Balito Beach Apartments

Barranco de Balito S/N, Gran Canaria 35129, Spain
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Room: 6.5/10
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not a complainer...but you have been warned lol

"My friend and I went to Balito apartments, on 1st impressions , not bad, greeting by a unenthusiastic male receptionist,cuffed with a coloured red band, given details of place and where to find our apartment, long trek up a steep hill( good job im fit)esp in hot weather at 2pm, nice views tho! excitement at being away abroad in 8 yrs overtook me. took 15 or so mins to figure out where our room was and the laughter didnt stop( sense of humour essential) felt a bit uneasy it was accessable from the balcony, but it was air conditioned wasnt it ?Nope!!

Nice an clean, so we changed and headed for the pool!fabulous and we settled down for a weeks stay,Pool lovely and clean .. I went to the bar and introduced myself and tracy and made sure I knew everyone by first names (friendliness never hurts)

Food was a bit non discript and self service, which is fine when you know wot your eating! I think the windturbines must have stopped working as most days the food was lukewarm, however salads were edible (loosly termed) Pasta served 3 days in a row with different added toppings was wearing thin and tasteless, sweet were babyfood and unappealing, we were expecting cake at least, I was getting desperate lol

Breakfast was the only thing worth eating and kept us going for 4 days , by which ,my friend noticed we were losing weight, ideal if it was wot I wanted!!looked better in me bikini by the pool tho. No safe beach to use nearby but with a bit of investment wud rake it in!Nearest was 15 mins walk around coast and was Worth it!!Anfi Beach was brilliant with food !! Unfotunately I had to use my bill money and had to borrow from my family to compensate, ( something I never ask for ) However, We did like it there and wud go back and stay in Perto Rico nearby as All inclusive, and as they say.. u get wot u pay for, or did we

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
by blondi_one
2 / 10

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"just back from holiday at the gran canaries, well where do i start after travaling all day we were dropped off on the roadside where we had to cross two roads with our cases and drag them up an hill, when we got to the reception we could get nothing to eat or drink only from the vending machines,we were all inclsive, given our red bands and the key to our apartment we made our way further up the hill when we got to our room well, we asked for a room overlooking the sea all we got was roads,the shower was broke so was the toilet seat no air conditioning,so we complained, we were moved to another room overlooking the sea and it was identical to the other but ok.there was no entetainment, the food was cold boring and although we were all incl we found ourseleves going into the town most evenings to eat and drink and for entertainment.the pool was about the only good thing although we did see a few cockroches the all incl drinks stops at 9.30 then you have to pay and they use paper cups which you have to take back for refills,gran canaries is a beautiful place the weather was fantastic we just picked the wrong place to stay so don,t be swayed by the picture of the balcony overlooking the sea as we were,the steps up to the swimming pool do not get any easier the longer you are there we will definatly go back to gran canaries just to the balito beach apt."

by terrible
2 / 10

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excellent value for money

"Very clean with comfortable rooms,facilities very good,choice of food excellent and all staff very helpful and polite.Good location ."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by alunia00
10 / 10

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Nice Place but Should Not be AI

"The rooms were nice and clean and the pool area was ok and quite clean and thats about it.The food was terrible always cold and not much taste to it,the staff were always misreble apart from the blond lady on reception always helpfull and the young lad on the bar who did manage to smile and talk civil to you.The other members of staff were only happy when you have to pay for your beer as AI finished at 21:20 as bar staff act if there busy for last 10 mins of AI.We stuck the meals for 5 nights but finally we caved in and went into town for tea which was fantastic hot food served by friendly staff would go back to hotel but not AI."

by cpj
3 / 10

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Stop moaning... this place is great!

"Just got back a few days ago from a weeks holiday and enjoyed every minute of it! We had a 7 year old boy with us who also loved it. Its a nice place for kids as he made friends with a few others playing round the pool, however its also a nice place for adults as you can relax by the pool, take a short 10 minute walk to the beach, or a short taxi ride into town.

