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"I booked this hotel on the internet. I was really looking forward to staying in such an unusual hotel. On arriving the hotel looked just as I'd imagined it to Up Pompei!!!! It was fab!!!! However as I entered the hotel I started to feel very uneasy about it...its difficult to explain. When I walked into my room I knew I could'nt possibly stay in it. it was spooky and gave me the creeps. I was so overwhelmed by my feelings that I left and was glad to get away even though I had already paid. I took photographs of the room and when I later checked them I counted 11 orbs on one of the photos. Apparently the hotel is built in an area where tombs were found.

I have only rated the hotel as 1 star but I did'nt actually stay there.

by vonny
1 / 10

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Holiday-with a difference!

"Hubbie & I felt this hotel looked great - "something different", we said. Certainly was. Requested (and received) room change after 2 nights as generator and early morning music meant no sleep.

We had booked half-board basis, but would only recommend(?) this hotel for B&B. We have never experienced such scant fayre for evening meal, with abysmal(non-existent) lack of choice. Traipsing up to the troughs is one thing, but finding them empty another. Not the place to enjoy a leisurely evening meal, with a bottle of wine (the food did not merit this luxury). Get to dining-room on time as they'll be nothing left. Husband likened it to a hostel. Think management concerned food may be taken out from restaurant, while we were thinking of bringing it in! Became our entertainment watching guests' face when they saw what was on offer. Did not feel we got our moneys worth and felt the hotel run on a shoestring.

Novelty of mirrors everywhere soon wore off, felt like CTV cameras everywhere and your every move monitored. Hotel was clean but some areas tired and shabby. An experience(and one we will not be repeating. Good luck!

  • Holiday details: Mar 2009, Half Board, booked with Cooperative Travel
  • Activities: Tomb of the Kings, Mosaics, etc
by patsc
4 / 10

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We had two rooms for one night. One...

"We had two rooms for one night. One of these we feel should not have been in use. We believe it was the damp. My wife and I felt it was unhealthy to sleep in and for myself very uncomfortable to be in for the air quality. We were also staying with two children. Hotel reception explained they were fully booked but subsequently found my wife and two children an alternative room. This was much better.

We asked to pre-pay on key receipt and in retrospect should have asked to see the rooms first.

We liked the breakfast for selection and the decor was a novelty to experience.

by B Thomson
3 / 10

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a group of us stayed at the roman, it...

"a group of us stayed at the roman, it was fantastic, we all enjoyed it and did not want to go home. the staff were helpful, breakfast catered for everyones taste, the only down side was the air con in the rooms was not working and we would have liked a small fridge in the rooms. otherwise down on the harbour it is being spoiled by all the time share touts claiming ( you have won on your scratch card i will put you in a taxi for you to go and claim your prize ) what a con. this is spoiling a beautiful place."

by L Ostle
9 / 10

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I think i the Roman Hotel was very...

"I think i the Roman Hotel was very nice, it was also very different from other hotels, i would deffinetly recommend it. The only down side was the food, it wasnt very nice, there wasnt much choice there always seemed to be the same food range.

Cyprus is a beautiful place, lots to see and do :)

The weather was also lovely it wasnt very hot as i went in feb, but when i went to cyprus in aug it was gorgeous!

by MA Atkinson
6 / 10

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I am somewhat surprised at the...

"I am somewhat surprised at the comments, this is after all a two star hotel!

It is obvious from the brochure that the decor is unusual - so why book if you do not like 'Roman' art.

The rooms provide large beds, clean bedding, furniture and flooring. Ample hot water in a although slightly dated bathroom again very clean one!

The food is excellent and the staff are more than helpful, the only comment I would have is that as found all over Cyprus - smoking is allowed in all areas - but then when in 'Rome' !!

I would recommend this hotel for a stay with a difference!

by B Ashdown
8 / 10

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Grim!! Have been going to Cyprus for...

"Grim!! Have been going to Cyprus for years and have to say this is the worst accommodation I have come across on the whole island. The one point is scored for the fact there was a toilet roll and 'air con'(I use the term air con loosely).

The place was as hot as an oven in the reception and in corridors, the receptionist was unhelpful to say the least, the room was rank. Covered in mirrors and scary roman paintings all around the room and I mean all around the room!! There was chewing gum on the headboard (nice!) and it just felt like the place needed a good clean.

Overall the hotel has a horrible feeling to it. it is dark and dingy and have since been told the hotel is well know for providing a resting place for those with nowhere else to go, if you know what I mean!!

Enjoy your stay!!

by E Smith
1 / 10

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Not Your Run Of The Mill Hotel.

"We stayed for a week in this rather weird hotel. It has to be said that it's not your usual hotel but we had no major complaints. What makes this hotel so different is the decor which is supposed to resemble a Greek Palace. You either love it or hate it, personally I found that it grated a bit after a couple of days but don't let my personal tastes put you off! The red carpets in the corridors needed replacing badly but the rooms were kept clean. The food was average, nothing special, but edible and perfectly acceptable. I found the entertainment poor and, if you have small children, the paddling pool was minute. The main pool was not all that big either, I understand that the pools at the sister hotel can be used but we didn't see them. On the plus side, the hotel staff were friendly and helpful and it is well located. Probably not a hotel I would visit again but by no means a disaster."

