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Clean friendly hotel... Newcastle United kingdom by Bud123
6 / 10

I have just returned from 2 weeks holiday here. Good points very clean, well kept, staff very friendly and helpful especially Javier in the pool bar he was very good. Bad points, Mexican restaurant poor, Japanese average the Italian was slightly better, buffet restaurant food was always cold regardless what time you went, however this is a personal opinion some guests were happy. The sun beds are in bad condition and need replacing could also benefit from some small tables 3 doesnt quite cover the pool area. If you suffer from mosquito bites you will need lots of creams here.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2012, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: This hotel doesnt need alot to make it good, hot food and better sun loungers.

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asombroso by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

Just got back a few days ago and had such a great time. The resort is beautiful, there is plenty to do (I never got bored or tired) and the animacion group is great. They make the stay much more interesting and pleasant. Much better than at other resorts. The rooms and buildings are beautiful and the band is fantastic and very talented. I will definitely try to go back sometime, if not for vacation then to work as an entertainer (hopefully). Miss you all! e-mail me...

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Wish I was back there by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

Hi Everyone:I just returned from Club el Mandarin and I really wish I was back there right now! I loved the resort. The food was alright but with the heat I did not have much of an appetite. The activites were abundant and the animation staff was very cool and genuinely nice to everyone. I was happy to meet people from all over the world and enjoy such a relaxing holiday. The disco was a little dissapointing but that had more to do with the lack of guests wanting to party so late at night. I loved the daily volleyball, windsurfing and dance lessons that were available. I do wish I had of participated more so make sure when you go to jump in and not be scared! Miss ya Ben! Have fun future Bravo Club travellers! Meaghan

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amazing by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

hey everyone !! literally just got back from el mandarin !! I LOVED IT !! seriously it was great !! i couldnt have asked for a better spot !! it was wonderful !! my only negative comment would have to be that on the first couple of days that the animation team( the activity staff) were a little timid in interacting with ppl... etc . but that is completely understandable when you meet new bodies everyday. by the end though they were incredible ! another thing which was a little hard to do was to find chairs,and stuff like that along the beach , which isnt really the resorts fault , its stupid people who leave their towels on them ALL day long and never actually use them. other than that i absolutely loved it there !! the food was incredible ( coming from a vegetarian who can never find good food ) the lobby staff was nice, and the van trips into playa del carmen were unreal !! i would absolutely recommend this place to anyone !! and if anyone possibly has CHRISTIEN's e-mail addy , or plans to go and wants to do me a huge favor !! ha ha just tell him that CHRIS said HI !! ha ha he might know who i am ?? anyways , talk to everyone later !! remember post christiens email addy if you have it !!!! bye bye

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Loved It by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

We just returned from Club El Mandarin on March 9 and had a wonderful time there! I had read some bad reviews of the beach before we left but was happily surprised when we arrived. First of all the place is absolutely beautiful. The lobby, courtyard, grounds, pool area are all well maintained and just gorgeous. I thought the beach was wonderful. It was windy the week we were there and so the water had small bits of seaweed floating in it one or two days. It was in no way a problem. The staff raked up any seaweed on the shore.There is a little reef off shore that you encounter when you are submerged to about shoulder level. This keeps the water calm on even the windiest days. The life guards don't like you to swim out past this reef, although I saw some people doing it.I was not expecting much of the buffet but was pleasantly surprised again. I thought the food was fantastic. The breakfast buffet had eggs done a variety of ways, lots of sausages and bacon, 6 or 7 different kinds of little rolls, croissants, and breads, lots of fruit, cereal, yogurt, etc. We usually ate lunch at the beach so I can't comment on the lunch buffets, however, dinner was again great - lots of variety. I read one review that said everything was undercooked. I certainly didn't find that -everything was very well prepared and tasty. I ate at the Mexican restaurant one evening and again thought everything was delicious. We didn't ever have a chance to eat at the a la carte restaurant, so again can't comment. The rooms were large and well kept. I found the staff extremely responsive. We were having some trouble adjusting the AC and were finding it too cold. I called the front desk and someone came to adjust it within 10 minutes. Another night the AC didn't appear to be working. Again we called the front desk and again someone was there in 10 minutes and sorted everything out.Other reviews also said that there was a sewage smell on the grounds and in the rooms. Again, I can't really say that I noticed this, although one evening when we came in the drain in the bathroom floor was emitting an unpleasant smell. We just put the rubber bath mat over it which worked very well. The next morning the smell was gone and never came back. I can't say this really had any effect on the quality of my stay.I found the staff to be very friendly. The drinks were great. The beach was great. It was always easy to get lounge chairs no matter what time of the day you hit the beach. There were also lots of activities such as beach volleyball, soccer, water polo, etc. I didn't participate, but my husband loved these games and took part in all of them. I will say that the beach is not the most beautiful on that coast but it is not in any way a bad beach, unpleasant or a problem. We went on a few tours and some of the other participants were staying in 5 star hotels. They told me that they couldn't even use their beach because it was too rocky. Also, some other reviews said that they had money stolen from their safe. Again - it didn't happen to us. We left valuables and money in the safe and also left things on the beach when we went into the water. Nothing was stolen.We did two tours - Coba/Pac Chen with Altournatives and another all day snorkelling tour with Emilio's. Both were excellent.And so to sum up - I loved Club El Mandarin and would go back in a heartbeat. I hope you enjoy your vacation there as much as we did. Cheers.

