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My Time At Virginia Hotel

"We stayed for a week at this hotel in this time i can say that there was ONLY ONE of the receptionists that was any good, she was happy to help us no matter what the problem, we had a room in the old part the rooms are basic but they are clean, beds are rock hard, breakfast quite basic bit of same food different day going on warm glasses for orange juice cold plates, coffee not hot, restaurant understaffed, tables not clean, staff sweating alot then going and touching the bread to refill basket, when you want toast takes a long time to go through the machine because you have to put it through two times as it only toasts one side you would think with all the money they make they would buy a new one. Lunchtime get there early so you have more choice to choose from, don't expect your empty dishes to be gone from your table on your return if you go for a desert or something, evening meal choice of food does change but very much similar food, NOT A GOOD CHOICE OF FOOD FOR CHILDREN during our stay most of the children i saw were just eating fruit, soup was always cold until the last day they had turned the heat from 8 up to 12 so hope that hot soap continues, hot plates when you go for a desert. Main pool bar the guy that runs it in the morning is a waist of time, sometimes he is not there or if he his he is always talking to his friends or looking at the women than wanting to serve you when you do get served he don't ask you what you would like he just looks at you then you get your drink he don't speak again just walks away to get served quick and to be noticed you need to be female but be careful!. once this guys time is up and the other guy comes anyone can get served quick and in a polite way he also plays the music which the other guy does not. small pools always good service there at the bar music always playing. Night time no entertainment they just play music all night, toilets are down stairs in like a basement not a good place for a women to be a loan go together or two women together NEVER let a women GO ALONE, bar closes at eleven so don't go up at 23:01 as you wont get served. After all this we enjoyed our holiday we would never return to this hotel as we do not stop at the same hotel ever again anyway but we would return to Rhodes, if they got there asses into gear and read some not all of the reviews as not even i agree with some of them they could very easy make this a great place to stay and relax, IE entertainment maybe animation also more staff where needed and more polite staff.

Hope this review does not put you off but it is an honest one of our time at the Hotel. The Hotel itself to me is 4star they need to now concentrate on themselves.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012
  • Good For: Beach
by barnie
5 / 10

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Had a lovely relaxing holiday

"After reading other reviews we were expecting the worst but were pleasantly surprised. The hotel is in a quiet location the nearest shops and bars are a 15 minute walk away in the village of Kostinou. There is a beach only a short walk away opposite the hotel. If you wanted to go further afield there is a regular bus route into Rhodes town the bus stop is at the end of the road. There were four of us and we found it as cheap to use taxis which were there in minutes and we used them to visit Rhodes Town and Falaraki and it cost us between 9 and 11 euros each way (not bad between the 4 of us). The bus was 1.80 each one way. The hotel staff were very friendly and the reception staff very helpful. There are two parts to the hotel there is the older part with two nice smaller pools and a childrens pool and then the new part with a big pool and a childrens pool which was very nice. There was pool activities every day such as water polo and aqua gym. The pool areas were very clean and sunbeds were always available. We stayed in the older part of the hotel but the room was fine and again very clean. Maid came in every day. The food was fine a good variety every day we stayed for ten days and by the end it did feel a bit repetitive but that is always the case and we had no complaint. All inclusive drinks were local beer and wine and basic spirits and soft drinks. No evening entertainment apart from a kids disco at 8.30 every evening. That was fine with us. We had a very relaxing holiday and would definatly go back. If you wanted to go out and do more you could. We visited the water park in Falaraki which was very good value 20 euros each for the day food and drink was cheap and it wasnt overcrowded."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Teletext holidays
  • Good For: Beach
by Liz and Dino
7 / 10

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Not all inclusive!!

"Visited the hotel end of September 2011 after booking with (MEDIA TRAVEL)(DO NOT USE),arrived at 5am after a long delay (with Viking Hells airline) to find that we had not been booked in to the 4* room i thought i had payed for. we found our self's in the 3* room i was not happy!!The rooms were very basic it had a fridge and air con but it is only free during the summer months we had to pay 6euros a day which was not worth it, rubbish!!. The bathrooms really needed work doing on them and there was never and hot water in the morning as it had not heated up!!. I went to ask at reception why we had be put in the 3* rooms and was told that the company and sent the paper work stating that we had paid for 3* rooms. I was socked,as my paper work showed 4* on it.I was told i could have a 4* room but this would cost another 100 euro!!!!!. Also we were told that the hotel in the 3* part is an apart hotel. The pool area,bar food was really good that was 4*. the hotel is no All Inclusive as only a few drinks are included such a larger,pump white/red wine, cheap cola,sprites and a few spirits. There were no snacks available in between set meal time which was bad as i was informed that snacks and ice cream were available.If you wanted a snack you had to pay for it!!!. I have to say tho the staff are very friendly and helpful the receptionists especially. If you need anything iris and the other one are the one to ask 10/10 very good at there jobs.

It was not the hotel fault we were in the old part, just make sure with the company you have booked with what your paying for. We payed extra for an upgrade room with pool or garden view this we did not need to do as all rooms have pool or garden view. We payed an extra 70euros for this so scammed!!!.

