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Traveller reviews

OK, but going downhill

"The Fujairah Hilton is suffering the fate of a lot of older less-prime properties. They generate less income, less money gets spent on the facilities, which leads to fewer guests, and its a vicious circle.

So, the hotel brings in tour groups of Germans who just want to get a suntan, and for that its not a bad idea.

The Chalet rooms are excellent. Modern and renovated but the executive suite was showing its age, though clean and neat. Compared to the Jumeirah Beach Hilton...well, there is no comparison.

The beach is, indeed, almost unusable. The water is dirty with a fair amount of trash washing in. Nothing like the pristine beaches found elsewhere in the UAE.

What I would recommend this hotel for: Travelers in midwinter when it is too cold to swim in the ocean, those with kids, and anyone with a car who wants to explore the east coast of the UAE. Military and civilian contractors on R&R would be a good bet. Its not a terribly expensive hotel by UAE standards, although the Al Ain Hilton is cheaper and probably just as good because of the huge pool.

The staff IS excellent, especially Mani. The friendly people are one thing this hotel has in common with the Jumeirah Beach Hilton.

by Promed
10 / 10

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not bad

"Stayed there only for one night on the way back from Al Ain to Dubai. Quite old hotel but they try hard to maintain everything. Staff friendly but not very attentative. The have a nice cafe at the beach and the food is ok. Rooms are nice, hotel itsself a little bit run down. Beach small and you can see lots of tankships. All in all Fujairah is not really the place where you want to spend one week for holiday. Lots of people with children and many from Germany."

by sandromi
6 / 10

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Excellent stay

"Easy to find hotel but the drive from Dubai is at least 90 minutes. Very friendly staff and easy check in with offers of the local coffee

and dates.

Comfortable rooms, very well cleaned and looked after by the housekeeping staff.

Good breakfast with freshly squeezed orange juice - a highlight!! Big choice of items on the buffet.

Poolside very comfortable with plenty of beds and towels, staff more than willing to help get you comfortable. Beachside cafe popular with

a good selection of food. Beach is kept clean but definately suffers from a tar problem, you cannot see it but it sticks to your feet straight away.

Dinners are a choice of different buffets each night but the outside Bar-b-que was excellent at £15 per head.

What makes this hotel stand out is the service, it was excellent and personal in all areas and made our stay very special - great team.

by GailWenban
10 / 10

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clean, friendly, dated

"Stayed there just the one night and just had breakfast there.

Initial impressions from lobby is a well kept hotel, but getting to your room displays the age of this hotel (nearly 30 years old). The lift is like a Paris hotel - narrow and less than 7 feet height. I found once you passed the lobby it was all a bit smelly. The (poor) quality of construction is showing itself with doors that look tatty as well as the hallway windows. Changing rooms really show the age - sinks with big cracks running right across the whole sink. The rooms are OK - new furniture is nice and modern, bathroom fittings are also new - but floor adn wall tiles and sink surrounds show the age. I imagine coming here in the early 80s the hotel would have impressed - but all a bit dated now. Service as people have said is friendly. Breakfast was OK and as another reviewer said oranges squeezed in front of you. Pool is OK but a little small, given the beach quality is a bit iffy - just look at the number of tankers on the horizon and the earlier comment on the oily water is a guarantee. The beach just north of the Hilton is frankly pretty awful with rubbish everywhere and mucky looking sand - shows how well the Hilton maintains its stretch. One comment on time from Dubai that two readers make - of one hour. Please come on! Its over 150km from Dubai to Fujeirah and with the trucking activity along the road, 2 hours is a bit closer to the mark! Mountain scenery en route is impressive. Fujeirah as a town - nothing special but then how many Gulf towns are? So if you want a change of scenery in a friendly but dated hotel, this fits the bill.

by dubainick
6 / 10

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Great experience

"This is as good as the best reviews have said, and principally because of the staff. I don't know how the hotel has achieved this, because they come from many different countries and cultures, mostly from Asia. The staff management must be world class, because every single person is so friendly and helpful, without being servile.

