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I stayed in belvedere with my wife...

"I stayed in belvedere with my wife and 2 sons 10 and 7. I read all the reviews on this hotel before i left and did not worry about it. The hotel is 10 mins slow walk to port aventura. Rooms are very small and not enough places or coat hangers to put your clothes, ( best to bring some of your own.) air conditioning was good we kept and old club card in the slought all the time so the room was cool 24/7. cleaned every day with clean towels. good variety of food, some of it cooked while you waited. some times having to queue though. try the omelete for breakfast. some of the staff are rude but if you are like me you would stand your ground and not take it. not many pensioners but a mixture of other nationalities. if you did go in the quiet time of the season i believe there would be a lot of pensioners. pool wasnt very big but still fun, you do get balls in pool 6days of the week when the good sos guy is there. on a mon the bad sos guy doesnt let you do anything, but hey its only 1 day a week. there is a slide in the pool mon and wed and its good fun for the kids and some adults ie. me lol. entertainment was not to bad the guys who run it do a good job. this hotel isnt that bad, go and see for yourself. hope this will help you."

by T HIll
7 / 10

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i have just come back from 2 weeks in...

"i have just come back from 2 weeks in salou with 6 of my friends we were all 18.

we all had a really good time and enjoyed ourselves but for the hotel that did not help!

straight from the start on arrival to the hotel we were greeted very abruptly by the reception staff with no manners whatsoever we felt really unwelcomed and was not a good start! we later realised that this was because of their lack of understanding which is not good for a hotel who accomodate for a large percentage of english. the reception staff where the worst i have ever come across very rude and would just ignore you because they couldnt understand you! my friend had lost something and every time we would ask at reception they would just schrug their shoulders and ignore you it was very rude! they were also not willing to help you at all!

the food was nice but didnt realli have a wide range and we would often resort to eating out a lot of the time which is not good if you have paid for your meals.

the rooms were very clean and the maids would come everyday which was good but the rooms where quite small and for three people sharing they gave us to double beds which would mean one of us would have to sleep in the middle of the two which wasnt very comfortable.

the bar and entertainment staff around the hotel were very helpful and pleasant if we neeed their help they would help us!

the location of the hotel was good being a 15 min walk from portaventura and a 5 min walk to the beach and restaurants! everything was in walking distance. the resort was very nice and i would go back but for the hotel i wouldnt only if i was spanish which im not! but a brill holliday overall

by J Barnes
7 / 10

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Well firstly we werent expecting much...

"Well firstly we werent expecting much because of the reviews on this site.. everyone slated it, but actualy there is nothing wrong with the place, tbh i thought it was rly nice and so did my m8s. the food was average nt alot of taste but at the end of the day what do u expect from a cheap holiday? we were all 18 and enjoyed the nightlife in the centre of salou! was quality!.. the hotel is more family suited although as we struggled to find people our age!!! hotel staff were friendly, place was clean, the views from the inside balconys were pretty good on the pool etc.. as we were 5th floor.. was a pain gettin up there but was onli a few buttons on a lift or a quick run up the stairs. overal hotel was in a good location and i reccomend it.. ignore all the spanish pensioner things cos i honestly didnt see one!!"

8 / 10

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Me,my friend and 3 children stayed at...

"Me,my friend and 3 children stayed at the belvedere at the beginning of july. We wouldnt recommend anyone to stay at this hotel unless you were a oap or spanish. The food was the same almost every day and the food was not nice,we had to wait in a long queue for about 10 minutes to get a slice of pizza for our children. I pacificley asked for a ground floor when we booked because i have a 3 year old child, but when we arrived we were givin the 6th floor(the highest floor), i wouldnt allow my son onto the balcony because it was so high. I couldnt believe the rooms had childrens sheets on the beds with whales and boats on them hahaha. There was no fridge in the rooms to keep drinks cold so we were going downstairs every hour to buy a new cold drink. We were getting picked up to go to the airport at 9 in the night but we had to be out of our rooms at 10 in the morning and they dont allow you pay to keep the room untill you go, even though the room was left empty after we checked out so we had to hang around and wait in the foyer all day. We got talking to another group of people who werent going home untill 2 in the morning the next day and they had to be out of there room the same time as us."

5 / 10

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Well what can i say about hotel...

"Well what can i say about hotel belvedere. So many things to say. Before our holiday i made the mistake of reading some reviews about the hotel on the internet. After reading the reviews i felt very negative towards the hotel but eventually i made myself feel positive about the hotel. I said to myself i wasn't going to let any review affect my my views of the hotel, i thought that everyone is entitled to different opinions and not everything is suited for everyone. Lets cut to the chase, i would never in my life go back to this hotel.

