Ambrosia Hotel

Haci Ahmetler Mevki, Bitez 48400, Turkey
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Look closely

"Stayed at this hotel on a half Board basis and quickly contacted food poisoning through eating there along with many other

Guests who all became I'll at the same time. Dreadful experience. Food with flies on from 6am in the morning through to 10am! Diarrhoea, cramps, vomiting. Ruined our holiday.

Threats by management made. Personal belongings stolen. Poor service. Shoddy sunbeds, parasols, wooden decking broken. Hygiene poor, dirty tables, dirty glasses. Don't think we need to elaborate further.

Avoid this place at all costs,

Stayed Sept 2012

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by Teddy2
1 / 10

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Dreadful hotel

"Poor hotel, food awful, hygiene terrible.....poor, poor poor. Dirty eating areas, tables not cleaned. looks good on the surface but it's not the case...... More to come...."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Wings abroad
  • Advice: Do not stay there
by Teddy2
1 / 10

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Disappointing Hotel

"Arrived with a family at 12;30 am to to find our "confirmed" room was not available. Was put in a dump of a hotel across the street for the nite. Was told to come back at 9;00 the next day - at 10:00 (tired of waiting) I had to confront the GM Burak who was in his office to get this resolved. Received a small room which did not have the electrical capacity to run the AC and referigator at the same time. Towels were depeleted daily by 10:00 and the service by the front staff terrible. Would not recomend this hotel - there are nicer hotels in the area, so suggest you look around. Overall the area was nice however the experience at the hotel made for the low points of the trip. Never again will I stay at the Ambrosia hotel"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Nice town - lousy hotel
  • Good For: Beach
by hartsell
3 / 10

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Relaxing break

"I stayed at the Ambrosia Hotel with my Daughter, for one week beginning of June. This was my first visit to Bitez. We arrived late evening,the reception desk staff were very efficient and we were taken to our room by the porter. We were disappointed with the room very shabby and very small,We went straight down to reception and requested a bigger room.

None was available but we were told we would be moved in two days when people moved out!

They kept their promise and we were given a much bigger brighter room.

The hotel was spotlessly clean, linen and towels were changed daily.

The area round the Pool was well furnished, plenty of shade and comfortable sunloungers.

There are quite a few steps down to the restaurant and beach area, which would make it difficult for disabled people, but wonderfully positioned right on the beach.

The restaurant was set just off the main walkway and we sat and had breakfast every morning overlooking the sea, very peaceful. The food was plentyful, lots of salads, but not a lot of variety, however the staff were very professional and attentive and there were numerous other restaurants along the walkway offering plenty of choice and atmosphere all reasonably priced and well worth the experience.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, Half Board, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach
by Turkish
8 / 10

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new age

"Hotel was lovely and our room was huge! Bathroom nice too, although hot water was in short supply although due to the heat not too worried about that. It was also very quiet, bars seem to close by around one in the morning, and the room was quite sound proof. Only heard the call to prayer at about 5:30 a couple of mornings. The mosque is a short walk away. At the boulevard are many lovely restaurants. For the best english breakfast or turkish dinner the Bitez Seaside restaurant is the best. Take one of the flambee's dishes and you will never forget it. It's the best you ever eat."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Half Board, Booked Independently
  • Activities: seaside restaurant
  • Good For: Beach
by amanda1977
8 / 10

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We stayed at the Ambrosia for 1 week...

"We stayed at the Ambrosia for 1 week looking for a relaxing break. The hotel boasts a wonderful position on the beach and the waiters are very hard working. This is where the good points end. The food was very poor. No hot running water in the rooms. Rooms not cleaned to a good standard. The bedding was too small to cover two people, hard bed and very hard itchy bedding. We travelled with Thomson who were excellent.

The jeep safari excursion was very exiting and I would highly recommend this. I was very disappointed with the attitude of the staff behind the reception desk. We complained on 3 seperate occassions about the cold water and bedding and nothing was done about it.

by R Moodie
2 / 10

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A wonderful place to stay

"The Ambrosia hotel is a delight. It's the best hotel in the area, on a huge plot, with a feeling of open space everywhere - nothing is crowded. Everything about the hotel was spot on - 60% of their guests return, and we will too. The staff, the rooms, the pool, the restaurant, the food, the beach, the sea, the view, the area - all spot on. It's quiet, peaceful, no animation (hooray), but enough of a mix for the kids to find friends. Go there, you will love it!"

by Sally029
10 / 10

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A little piece of heaven

"i have just returned from my annual holiday in Turkey, this time at the Ambrosia Hotel in Bitez. I have been to Turkey on numerous occasions and have always been inpressed by the friendliness of the people and staff in the places I have stayed.