The bad reviews on here seem to just be people moaning for the sake of it..

No beach?! Well we had a 7 year old with us and we could walk to the beach in 10 minutes, a nice walk aswell next to the sea.

Cockroaches?! We see one tiny cockroach the whole time we was there, just deal with it!

Supermarket closed for 4 hours?! It was open everytime we went there, and if it was closed the first time you go there, just dont go back at that time.. nothing to moan about!

No food at midnight?! Would you expect them to be cooking food at midnight? You obviously saved money by getting a cheaper flight at that time.. why not buy food on the plane? Or the airport when you arrived? I wouldnt expect to turn up at any hotel in the middle of the night and be greeted with food!

All the staff were friendly and helpful, and the price is amazing!

Obviously the food isnt the greatest as its a buffet and you get what you pay for.. if you're a fussy eater dont book a really cheap all inclusive holiday as you probably wont like the food, thats just obvious!!

Anyway, had a really lovely time, and wouldnt hesitate to go back! Oh, and the balconies and views are amazing!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Something for everyone!
  • Good For: Beach
by wray20
9 / 10

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:) Perfect

"After reading the reviews on here I was very worride, but you shouldn't believe everything that you read!! The staff were all very pleasent, smiley and friendly. The rooms were cleaned and mopped every day. I saw NO cockroches. We stayed all inclusive - breakfast - full english or a choice of cereal, toast and a range of juices. Dinner and tea - there was a good mix of salads, rice, meat, potatoes and pastas, again bread and rolls and a option of ice creams, fruit or cake. Drinks were great, wide selection. There was something for everyone. They also include night entertainment on selected nights. Yes there a few steps but the bottom part of the island is built on/in the mountains so there are steps with all of the hotels here. With that said there are not to many that you can't cope with and the pool,bar,dinner and pool tables and entertainment is all in one area. The pool is also heated and they clean the pool and the area around the pool of a night without fail. The beach at balito would not suit families or people who want to make sandcastles has rocks have been placed where the sea joins the sand to stop the sea destroying the hotel in winter times, but if you walk down to the beech and head towards the left (the side with little white houses on) and walk for 5min along that path you will be in Anfi where there is a white sanded beach and clear water-perfect for family and watersports, along with restaurants and entertainment. If you would like to try other beaches-puro rico, the bus comes every few min at reception. I would also recomend going to mogan - traditional town, so beautifull!!. the bus doesn't cost much to get around. GREAT HOTEL, GREAT PEOPLE, GREAT SERVICE AND FOOD AND DRINK. WE WILL DEFINATLY BE GOING BACK!!!!

Thank you so much for a lovely holiday :)

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: beautiful views, fantastic place with great people
  • Good For: Beach
by Tess
10 / 10

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Good for the money

"we have just got back from 10 nights staying at balito beach apartments, i think it was very good for the money, i would however say i wouldnt take kids there as there is nothing for them to do except go in the pool, and that can be boring after a while,if you want somewhere to get your head down for the night that dont cost alot of money this is perfect,but be warned there is a steep hill to climb every day up and down to go out. "and NOT any cockroaches in sight the whole of our stay"

It is in walking distance of anfi beach which is very nice,and lots to do there,plus good bus service right on the door step.

The only down side was the single beds and they were not comfortable at all.But all in all a great holiday had.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: cheap and cheerful
by Tracy from Gloucester
7 / 10

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value for money

"Ok so there is no beach. i walked around the "mountain" a nice 20min hike to puerta rico but a taxi is always on hand and its roughly 3-4 euros. the hotel staff are all friendly but i would not say that of the bar staff who werent friendly were unhelpful and got orders wrong. the price wrong etc. It is a big hotel with a fair bit of walking involved but the pool is nice and clean too and there are plenty of sun loungers. agreed a lot of spanish also holiday there and it can get noisy with their children. there is a market on tuesdays theres maspalomas to visit as well as other beaches like mogan as well as puerta rico. the girl in the shop was fantastic and there was a pregnant cat there at the time we were there which was cute , we looked after her.there are nice views of the sea and i would honestly recommend this place, i dont agree with the reviews which seem old now anyway. the rooms are clean now the maids visit almost daily.the cockroaches just started as i was leaving but thats nature , what can the hotel do?!and i only spotted the 1."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: great for families
by tourer
7 / 10