Other that all the problems we had a nice holiday chilling by the pool was very quiet. Oh ye this hotel dose not cater for kids in any way not kids club this was a hotel for adults only i would say looking for a quiet holiday. Which was great for us.

I hope this information helps as what to expect at the hotel if you booked the 3* rooms.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: siting around the pool!!
  • Good For: Beach
by avidman
5 / 10

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Don't be put off by what you read

"My wife and I have been put off beofer by reviews, only to find out they are usually not accurate at all. If one has a bad flight or whatever then the entire holiday gets labelled as CRAP. The Virginia is a pleasant 30 min drive from the airport (by private taxi) and I was fully expecting a "Back street - 3 star - growling hovel with awful food"

NO NO NO. this is a lovely hotel in a quiet location. three lovely pools (4 if you include kiddies pool). OK there are ants on the terraces but VERY TINY ones, adn copme on, after all it is their home before it is ours. Peolpe complained about the food.. OK Breakfast consists of:- bacon,eggs,sausages,mushrooms,baked beans tomato. (of course there is the usual cereals, breadbuns, butter, jam etc. etc. WHAT MORE COULD ONE POSSIBLY WANT??????. lunch and dinner there was always a good variety of meats, pastas vegetables and traditional Greek food (wonder why that) Not always pipng hot, but hey, let's remember we are in Greec after all, and that is their way. Soup and ice-cream available at every meal also. The rooms are a little sparce, but you get what you pay for, that's my feelings anyway. Staff are very friendly smiling an ALWAYS happy to serve you. NEVER had to queue at bar. Only nagatiove is we were the only English couple there (except one other twosome, which for reasons I won't divulge, were the type of people one tries hard to ignore). Let's just suffice to say that whatever you have done and wherever you havee been, they have bettered it, which makes on wonder what are those poeple doing in 3-star Greek tourist/holiday hotel to begin with. The vast majority of the guests are Swedish and Slavs, very good mannered people plus lads what LOVELY ladies. (I almost got in trouble a few times ha!!!!)

The grounds are clean and immacutaly kept, rooms cleaned daily (except Sundays) towels changed 3 times a week (as was the bed linen)

I suppose the big question at the end of the day is :- "Will go be going back then" - Reply "You beter believe it". Budget price yet quality holiday.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
by JohnCastle
7 / 10

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Very bad food!

"My family and I have just come back from The Virginia. The hotel is ok, what we expected really (definately not the four star it stated when we booked, would give it 2 and 1/2). The pool was clean and plenty of sunbeds. The room was very basic, but cleaned every day so all ok. The food and food service on the other hand was appalling. It was the same food every day, pasta in sauce, spaghetti, and varous meats put out at lunch and dinner every day. There was even brussel sprouts out for 3 days in a row (which ended up on the 3rd day in a salad!!! There was clearly not enough staff to cope in the dining area , as there were flies all over the food, because every time we came to eat, we had to clear the tables ourselves from the previouse occupants. By the end of our 7 day stay, neither me, my husband or 2 children could stomach the food any longer. We have stayed at another hotel in Rhodes, all inc. before which was 4 star and was 100% better food than this place, My 7 year old daughter was surviving on plain spaghetti, as there wasn't any simple snacks, such as pizza or chips or toast in a morning!

We ended up spending a fortune on eating out because we couldn't stand the meals.

There were no snacks either during the day, which the other hotel which we had been to in the same price range offered. They had ice creams for the kids, pizza, chips, pastries, fruit, but nothing here for a snack. You had to pay extra at the pool bar for the normal kind of food you would expect. Infact they had pictures on the wall of all the nice food, and greek salads you could pay for, but not have included in the price.

The all inclusive bar closed at 10.45, which is a very early, and one night cost me 2.50 for a coke, which is very steep.

When we booked I am sure it was advertised that there was meant to be entertainment, but absolutely none!

I spoke to a few english families, and they said the same, but there was nothing. My kids were bored out of their heads!

Overall, the hotel isn't too bad, but the food and lack of staff absolutely lets it down. I wouldn't go back again because of this. Infact the place did me a favour in a way, I actually lost some weight being on holiday, when usually you put it on!!

by tanya_sutcliffe
4 / 10

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"Late booking,just grabbed it then started reading some of the reviews and then were pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be better than we expected.Okay the food wasn`t great but there was quiite a choice so that you could usually find something passable.

The staff were all very nice ,due to the state of thier economy they`re probably glad of the work!Room a bit dated but clean and the bed was nice and firm and with the air conditioning on was very comfortable(a.c. inclusive July and August rest of time 6euro`s per day)All inclusive beer was good wines and spirits not quite so but drinkable.

We would stay again if we could get as good a deal but wouldn`t like to pay top price for it.

by beermancol
8 / 10

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Pleasantly surprised

"Bad reviews worried me, but no need. Good sized room, adequate facilities, regularly cleaned, great air con.

Staff very helpfull and friendly, bar staff great, good humour and work their socks off to keep the free drinks flowing.

