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Room: 9.5/10
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Cleanliness: 9.5/10
Location: 9.5/10

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This was my first time to Dubai...

"This was my first time to Dubai although my girlfriend had been 3 times previously, we actually booked a room at the Mina a Salam however on arrival they offered us an upgrade to Al Qasr which we immediately accepted (I assume the upgrade offer, whilst obviously good luck on our part, was really done to even out numbers between the two hotels, after all when you stay at one the only things you can't do at the other is sleep there or have breakfast there!

That makes it sound as though Al Qasr wasn't as good as the Mina, this is definitely not the case, in my girlfriends opinion there is nothing to choose between the rooms - and ours was excellent, breakfast is apparently equally excellent in both too! The pool at Al Qasr was comfortably the best pool I have experienced, the temperature was perfect, getting in and out is made very easy by the various ledges and the fact that the water overlaps the edge of the pool - ingenious! If you have children (we don't) there were also at least 6 lifeguards on duty (actually looking over the pool) at all times so there shouldn't be any worries there!

As I mentioned earlier, if you stay at either the Mina a Salam or Al Qasr you can use the facilities of the other, well in fact you also have the same access to the facilities at Jumeirah Beach Hotel. There is also the Madinat Souk, which is a small marketplace, nice but don't imagine you'll be experiencing a 'local market', it's more refined than that. Within the souk & the 3 hotels you get a choice of over 40 restaurants of varying types & qualities - we ate at Zheng He's (Chinese), Pai Thai (you can probably guess) and Segreto (Italian), all were execellent, though pricey, we also ate at The Noodle House which was also very good, though much cheaper.

Overall the whole experience was top notch - beautiful hotel, beautiful surroundings, friendly & helpful staff, great food and good weather - can't really ask for more. We are going to book our holiday there again in a few days time and also see if we can persuade some of our friends to come along too!

by R I Clarke
10 / 10

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The hotel is situated on a lovely...

"The hotel is situated on a lovely stretch of Jumeirah Beach which has stunning views of the Burj al Arab which is next door. There is a lot of building work in Dubai but you can't really see any of it from this hotel.

The staff are really wonderful and everyone smiles and greets you every time they see you. I felt really well looked after. We stayed in an Arabian deluxe room which was huge and beautiful. It was true five star luxury.

The hotel has waterways all around it so you are taken around the hotel on a little boat which is really lovely. The whole place is very Arabian in style, there are huge chandeliers in the Lobby, and the architecture is really impressive.

The hotel is very large as it is split into 3 separate parts but it is not a high rise resort, it is really elegant and peaceful. There are souks, bars, restaurants and a night club which are all excellent.

I would recommend this hotel as I absolutely loved it. It would be especially good for couples and honeymoons. It is absolutely perfect.

by N Kitson
10 / 10

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Our third visit to this absolutely...

"Our third visit to this absolutely faultless hotel, certainly not cheap but worth every last Dirham.

Cleanliness 10/10

Staff 10/10

Accommodation 10/10

Dining 10/10

Resort 10/10

I'm sure that if you were royalty, you couldn't be treated any better.

Shopping in the Mall of the Emirate is a must, (£1.50 in taxi) many bargains; and while it's 45+ degrees and very humid outside, wander up the shopping mall in your flip flops to Ski Dubai and get all the necessary clothing and equipment, plus 2- 3 hours skiing or snow boarding for £18.

Five runs at various levels, including nursery slopes in fresh REAL snow in -5 degrees!

Most definitely not our last trip.

by teve Haire
10 / 10

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Not for everyone

"Great service and lovely hotel, but atmosphere very "empty" feeling. Happy hour in Club Executive not very happy considering all the champagne being consumed. Good time, but wouldn't go back."

by Splichiz
6 / 10

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Out of This World

"Stayed here for a week in June and had a fantastic time. We were treated loke royalty from the minute we arrived. Everything about this hotel screams class!! We had a look at the Mina A Salam while we were there but the Al Qasr is superior in every way."

by edinburgh
10 / 10

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"this place will blow you away - simple as that. as other reviews state it is actually 3 different 'hotels' within the overall resort which translates as the city of jumeirah. you have access to it all - via abras (boats), buggies or walking. plus you can walk or ride along the promenade to burj al arab, jumeirah beach and the water park. to see it, esp at night, has to be believed. you will love this place - it is stunning, spotlessly clean, luxurious, unique and very stylish. although huge (c1km end to end and c3000 guests) it never feels busy or crowded and the c4000 staff provide an exceptional service). the views at burj al arab at night are incredible as are the views of the resort itself - esp from the many roof top and upper level bars"

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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"I am confident that all reviews on this property will be positive

Everything about a stay at Al Qasr is superb. The service is impressive, the rooms, lounges, pool, food and the beach are all terrific. Everyone goes out of their way to make your stay special. All of the staff are friendly, smiley and helpful and unlike a trip to the States, this is all done without the goal of a tip / gratuity.

