Saffron Apartments

Kemeralti Mah Inonu Bulv. 186 Sokak No 14, Marmaris 48700, Turkey
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Amazing !!!

"The staff are more than helpful, respectable, friendly and great fun !! people who have said bad things about this place about rooms you pay for what you get dont expect to pay £30 for 2 weeks in a hotel you expect to be 5* !! if you are coming here for a fun holiday just too chill at the pool, go to the beach ( 10/15min walk ) and have eay acsess too bars clubs and pubs this is the place to be !! the staff are really repecable like as i said they are not arogant, they are not sleezy, and you can consider them as holiday friends. although next oor ''konak apartments'' whatever you do spcialy if you are a group of girls go there they are sleezy and take drunk girls in spare rooms an basements to have *** with them and are verry possesive !!! Yalcin Uysal you will meet in saffron he is a lovely boy and works verry hard too make sure you guys have a fabulous holiday he will make you laugh, entertained and makes the BEST cocktails ever :)


  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks
by Sophie C
10 / 10

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saffron appartments /fawlty towers

"when we arrived there was no one in reception the man from the shop across the road had to ring them and try to get somebody then he had to bang on a door which took about 5 mins before a young lad came out pulling his clothes on while walking. he never asked who we were just took us to a room where the door didnt lock then he went back to bed.the manager arrived about 30 mins later then put us right on top floor. there was no lift ,no cups or toilet roll. switches were hanging off wall curtains had holes in them, towels changed twice a week.nobody was on reception most of the time, appartment keys were left in reception where anybody could get them. nobody spoke us for at least 4 days,have been abroad at least 10 times to turkey this was worst appartment ever. DO NOT BOOK !!!!!!! wouldnt let me give 0 as a score altho i would put a minus if i could"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, self catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: do not go even if you think it is cheap
  • Good For: Beach
by sue&lynnvalentine
1 / 10

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Stay Away!

"We arrive at the apartments on June 2010 and there was no one at reception and no one to be seen as it was morning. Room was really small with a portable hob and kettle. Had no toilet roll and shower was broken and electricity kept cutting out. Asked the manager to move room and he didnt care so got our Rep in which didnt make a difference. EVERY night we went out we got asked why we didnt want to stay in hotel bar and asked were we were going which was irratating. Staff were very ignorant. One day we came back and got shouted at for taking the key out the hotel and not leaving the key at reception (when no one was ever there). On our last day we went to the shop and left our key when we arrived back our hob and kettle was taking out our room which we needed to make food before our long 6 hours transfer home. Over all room was a DISASTER!!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, Self Catering, booked with Travel Repbulic (Hotels for you)
by Ashleigh
1 / 10

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saffron aparts are fantastic

"hi i am currently staying at the saffron aparts in marmaris may 2010 with my husband and 11 month old baby, the staff here are fabulous especially soner and eyub. our room is cleaned every day, the food is good especially turkish kebebs hamburgers need a little work but perfectly edible, today my son fell ill and there was no question of help, an offer to get a motor bike and go to the pharmacy or call a doctor no trouble, they even sent a pixzza up to my room cos i had to stay in with the baby. this may be a standard self caterind apartment and yes you buy your own loo roll but i will give this holiday a 5 star rating, you arent treated like guests but family, i think sometimes people make there holidays seem bad so they have something to whinge about. i would defo come here again

mrs meloy

  • Holiday details: May 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
by suzieq
10 / 10

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Cheap but not cheerful

"We stayed at the Saffron apts. for 2 weeks, good value for money £14.50 per night for the apartment. Biggest problem we had was with the restaraunt front man "Soner" what a pain he became because we did'nt eat and drink at his restaraunt, every day we had "where are going" and "why are you not using my restaraunt" it became very intimidating. Also toward the end of our stay the shower stopped working for 3 nights coincidence. I would recommend anybody thinking of staying here to go next door to the Konak apartments very friendly and not at all pushy. To cap it off on our last day the staff/owner did'nt even bother to say goodbye just watched us load our bags onto the coach."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Self Catering, Booked Independently
by richards'
4 / 10

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This was my second visit to Marmaris...

"This was my second visit to Marmaris and the Saffron Apartments. I had a great time, all the staff were really nice and helpfull. The food was excellent and entertainment good, who could ask for more!! My friend Sharon was working there and introduced me to a lot of new and friendly people. The family that own Saffron are really nice and very friendly and even remembered me from last year ('07), so it was nice to see them all again, Thanks guys!!!"

by P Amos
9 / 10

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The saffron was brilliant, going back...

"The saffron was brilliant, going back 2008. Never had such a good holiday. Staff Jay, Jacob and Chelsea was brilliant, couldn't wish for better staff. Manager was great and all the other staff.

Rooms nice and clean if you want clean towels do what I did throw them in the shower. At this apartment is friendly and you get to meet everyone through our holiday we got to know nearly everyone, was great.

Watch out for the shop across the road she makes her own prices up different everyday. If you want a family holiday no stress go to the Saffron.

by P Sykes
10 / 10

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I have been staying at the Saffron...