This hotel is not an English hotel, None of the staff speak a word of English and if they do its only a few words. On our first night of arriving, my partner was rushed to hospital with heart palpatations, due to the staffs lack of communication to speak English it took them a very long time to realise that we needed an ambulance, even though myself and friends were trying to show that is was to do with the heart. They still didn't understand who know what we needed. I think this is very serious because if they don't understand when someone is having chest pains, how are they going to know someone is in real danger of dying of a heart attack or anything.

The food was disgusting, it was cold, very repetitive, either undercooked or overcooked, it was that horrible, we had to go out every night to eat and spend more money. Entertainment is non-existent and if there was entertainment it was all in Spanish. False advertising about the hotel features/activities and entertainment, It not in the hotel, you have to go out for it. The reason why we chose that hotel was because it had such good stuff, well supposedly. I would give this hotel a 2* rating.

The only good thing to write is that salou is lovely, we will definately not be going back to that hotel but we will be back to stay in a better hotel. The beaches are wonderful, portaventura and caribe water park is great and all within walking distances. I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU GO TO DANNY BOYS (Road to the beach) AND LINDAS RESTUARANT (Near the royal Hotel) THEY DO SOME LOVELY FOOD THERE AND ITS REASONABLE PRICING.

by D K Grout
2 / 10

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We have just returned from a weeks...

"We have just returned from a weeks holiday staying at the belvedere hotel and myself and my family had a great time. My chidren aged 13, 7, 3 and 1 loved the entertainment and enjoyed participating in activities through the day. the pool was fine, the rooms were cleaned thoroughly everyday and clean towels provided. We also found the staff to be helpful and polite. There was a great selection of buffet style food available however not all was to our taste. We would return to this hotel again."

by Boe
8 / 10

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We were advised this hotel to be...

"We were advised this hotel to be family friendly unfortunately if you are any younger than 65 at this hotel you have no chance of having a good time, the staff are completely rude not to mention the very unpleasent guests at the hotel which were mostly of spanish pensioners.

The hotel itself was very clean, rooms were cleaned every day, the pool area was nice but the food was nothing to go by did not cater good for children.

Overall would not go back to this hotel infact the whole exprience of this hotel put me off salou and we as a family shall not be returning.

by L O''Donnell
3 / 10

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I just came back 3 days ago, went...

"I just came back 3 days ago, went with my 2 kids being a loan male with 2 kids i was worried i would not be abel to cope, the hotel has a great pool and the weather was fantastic, the room was a good size all though i did ask tour operator for a low down room i was given one on the 5th floor (the hotel only has 6 floors) the hotel is very clean and the meals are excellent the kids loved the pizza bar were you can ask for any kind of pizza to be made for them, i liked the grill were you can get meat,fish ect cooked for you on the spot. overall i would go back to this hotel all though it is a 5 to 10 min stroll to the beach, i recogmend walking to the beach and booking the trip to the nu camp but be aware its over 2hrs travel on a coach and after the football stadium you are taken to barcalona for shopping (bring lots of money as this trip to the city is fantastic) go into the fruit market down on the main street i the street entertainers ie statues and puppets and mimes keep adults and kide entertained really funny for the kids there is also a mcdonalds and a kfc after the city tour you are taken to the fountain in barca a sight well worth the visit all be its only for 1 hour it is very very busy and be aware of pick pockets you are warned by coach operator as the crowds are well over 5000 at this wonderfull sight. our coach picked us up at 2pm and we did not return till 1am so all in all a long day be warned take money as i found out i thought it was only a few hours but it was a day trip well worth doing.. TAKE NOTE THAT I WAS ASKED WHEN I BOOKED THE HOLIDAY IF I WANTED TO BUY 7 DAY PASS TO PORTAVENTURE THE TICKETS ARE ONLY FOR THENE PARK AND NOT WATER PARK AS I WAS TOLD AND I WAS ALSO TOLD I HAD EXPRESS TICKETS AND IT EVEN SAYS IT ON THEM BIT IT HAS TO SAY EXPRESS PLUS OR YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT IN QUEUES FOR THE LONGEST ONE I WOULD SAY HALF N HOUR. the rides are great and the day flys in at the theme park it will take you 2 days to go round the whole park. the water park next to the theme park has an additional cost of i think 75 euros and is very busy inside i queued for 3.75hrs for fast food in that time one of my kids got sunburn so be aware to dress them well at the water park

i hope this review is usefull to anyone going to Salou.

I would also like to add that during oue stay spain won the footbball and comming from Scotland were we never win anything it was a great night in the city celebrating with the Spanish in fountains and dancing in the streets a real carnival party.

by M Thorburn
8 / 10

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If you are british and have a young...