I have stayed at many top class resorts alledgedly five star. This one deserves all its accolades and many, many more.

NB The adjacent Mina A' Salam is also pretty impressive although the rooms and decor at Al Qasr is far superior.

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Seven Stars

"If there is such a thing as a seven-star hotel, the Al Qasr is it. Totally enjoyable, amazing architecture, excellent acommodations and food galore, the beach and swimming pools wonderful, the service so attentive and everyone of the vast multinational staff is friendly and helpful. This place makes you feel so good - maybe one should keep it as a secret... to be shared only with your best friends!!!"

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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the ultimate hotel

"stayed for 7 nights with wife and son we were all totaly amazed at the sheer decadence of what can only be described as the finest hospitality in this amazing place, calling it a hotel cannot do justice as al qasr translated means `the palace` and that is what you get from the first welcome to the last goodbye. the surrounding decor is the best money can buy, the rooms are all modern but sympathetic to the arabian theme, the staff are all very polite and will quickly offer to help no matter what you ask. the pool is freeform and ideal for families must be good everybody from neighbouring mina a salam goes there, kids club is first class with there own mini water park. the souk is very good and restaurants are fantastic. one little niggle is there is nowhere to stock up on cans of coke,crisps etc for kids(because they want you to use the mini bar in rooms,very expensive £2.40 for can of pepsi, £2 for snickers bar). if going to malls go in the daytime very busy at night, also only one mall worth visiting the deira city centre mall this is where the locals shop, has supermarket (6 cans of pepsi £1)large foodcourt, mini fairground and cheapest electricalgoods and clothes. forget the burj this is luxury it must be good it was full of footballers, sports stars,etc when we were there definately going back buckingham palace of the east"

by ew4ia
10 / 10

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Paradise found

"Have just returned from 5 night at the Al Qasr and feel very depressed. Travelled with my wife and 2 children (9 & 7) and will definately return. We stayed in the premium leisure part of the hotel and would highly recomend paying the extra, the breakfasts were superb with lots of variety as was the food served in the evening. The swimming pool is the best of the complex and ultra safe given how many life guards are always on duty. The kids loved the kids club (Sinbads) as they could wander in and out as and when they wanted. Sinbads also provided 3 hours of evening entertainent inlcuding tea for 55dhs per child. The food on the whole was very good although we were slighly dissapointed with Nappa and the Thai resteraunts, good food but little choice.

The staff are ulta friendly and always more than willing to help. My wife lost her handbag in the Souk and it was found within 2 hours with everything still in it (including money)

Overall, an ideal holiday destination to relax and laze by the pool or on the beach even if you have kids in tow.

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Simply the best hotel in the world

"It's difficult to picture this hotel until you have been here. It is magnificent! It must be set on 100 acres and therefore probably occupies more land than any Las Vegas Hotel. Luxury Luxury Luxury. Imagine a hotel where you can take a motor boat trip for 10 minutes around the hotel grounds. Its rivers makes the Venetian in Vegas look tiny. It has around 40 resturants and about the same number of massage villas. The pool is the biggest we've ever seen and its next to the beach with a fantastic water park next door. Not that you need that. 30 people on exclusive 2 mile+ long beach is pretty busy.

We've been fortunate to stay at many of the worlds top hotels including Gleneagles, Four Seasons in New York, Ritz Carlton Atlanta, Many hotels in Vegas, The Boardwalk in Florida, The Grand in Vienna, The K Club in Ireland, The Hilton in Rome, Olunda in Greece, Anassa in Cyprus and the Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. None of them come close to this experience.

Whether a special occassion or just for a treat, you must come here. Amazing and great value too. They sweep the paths of leaves, dust the railings and regularly dust 20 foot chandeliers. The staff are the most polite we have ever seen along with the K Club in Ireland.

Our only complaint was that there was only one jar of gummy bears in the room!!!! and they replaced them every day! Love our Gummys!

If you only visit one hotel this year go to the Al Qasr. Being in Dubai its also probably one of the safest hotel in the world no matter what your nationality.

by shazen
10 / 10

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Magical hotel - agree with others

"Having just returned we totally agree with the superlatives from other contributors. We too thought the Jumeirah Beach Hotel would be very hard to beat but the Al Qasr clearly did. The levels of service in all areas and the quality of the building/rooms were exceptional.

We loved the fabulous pool area and the ability to utilise all the facilities of the Madinat Jumeirah ( 40+ restaurants)- we were spoiled with choices of where to eat. Although the prices were on the high side the quality and service were very good. We liked the Zheng He ( the Chinese in the Mina A' Salam ) and the Segreto ( Italian accessed through the Souk).

If you want to spoil yourself go to the AQ ( as the staff seem to call it) - you will be impressed from the moment you drive up the entrance, welcomed by the attentive and friendly staff and see the magnificence of the entrance hall - just look at the chandelier !!

The AQ means The Palace and it is well named as you will be treated like royalty

10 / 10

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