Food excellent, I was really concerned about this but it was just great, lots of variation usually 3 to 4 choices of main ingrediants plus numerous vegetables, salads and sides. True the food isn't labelled and some of the greek food difficult to identify, it's no problem though, nobody minds you trying it first, we enjoyed almost everthing we tried and I have teenage girls.

The beach is great and exactly where they said it was, 5 mins away.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: I would go back.
  • Good For: Beach
by Gazza
8 / 10

9 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Not Bad At All

"We booked this very last minute and went with very low expectations, however was pleasantly surprised. The location of the hotel was ideal for us, not overlooked by any other hotels or apartments and was very clean and tidy. The rooms were fine, with towels and bed linen changed nearly every day. The pools were lovely to sit around, however the top pool area was v v windy as more exposed. Now to the food.... you only get what you pay for and we hadn't paid for 5* luxury so the food reflected it. It was edible and if you stick to the meats, rice and salads you'll be fine. Car hire was very cheap (€30 for the day) and well worth it. There is the most amazing beach about 40 mins south and only really accessible with a car, also Rhodes old town is a must, great atmosphere at night time.

Overall we would recommend this hotel for a cheap last minute holiday, we had a great time.

by kim_beresford
8 / 10

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Take your own food if you're staying here.

"I booked the Hotel Virginia last minute as a relaxing holiday for myself , my son and a couple of friends. When we first got there on the sunday morning only one of our rooms was ready, which you can cope with until they give you an alternative room that is full of cobwebs and dust and dirty sheets!!!

When we got to our actual rooms everything was fine and thought the morning was just a slight hiccup, that was until we got to dinner, honestly I wouldn't feed the food to my dog, we were all inc but lived off food from the shop and from the restaurant down the road. breakfast, lunch and dinner were all the same, horrible.

If your going on holiday to literally do nothing all week then go here, there is nothing to do, no entertainment of anything, we were climbing the walls after three days there's only so many card games yopu can play.

by ailsajayne
4 / 10

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A different review!

"After reading reviews of the Hotel Virginia, I was a little aprehensive about our upcoming holiday to Rhodes. When we arrived, however, we were greeted by the friendly male receptionist (who there on after made a point of greeting us every morning, and asking how we were) who checked us into our room.

Although the bedroom wasn't perfect, it was cleaned every day except sundays, with towels and linen changes regularly throughout the week. Our bathroom wasn't really up to scratch, but we didn't spend much time in the room so it didn't really matter.

The food was not cold, as other people have said, and the staff were constantly cleaning the tables and bringing more food out. On the other hand, the food wasn't great, very repetitive with the same dishes served every day.

With a number of different pools, it's hard to decide where abouts to sunbathe! We tended to opt for the biggest one which was near the pool bar. Although the barman there can come across as a bit abrupt at first, once he got to know our faces he was chatty and smiley with us. Sunbeds and umberellas are always easy to get, and the pool is kept very clean (although it is a bit cold when you first get in!)

The beach is just a short walk away, down a pretty steep hill. Although we didn't visit the beach during the day, we walked right to the end most evenings, where there are a few rocks where we could sit down and look out to sea, and we found it very picturesque.

I wouldn't say that this is necessarily a 4 star hotel, but for the relatively cheap price, there isn't much that can be complained about! We didn't want to come home.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by flossfriends
7 / 10

7 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Great location, staff really helpful and pleasant, nice hotel but food and beds lets it down.

"Excellent service, great location, 5 minutes to beach, 15 minutes to Rhodes old town by bus which you can pick up at the end of the road for 1.50 or a taxi will cost 10 euros, staff friendly and helpful, great swimming pools with pool bar which always had someone serving, who was efficent, friendly and accomadating, surroundings were lovely and room was fine but beds are really hard and uncomfortable and toilets got blocked on 3 days out of 7 also although we paid for all inclusive - food really lets it down as very repeatitive, but this did not stop us having a great time as great restaurants in Old Town and ate out most of the time, also staff will cook a meal for you at the hotel for a reasonable price on request."

by lorrainnel
6 / 10

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Virginia Hotel or Pension ?

"Before I went To Virginia hotel I read bed comments about the hotel and I thought It cant be that bed.

We booked with my wife and what a disaster.Hotel has 2 part 1 part is new building it looks nice and other part is old bungalow style.

First night with the late check in they gave us food very bad.We went to bar and orther white wine I think it use to be wine :) no taste very bad taste of 5th quality wine.

Breakfast everyday same and very untasty.breads are hard u hardly see fresh bread coffe is more water it is like black hot water.

Buffet for the foods are very bad everyday same foods some of tehm chages and very faty foods no salad buffet no cold meals buffet and very little deserts and only bad quality watermelon.

In europe If they call this hotel 4 star and CAT.A they should think twice.The authorties has to check this hotel again.

For the drinks and food Quality and cleaning of pools and rooms this could be max 2 star hotel.



  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Nice sea
  • Activities: rhodes old city
by mutluok
2 / 10

4 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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