This year I have found a hotel that I will return to again and again.

Everything was super, from the rooms to the pool to the beach to the food. The staff were excellent, from Adam and the rest of the staff in reception, to Ismet and all the waiting staff. The Thomson rep Angela was very helpful and a joy to speak to at any time.

If there was one criticism, the assistant manager's attitude to visitors was only on a very selective level and some foreign tourists were totally ignored. This in no way detracted from a very enjoyable holiday in a very lovely place, as he was probably not the most interesting man on the planet anyway.

by highlandlady
10 / 10

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lovely peacefull place

"ambrosia hotel

ambrosia hotel resides on beach of bitches bay.

Bitches bay is wonderful bay that give the feeling you are in a lake,

some kilometers length, surrounded by mountains.

in the bay there is marine, small boats, yachts .

along the beach there are café houses, restaurants, and tourist's shops.

the sea is clean and quite, and all view around is like picture.

there is no use to write about ambrosia hotel without understanding that the hotel,

its swimming pool, and dinning area is are all one unit.

the structure of the hotel is something between hotel and club.

there are lot of spaces in the building, and from almost every point you can see the sea.

the hotel is not magnificent, but has all the facilities a guest can need.

every thing is fixed, working, and service is very good.

food is based on basic ingredients and is very repeatable, very similar to what usually

one eats at home.

I believe most of people will manage with it, but a very spoiled person might have problem.

the atmosphere in the dining area is very pleasant.

it is outside buffet, with candles, and very nice service of waiters.

there are no activities in the hotel, but on the beach lot of agencies offer traveling, cruises, club nights… .

if you are looking for quite and peaceful time this is the place.

by steinz
10 / 10

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Super location

"We have just returned from a week at the Ambrosia in Bitez. The location on the beach in this pretty bay is super. Our smart and comfortable room had views over the pool and the sea.The hotel is very clean and the staff excellent,

The evening meal always had a good selection of food but the breakfasts were a little disappointing.

The hotel is rated four stars but we felt it was nearer a three star hotel. We only had entertainment on one evening and generally felt it was a bit dead in the evenings. Maybe this was due to being near the end of season.

by Bowlie
6 / 10

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Do not go there

"Had upset stomach the entire time and after spending about £600.00 on extras was accused of stealing from mini bar as i was leaving and taken off transfer coach infront of my 2 baby daughters. I had had 3 itmems from mini bar night before which i asumed were on bill i had just paid - and the total cost was £5.00. when i said I did not like being accused on stealing and said that they had not done their job properly the man at reception ran after me in a very threatening manner and I thought he would hit me. All the waiters do is prey on female holiday makers - do not go there unless you enjoy being sick with bad stomach and being hassled by stupid waiters...."

by RD-London
2 / 10

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Four Star facility but no atmosphere

"This hotel has 4 Stars above its entrance and that is where it ends.

Lets start in the bedroom! We stayed in Room 2220. On the face it it looked OK but be warned. Beds were the hardest and most uncomfortable I heve slept on in 40 years of travel. The top sheet was like a hession table cloth - I guess this must be a local trait as I have never had them anywhere else in Turkey. Most uncomfortable if it got underneath you. The balcony (as with 90% of all other rooms) gives you a view of another concrete balcony some 20feet away. Absoluetly abysmal. No plugs in either the basin or the bath and I guess as a consequence of this little to no hot water if you decided on a wash and shower after 7pm.

The bar was as dead a s a Dodo and the hotel management showed no effort in trying to make it a scene of sociality even for pre dinner drinks.

First two nights we used the internal dining area. Yes there is segregation for the non smokers, but you had to walk through the smoking are to get at the food. A disgrace! later in the week dining was all al fresco, but no seperation for non smokers. As to the dining service? The food was edible but boring and unimaginitive. Also, why can every small bar and restaurant in the area provide table service yet this so called 4 Star not??

There is a so called Pool Bar and a so called Beach Bar. What an absolute waste of time and effort. Little to no use or take up by residents and why - because it so boring and un-inviting.

The staff are very friendy and the place is spotlessley clean. It is a pity the management cannot see or understand what 4 star facilities should provide. Go to the moon for your holiday, there's a lot more atmosphere their!!

And finally I would not recommend swimming in the local sea! It is said that there are some 30000 vistors per day during the peak season, all using the toilet each morning. Apparently lt it all ends up being discharged out in the bay?

by A TripAdvisor Member
2 / 10

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Map for Ambrosia Hotel Closest airport: Kos (KGS) 22.8 miles

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  • by Turkish

    " Excellent sunset boat trip, lovely atmostphere, also trip into Bodrum for the Market, "

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Address: Haci Ahmetler Mevki, Bitez 48400, Turkey