"If you are british and have a young family, avoid this hotel like the plague. Other than it's location (walking distance to port aventura and salou's spledid beach) this hotel has nothing going for it unless your a spanish pensioner. A full letter of complaint is in the process of being drawn up to our tour operators with regards this hotel. The hotel is about as child friendly as measles, or the mumps. the so called entertainments team, who parade around the hotel dressed as childrens cartoon characters, are far to busy entertaining the 'oki koki' brigade to entertain the children, and the way they treated our children on this holiday was nothing short of rude. The hotel reception and dining area staff (especially one of the head waiters - cesar) are especially rude, discorteous and obstructive. the food is ok at best but very repetative. And the eldrely spanish guest are just as rude, constantly pushing into queues in front of young children, and moaning constantly at the noise that young children make.

If you like a hotel where the staff are rude, the guests are rude, hate kids, and generally hate anyone having any form of fun, then this hotel is for you!

by R Jones
1 / 10

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Just got home from Salou on Friday...

"Just got home from Salou on Friday and even although it was very quite with a few of the pubs not opening until April we had a fab time. When arriving at the hotel we were greeted by the receptionist named Raquel who spoke to us in english. She told us all the info we needed and pointed us in the direction to get to our rooms. When arriving at the room we were pleasantly surprised after reading some of the comments I must admit I was not looking forward to this hotel but have no complaints.

Breakfast was fine in the hotel, even although we never made it on a few occasions, look out for the Tom Cruise of the omelette world, goodness that man can throw an egg. Dinner was lovely. The only complaint I had was one of the female members of staff that took our order for drinks, never smiled and just dumped the bottle on the table. We just changed the area we sat and were served by a cracking fella who was very well mannered and friendly.

Belvedere was a great hotel for being 3 star, staff were all very helpful. Would go back.

The entertainment at night was great, we had a great time watching the spanish ladies dancing oh can some of the mature ladies dance. If you are out & about pop into the Danny Boy, we were made to feel so welcome by the staff. There are 2 young girls who work in the bar, 1 day shift the other evening, the pub could not have found two nicer girls. The Manager a lovely fella who does a great dance to Tina Turner song I am convinced he practises in the mirror at home ha ha.

We had a great time in Salou, weather was not fantastic, but a great break.

by M Steel
9 / 10

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After reading some of the negative...

"After reading some of the negative reviews posted on this site, I have to say I completely agreed. Myself (18) and my boyfriend (20) were not impressed with Belvedere.

I have no complaints about the rooms as they were always clean and tidy with a good number of towels supplied when we requested. They were, however a little bit small, but to be fair we were hardly in the room all that much.

The hotel was in an excellent location - just a 10-15min walk from the beach and the town, and a 20-25min walk from the theme parks. The town, the restaurants and the theme parks were all brilliant.

As for the staff - what a let-down. They were rude and unfriendly. After entering the dining hall for breakfast and evening meals we were greeted with dirty looks - no smiles, no chit-chat etc. The reception staff did not understand a word of English and after trying to explain what we meant, they would often sigh and roll their eyes at us. One of the days we were there my boyfriend wanted to use the cigarette machine in the foyer and a maid had unplugged it and was vacuuming without us realising. So he said 'Excuse me' to one of the women on reception (several times - to check if the machine was working) and they completely ignored him! My boyfriend is not a quiet person and surely the staff are not deaf as well as rude?!

The breakfast and evening food choices and variation was pretty good though, the only problem was often cold when we sat down to eat it.

I'd say about 60% of the guests were Spanish and the remaining 40% were a mix of English, French and German. The Spanish guests were just as rude as the staff!

The entertainment was pretty boring to me, mainly consisting of Spanish dances, comedy sketches etc. And I noticed the children's entertainment didn't start until about 9.30-10pm most nights. I understand this doesn't effect me in the slightest because I don't have children, but I would probably want them in bed by that time!

Overall, I loved the location of this hotel, and I would definitely go to the area again, but not the Belvedere. I was extremely disappointed, mainly with the staff and their so-called manners and one or two other points.

by L M Prior
3 / 10

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After reading all the negative...

"After reading all the negative reviews I thought I should put my view of this hotel across. This was the first time my husband and I had taken our 2 children abroad and they were not disappointed!

They loved the pool and were not at all put off by the inability to use inflatables. They thought the choice of food was fantastic and never went short of anything to eat. We all thought it was very clean and tidy and the room was always kept very clean. Any problems were resolved quickly. The rep was very knowledgeable and always available when we needed him.

Overall well recommended, and we would definitely return to Salou and the Belvedere again.

by  J Battams
8 / 10

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