"I have been staying at the Saffron for the past 4 years and will be going back September 2008. I have a disabled daughter. While on our last holiday there, she become unwell on the last day. The bosses and all of their staff couldn’t have been more helpful. They took us to the hospital twice in one day with no charge to them; they stayed with us all the time we were there. I feel if it wasn’t for them at that scary time for my family, I don’t know what would have happened. I would like to thank them all for the support they gave us on this holiday. I would fully recommend these apartments to any family."

by Colin Kerr
9 / 10

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My family absolutely enjoyed the...

"My family absolutely enjoyed the Saffron and all the staff. The service we received was 1st class - no messing about, just good mannered and yes the staff do av a laff with the punters - this in actual fact enticed people to join in. We are going back to Marmaris in August - unfortunately we cudn't get the Saffron - but we will surely be looking them up to say hello.

Mr AA Smith must be an absolute killjoy!!!! glad the sod wasn't there when I was !!! he wud av put a dampener on people enjoying themselves.

by T Stockton
9 / 10

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Horrible place to go, the blokes were...

"Horrible place to go, the blokes were absolute perves and wouldn't stop trying it on my girlfriend; if you didn't buy from them then they would speak in their own language in a very rude way. Women be aware it is nothing but harassment, all the guys there may seem friendly but all they want to do is try it on you!

We never got new towels so had to buy new ones. Self catering is a complete state, rubbish facilities and we had to buy our own loo roll.

You'll have to eat out at restaurants; they know that tourists have money so they'll want to rip you off as much as they can. You must haggle and say that you have seen the same product cheaper elsewhere; I wouldn't recommend anyone to go to Marmaris let alone stay at the Saffron apartment.

The weather was nice but then again that part of the world the weather is always nice. The holiday left a bitter taste in my mouth and I wouldn't like anyone else to go through the same.

by AA Smith
1 / 10

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Best holiday ever!!! And the people...

"Best holiday ever!!! And the people at the Saffron topped it. Great apartment’s, great pool and brilliant staff. Very friendly felt like family and the Saffron is a 5 minute walk away from the beach front. I would advise anyone who is thinking about Turkey to consider Saffron it actually made the holiday what it was!

The only downfall was having to say goodbye to the people at the Saffron, luv them forever.

by M Taylor
10 / 10

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If you come to Saffron Apartments...

"If you come to Saffron Apartments expecting to actually be able to prepare your own meals in the apartment's kitchen area, then you're in for a disappointment.

You get a two ring kitchen-top unit and that's it. No kettle, toaster, oven, grill. You do get a fridge, but ours had the top freezer section door missing and it consequently dripped inside constantly, and the door didn't close properly. Basic cutlery is provided, along with one saucepan, one frying pan, four plates and three bowls. No tea towels or dishcloths.

The crack is that they want you to eat out, preferably at the hotel restaurant, and providing what you need to make your own meals is not in anyone's interests except yours. There are plenty of little food shops immediately around the apartments, but they only provide the very basics - there's no decent grocery/delicatessen provision unless you're prepare to travel around and look for it in a larger 'supermarket'... something that's difficult to do in the hot summer months.

Restaurant fare in Marmaris is almost exclusively English, catering for those who want the sun but aren't interested in exploring the local culture. Food is cheap here, though, so it's not that taxing to have to eat out all the time. You'll find a few Turkish dishes on most menus, but they're heavily Anglicised for the British palate and more expensive than the ubiquitous burgers/pizzas.

Noise: don't expect to be able to escape loud disco music and doors constantly slamming until 12am when it all stops. At Saffron there's a small swimming pool facing the main street, but it is quite small. Take your own towels as you can't use theirs at the pool.

Good thing about this holiday is that the Turkish people ARE very friendly and don't turn nasty if you don't buy from them. The excursions (cheaper if booked in town rather than through your rep) are very good value and give you something to DO other than lounge on the beach (10 mins walk away) or round the pool, and lots of wide-ranging excursions are available. We visited the beach once only(!) as 1. even 10 mins is a long walk in the strong heat, 2. it's jam-packed, and 3. it's a fairly nasty, volcanic grit beach that's quite narrow (about the length of your living room to the water's edge) and being non-tidal, it's always like that!

That's about it. Oh, and if you're going with Goldtrail, beware the hotel transfer coach - our driver took half an hour out to stop at a cafe and have a drink with his mates at 4am when all we on the coach wanted to do was to get to our hotel and sleep! And then he reversed into another vehicle leaving the cafe! Although the accident was a one-off, the unscheduled stop to accommodate the driver's social life would not have been. The holiday spirit is much needed to get the most out of a stay in Marmaris. If you're looking for things to moan about, you'll find them.

by  J Crosby
5 / 10

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  • by richards'

    " Jeep Safari,Scuba diving, White water raffting. "

  • by Ashleigh

    " Not to go as staff very ignorant and cheecky "

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Address: Kemeralti Mah Inonu Bulv. 186 Sokak No 14, Marmaris 48700, Turkey