a result.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Check the history of illness aboard this ship its all there to see.
by petesa
2 / 10

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Nightmare cruise

"We too have been very poorly after our cruise on Arcadia, arriving back in the UK 24th of February after a long flight back from Sydney. I had to take my wife to the A&E where she was admitted with severe chest infection, after treatment over a couple of days she was a little better and was discharged. She now has been diagnosed with blood clot on lung and is in intensive care. I hope to god she recovers, and I intend pressing charges against P&O."

by petesa
2 / 10

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Constant cough

"We had our first cruise on Arcadia Dec27th 2014 we went with friends and we all got this cough one after the other me last I'm still coughing very breathless feel really I'll so tired and cannot do anything due to this breathlessness been on 3 lots of antibiotics 2 lots of steroids and still feel the same I ache through coughing and really fed up was taken to hospital Thursday by ambulance as I couldn't breath high BP and pulse never felt as ill as I feel now, what the heck is it ?????i didn't hear about Arcadia cough until someone said it was in the papers it has put me off going on another cruise and the staff including sweet shop owner said everyone's getting it I think something should have been done as it's baffled the doctors in hospital and my GP I'm asthmatic as well I know I was coughing the night in Paladium with that smoke machine started I coughed continually while The show was on well I hope it goes soon because I don't think I can put up with it much longer think the ship should have had someone check it out a find the cause it's a shame our holiday was ruined by this cough it's put me off going again."

by Gloria burling
8 / 10

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"Boarded San Francisco en route Sydney.After two days met folks who joked about the "Arcadia Cough".

Two days later, I had it.Became gradually worse until I disembarked Sydney.Then downhill from there.

Sixteen days from Sydney,bed rest and anti-bio-tics and I am still ill.

At no time was the cough referred to by any member of staff,completely showing ignorance of any problem therefore well able to deny any responsibility.

However, early on the Captain made a big deal about sea air being pumped in,treat,circulated and then blown out.

How long will Arcadia continue to sail until the appropriate authorities step in and quarantine the ship?

Any chance of any recompense from P&O?

I do not think so!


Three previous with P&O,one with MSC and one with Holland and America so I am no novice.


K R Sutherland

P&O can find me.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2015, booked with Imagine
  • Advice: Do not board
by Keith S
1 / 10

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Do not go on the Arcadia

"We have just got off the Arcadia 2nd leg from San Francisco to Sydney, I will never cruise on this ship again, after falling sick with the Arcadia cough 4 days into the cruise and then getting conjunctivitis it has been a miserable time, so many people being sick, not sure how many people have died."

by Hazel B
1 / 10

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Arcadia cough

"Although there were many good points. About our cruise from Southampton, everything was spoiled by the coughs which we both contracted after 7 to 13 days on the ship. We disembarked at San Francisco and drove south to San Diego. Despite wonderful weather and a. Very helpful pharmacist we are still suffering a fortnight later. We really do wonder how long it will take to get rid of this bug which has spoiled a very expensive holiday. We shall not cruise on Arcadia again."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2015
  • Advice: Don't go!
by Irene K
5 / 10

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Arcadia cough

"I Sailed on Arcadia with my husband for a10 night new year cruise .

During the cruise I noticed lots of passengers coughing. I also caught this cough towards the end of the cruise . I was very poorly for weeks after.

I have just read an article in the Sunday Mail of an elderly lady becoming Ill on the PO ship Arcadia with the (Arcadia cough)

According to the article the lady and her family had to leave the ship in Mexico. Unfortunately the lady died some days later.

(My condolences to her family.)

This was the first time I had heard about the Arcadia cough.

I goggled it and was amazed to read the comments from people who had also been infected and not just on the one cruise. It seems to be an ongoing outbreak. Surely something should be done about this. It would be interesting to find out just how many people have been infected on this ship. Department of health needs to be involved. I for one would never go on it again

  • Holiday details: Dec 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dont go on it !
by Phoebephil
1 / 10

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    " The ship has many excellent points, take time and find what suits you best. The Orchid bar is great for a pre dinner drink "

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