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Good time had by all by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

We had 9 people in our group ranging from 2 years old to 86. We all enjoyed it thouroughly. The pool is great for kids since it starts out shallow and progresses to being about 6 feet deep. My 2 boys could keep thier heads above water in half the pool. The kids club was pretty lame, none of the staff wanted to staff it and it wasnt very organized. The mini disco didnt start until 9PM and only ran 15 minutes, not really worth staying up for. There is a turtle pool near the lobby that offered great entertainment for the kids. The food was pretty good, and very plentiful. Lunch was just burgers and hot dogs with fruit, bread, quesidillas everyday. No real variety, but the dinners were different everyday. If you expect to get faxes or get phone calls while you are down there, dont count on it. Front desk service, and guests services were pretty disorgainzed. The hotel is really beatiful and quiet. Plenty of chairs on the beach and by the pool. Landscaping was excellent. Beach was just mediocre. I have seen better. We didnt smell the sewage, and the hotel construction next store was pretty unintrusive. If you are planning a trip, its a pretty nice place.

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We had a good time........... by TandPBoston_NY
6 / 10

Returned from El Mandarin resort today, March 1, 2003. It was a wonderful week for us and we thought the grounds at the resort were just beautiful and very well maintained. If you're planning a trip here, you will no doubt have a very good time. However, every resort has some minuses and this one is no acception.The beach is lovely, but the water is not as clear as you expect the Carribbean to be. We were looking for the beautiful crystal clear water we found in Antigua a few years ago, but that was not the case. However, if you take the hotel shuttle to Playa del Carmen (15 minutes away), the public beach there is better and the water clearer than at the hotel.Guest services employees are extremely pleasant, but as in all of Mexico, no one is in much of a hurry to do anything. So, if you have any complaints about your room, don't hold your breath waiting for them to rectify any situation. (About midway through our stay our sliding screen door on our patio disappeared. We called guest services and they couldn't have been nicer. However, we had to make another call, then complain to the AirTransat rep and it was a day and a half before they put in a new screen. Unfortunately, it didn't fit and we had to again complain. On the day before we were leaving, they finally put in one that fit properly.)As you walk through the grounds, in certain areas you will always detect an odor of raw sewage. I feel sorry for those who have rooms in these areas as it seems to be constant. Twice, we even detected this odor in the sea!!!The food is plentiful but I struggled with it all week. Most meats are extremely undercooked, including turkey one day that was served pink. No thanks. Veal was quite red, and unless you specify your beef to be well done, it will be served in a pool of blood. Most foods on the buffet table are labeled, but many are combinations and you don't know quite what's in them. One dinner is "Mexican Night", and this was not terribly popular with many of the guests. Again, you just don't really know what you're eating. There weren't even any french fries that night Once during your week stay you can make a reservation at the gourmet restaurant upstairs. This is very upscale - candlelight, wine, waiters, flowers, and an attractive menu. Unfortunately, we spoke to several guests who were quite ill after their gourmet dinner. (Each one had ordered the fish.) However, my husband had the fish and was fine and felt it was the best food he had there. I had steak and it was very good and very well done as ordered, though quite small and thin cut. But it really is a pleasant evening to not have to go through the buffet line.Most of the guests are Canadian, quite a few German, and Americans are in the minority. All the guests we encountered were very warm and friendly.The rooms are very nice and nicely kept. There's a little refrigerator in each room and we kept a supply of bottled water that you can obtain from either the bar or front desk. DO NOT DRINK THE TAP WATER.The shuttle to Playa del Carmen is very handy and you'll find Carmen a wonderful town if you like to shop. It's about a 14 block stretch of nothing but shops and restaurants! Lots of bargaining goes on and you should only offer 50% of what's quoted to you! Sometimes the shop keepers will come right outside and try desperatly to entice you into their shop. It's fun but gets a little tiresome at times. It's difficult to even browse because you will be harassed to buy buy buy!Also, it's extremely hot in Playa del Carmen. Be sure to put lots of sunscreen on if you go!!!All in all, you'll have a good time and you won't be sorry you chose the el Mandarin.