Getting to Fujairah from Dubai is interesting. The safe and expensive way is by taxi - Dubai's uniformed drivers and excellent new taxis give a great feeling of confidence. The cheaper and more exciting way is to take a taxi to the Deira taxi stand and take a bus to Fujairah centre, and then a local taxi to the hotel. The buses are not designed for luggage, but they fit you in. They go quite often, though we were not able to discover if there is a timetable. You get back to Dubai by Fujairah taxi - the hotel will offer a quite expensive taxi service of their own, but are perfectly happy to get you a good local taxi at a much more reasonable price.

The evening meals are buffets, with different cuisines each night. Well done, but as often with buffets the food could have been hotter.

Breakfasts were excellent. The orange juice was in the orange seconds before you drank it.

by johncrispin
10 / 10

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Oil found in Fuj HILTON!!

"Whilst many guests seemed pleased with this resort..a word of balance. The main gripe is the beach & sea here. The beach is of grey sand, for reasons that will become clear when you read on! The cause...regular inflows of oil from tankers further out cleaning out their tanks, allowing oil to REGULARLY come ashore here. You see it on the water and sand. If you don't see it, you find it on your feet when you come off the beach. this is why the hotel supplies lemon wipes ( & sometimes a bottle of washing up liquid)...for you to clean off the oil. Obviously this is also to blame for the colour of the sand!

So if you want CLEAN (white) sandy beaches and unpolluted water ...this is NOT the place to come!

by aaSilverFox
6 / 10

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Perfect Holiday - Fantastic Staff

"We have just returned from eight days at the Hilton Fujairah. I must say that this has been the best holiday we have ever had. The staff at the hotel were superb and everyone went out of their way to ensure that we had the perfect holiday. A special mention must go to Wubeshet one of the Chefs and to Dinesh who kept our room spotless.

Although this hotel is 5 star, the service is certainly much higher. It feels like you are staying with friends rather than just another guest. If you want perfect weather, great food and a quiet, relaxing time - choose the Hilton Fujairah.

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Top class service

"This is the friendliest staff we have ever had in our 35 years of travelling around the world. The hotel is with its 100 rooms very cozy and the service very personalized. The food is a dream and no wish is left unattended. Fujairah is a good hour away from Dubai. A scenic drive through the mountains brings you from the East Coast's Indian Ocean to bustling Dubai with its great shopping and entertainment facilities. At the Hilton in Fujairah we paid not even half as much as we got offered in Dubai! If you are in the UAE this is a must experience place."

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Love the Hilton Fujairah

"My wife and I live in Abu Dhabi (approximately a 3-hour drive from Fujairah) and love staying at the Hilton Fujairah whenever we can. The hotel itself is a bit old, but is immaculately clean, tidy, and well maintained. The property is certainly not in the same class physically as either of the Dubai Hilton properties (Jumeirah Beach or Dubai Creek), but I would much rather stay at the Hilton Fujairah than either of those properties. The primary reason for this can be attributed solely to the staff. In Dubai, you're just another annonymous guest to look through. At the Hilton Fujairah, every member of the staff seems to genuinely enjoy their job, and this comes through in the way you are treated. The hotel also has a couple of bars (one indoor and one outdoor by the beach/pool), a nightclub called Fez (a bit slow, but there all the same), and a decent restaurant with an outstanding Thursday night grill (all you can eat lobster, lamb, chicken, etc.). Anyone thinking of going to Fujairah, however, should know that it is a small quiet little town with none of the diversions of Dubai. But, if you are looking for a place to go where you can just sit on a black sand beach on the Indian Ocean, have a couple of drinks, eat great food, and watch the world go by, the Fujairah Hilton is the place for you."

by NoneNixNada
10 / 10

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Best hotel in the Emirates

"We stayed here in the summer of 2004 and were amazed at this small hotel. The staff were friendly and always there when needed. The rooms were of a good size and the restaurants were amazing and surprisingly cheap- eating with the indian ocean at your feet for around £10 a head and full dinner for 4 with drinks for £25. Water sports were avaliable on the private beachmany of them for free or for a small charge (much cheaper than watersports in dubai) Housekeeping left gifts for you at 6 each evening which was a nice way of getting souveniers. Fujairah itself was very undeveloped which was nice, but did become scary at times. It is a million miles away from the skyscrappers of dubai and yet only 1 hour across the desert. I would highly recommend people to consider this hotel instaed of some 6star dubai hotels."

by KenHugh
10 / 10

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