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worst place ever

"every holiday i go on is all inclusive, and before booking we did read the reviews but never really took any notice of them. when we arrived the world cup was on and spain were playing , there was no television at the pool bar however we knew that the bar at reception was showing the game, so when a friend of ours went to the bar she ordered two drinks and was given a bill, she thought there was a misunderstanding but then discovered your all inclusive bands didnt have any value at this bar. the food was absolutly horrible, 16 people and I ended up with food poising, and i was bed bound for two days and when i returned the next morning to get a slice of toast i was told that there was cigarate ash in the eggs and the barmaid just explained how the chef was a smoker. after complaining about the cleanliness of the pool area and pool eventually on our last night it was cleaned. i found the staff very ignorant, except 1 barman who was helpful. when booking our holiday we were told that all inclusive started at 9 and finished at 11 that night however when we arrived we discovered that all inclusive started at 11 am and finished at 9.30pm. never again would i stay in these apartments, what a horrible experience."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: never stay here
  • Good For: Beach
by hayley
1 / 10

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Very disappointing

"I generally take reviews with a "pinch of salt" as I feel that people only comment if they have had a bad holiday and don't comment if it has been a good one. The bad reviews that I previously read were correct. The accommodation was ok but it was very hot as there was no air conditioning. The bar staff were very friendly and helpful. The pool area was dirty and not cleaned properly (cat faeces was around the pool area and not cleaned away for days). Please take care with the food on the all inclusive. We think that between 20-30 people were sick in the week that we stayed and feel that the food was responsible. The "all inclusive" drinks stop at 9.30pm which is ridiculous as the apartments are not within walking distance of any bars. There is not a usable beach at Balito Beach and you have to go to Anfi Beach Resort or into Porto Rico by taxi. I definitely would not recommend these apartments to anybody."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Teletext holidays
  • Advice: Please don't go.
by disappointed
1 / 10

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"The rooms were lovely and clean however on our first night a girl that was with us was sexually assualted and almost raped by a member of staff which was obviously organised as another member of staff kept post at our appartment keeping us there when we were looking for her saying everything is under control. Police were no use and we had to be moved as the member of staff became aggressive giving death threats and we returned to the hotel the next day to find our door kicked in and nothing missing so rather strange if it was a coincidence. Very big dissapointment as the rooms were lovely. The food was also an absolute disgrace. And after a long ordeal we had to be moved hotels which was a good move as the staff were lovely and all in all a much better stay and we managed to finish our holiday pleasantly the hotel is nido del aguila and in my opinion is a much better stay."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by chuckie102
1 / 10

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Don't read the other reviews!!

"Before going on the holiday i read up about the hotel i would be staying in and was horrified. I expected to get there and be greeted by flying cockroaches and a dirty apartment. But it was the complete opposite!!

The apartments were fantastic and got cleaned daily by a maid who was very friendly! it obviously had its slight flaws but what do you expect when you are paying so cheap!

The food was good however being all inclusive it seemed to become repetative, but in the morning there is a full breakfast, eggs, bacon, sausage, beans and waffles, then there is also fruit and cereals. The lunch and dinner varied but had chips pizza pasta chicken fish. Overall i was pleased!

There were loads of sun loungers to choose from and there was no rush to run down and put your towel on a sunlounger, whereas at other hotels i have had to!

For more nightlife its 4 euro into puerto rico which is like a 3 minute drive where there are plenty of restaurants and bars.

I would definately recommend this hotel, the only thing it lacks is the entertainment of the nightime but it defiantely value for money!!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: great value for money
by costello08
7 / 10

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  • by blondi_one

    " if your going for sun sea and relaxination try anfi beach "

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