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Gret place for a dream honeymoon by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

My Wife Jasmin and I had the best 8 days and 9 nights in the comfort and luury of the Bravo Club. The hosts are gracious and the service is superb. If only the beach was a tad bit cleaner...too much sea weed. I especaially enjoyed Playa Del Carmen...what a cool little town. You must go snorkling in Akumal and visit the ruins in Tulum. Tulum is gorgeous and the history is overwhelming. Mandarin has water sports that are really cool; Sailing, peddle boating, Catamaran, canoeing ...all included. Bottom line...You gotta go.

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It's what you make of it by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

It's a beautiful resort. Quiet and no hotel on either side of it (yet). Far from tourist sites so make sure to rent a car. We had a great time but mainly because we had a car. Food was so-so but we've been to Mexico before and knew what to expect. MAKE SURE TO SEE XCARET...TONS OF FUN AND VERY TROPICAL. Spend the money to swim with the Dolphins, but reserve a day ahead or first thing when they open or you won't get in. The resort has friendly staff but not enough at the lobby counter, be patient. I saw more rudeness from the guest than from the staff. We had a problem with our room upon arrival but with some persistance we were able to change rooms. We did have more problems like with our hair dyer but all problems were dealt with promptly. There is construction going on next door and they work from morning to late at night so expect to hear noise. There is a smell of sewage but it's like that EVERYWHERE in Mexico. This is not a party place but we managed to have a lot of fun. The disco does open late so head into Playa Del Carmen and go to Senior Frogs until midnight. Senior Frogs has very good food for lunch. Having a great time is all about perspective...AND DON'T FORGET THE CAR. We loved it. But if you want luxury, don't go to Mexico with out big bucks and stay at the Hilton.

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First room placement was terrible by martinahobbs
6 / 10

It certainly was a beautiful resort, except we booked for a villa and since we arrived in the middle of the night and you can't see anything we got stuck in an appartment block that has 3 stories and about 60 rooms. When we entered the room it smelled very musty...we had 2 small children, so it being 1:00 am we just went to bed. All arround the room looked pretty nice except that we noticed patches of mold above the shower and and coming through the bedroom. My kids started to caugh and we requested a room change.....what a fiaso....we did not even request ocean view like everybody else did. We wanted a clean room with no mold! After our first week was wasted in that stinky room and 3 days wasted doing no excursions because we waited for a room change we finally got a villa on about day 8. What a difference: nicer blankets, no mold, no dampness and we could control the a/c. The other room did not even have a screen door so we could air the place out. If you go there make sure you get a villa and don't let them put you in of those rooms by the lobby. If it would not have been for that we would have given excellent ratings for El Madarin. The food was good, the staff friendly, beach clean, amazing landscaping....and Jennifer who looks after the kids club.....she was wonderful! Our kids just loved her! Babysitting was hard to find though. The beach was clean.....and the free shuttle into Playa de Carmen was a nice feature to have.

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Good value by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

We just returned from a week at Club El Mandarin. My wife and I, age 62, go to Cancun or Puerta Vallarta for a week or two every year. We were overall pleased with the El Mandarin. The grounds are absolutely beautiful and are meticulously maintained. The rooms are in small buildings of 8 units each with each unit having its own entrance. It was nice going to the pool or beach without having to walk through a lobby. All rooms on the second floor have a balcony and first floor rooms have a patio. Rooms are nice and very clean. Our maid was responsible for the 8 units in our building and spent the entire day cleaning. Because this is not a high-rise hotel, most rooms do not have an ocean view.We found the meals at the buffet restaurant to be very good with an incredible variety. A couple of evenings, the dinners were spectacular. There was inconsistency in variety and quality from one night to the next, but we could always find something that we enjoyed. The buffet table of salads, entrees, and desserts must have been close to half the length of a football field!My biggest complaint with the food was that many of the hot foods were often luke-warm at best and the meat dishes were not very tender. There was however someone always carving either beef, pork, turkey which was much better. The house wine was surprisingly good. You also have the choice of the gourmet restaurant, which we did not try, and the Mexican restaurant. We ate at the Mexican restaurant one evening and had the worst Mexican food that we have ever eaten! After that experience, and less than positive comments from guests regarding the gourmet restaurant, we ate at the buffet.The beach area was huge with lots of palapas to shield you from the sun. The beach was very clean and the water was clear. We found the staff to be friendly and helpful. Rooms all had a refrigerator and bottled water was plentiful from the bar or hotel desk.Our only major complaint was that our air conditioner did not work properly and we could not get someone to fix it properly. We called guest services several times and usually had to wait several hours for someone to show. They would get it running for a short while and then it would turn off. The weather was nice so it was not a major problem. I probably should have requested a room change.

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