6 / 10

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Roaming from the Roman

"Just back from a weeks stay at the wierd and wacky Roman hotel in Paphos. I'd been thinking of going for a while, as it seems good value for money (no single room supplement at this time of year) and in a great location for sightseeing.

The rooms are already a good size, but the wall to wall, floor to ceiling mirrors along one side made ours seem particularly spacious. The bizarre roman-style wall paintings were carefully designed to reflect part columns and make the room look colonnaded. While a bit small, the shower (over the bath) was powerful and hot. The mattress on the kingsize bed was a bit past its best (ridge down the middle) but was comfy none the less.

The pool area was a bit small, but was a sun trap. However, in the summer, I would suggest that guests cross the road to Romans 2 as the poolside area is more open, and has superb views across old Paphos. The only down side of the public areas was they quickly became smoky, so much so that the bar wasn't a pleasant place to linger on a couple of evenings.

Being February, I didn't expect scorching sun every day, in fact, I was hoping for cooler weather for sightseeing. The Roman is about equidistant between the Tombs of the Kings (great for a drizzly day, as there's plenty of built in shelter) and the entrance to the Houses of Mosaics and Old Paphos. It's also only a minute from a bus stops to Coral Beach and Ktima Paphos. Though on B+B, we tried out the buffet evening meal in the hotel a coupleof times, which though not great, was more than adequate. Tomb of the Kings road is lined with bars and restaurants, which are much of a muchness. "Kings Aphrodite" was one of the friendliest.

All in all, I've stayed in hotels with higher star ratings, and not had nearly such a good time!

by hcb1959
8 / 10

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Quirky but Grows On You

"I visited the Roman September 06 - we were dropped off at the side door of the hotel which is on the main road. Front of hotel faces side and is never seen by motorists, the front entrance is lovely . Seen from road seems a bit "tacky". It took a bit of getting used to waking up in my bedroom with wall to wall mirrors on one wall and and roman warrior murals on the other ! Still the location is wonderful - only 10 minutes walk to the Harbour - right next to bus stop for Coral Bay and 1 minute from Municipal Beach. Plenty of shops and bars around the vicinity and supermarkets too. I was there for one week and I enjoyed it. Food very plain and entertainment very basic. No one seemed to stay around the hotel in the evening but that didnt bother me as I was out myself. Very quiet during the night - restful. Pool quite small but ok for a short spell. Roman Hotel is "different" but NOT in a bad way. I would return.

I travelled on my own but still had a wonderful holiday.

Ann Rossette, Glasgow

by romanfan
6 / 10

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Great Place

"Just returned from a few days at the Roman and couldn't fault it. The staff were friendly and couldn't have been more helpful, the rooms were clean. The hotel is quirky in that the decor is quite unique but this added to the attraction. I found it well located, about a 10 min walk from the harbour, 2 mins to the beach and the market a short taxi ride away. Worth bearing in mind that residents of the Roman 1 can also use the rooftop pool and sunbathing in the Roman 2 just across the road. This was nicer than the Roman 1 pool which could be quite shady, especially in October. I did find that the pool temperature was quite refreshing ie cold but this would have been very pleasant in peak season.

George the barman makes a mean cocktail and has some entertaining tricks up his sleeve! All in all a great place to stay, not too far from the action but far enough to enjoy the peace and quiet. Will be returning same time next year and I never go to the same place twice!

by tenorris
10 / 10

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Unusual but disappointing

"We spent 7 nights at this hotel last September to celebrate my birthday.

We chose this particular hotel for its unusualness. In this respect we were not disappointed.

What let this hotel down badly was cleanliness, the red carpets in particular are well in need of replacement. Room cleanliness was poor.

The food was extremely disappointing. In terms of quality and variety

Dinner time was between 7 and 10pm, on our first evening we arrived at 8 and told we were too late and in future to arrive earlier. The following evening we did and there was not a table for us! we had to wait ages for a table.

Food was not replenished.

The restaurant was open to non guests who ate most of the food meant for guests!

We arrived at 4am to have a plate of egg and meat, left in a very warm room. The smell made you feel sick. As we found out, to our cost, at the end of the holiday this plate of muck countered as one of our "meals".

Deserts were extremely poor. One evening we asked for a bit of ice cream, which duely arrived......along with a bill! We queried this and the bill was wavied. But that was the last time we received any meaningful service.

Due to the time of our flight home we had to pay extra for our room for a few hours. This we assume included a meal......wrong, as we were having our last meal, and I managed a mouth full, we were informed by the rude restaurant manageress that we would have to pay for it.

Location was poor, only good point it was near the bus stop.

Paphos harbour was a long walk. We ended up hiring a car to get about and spent most time at coral beach.

Entertainment was poor, just two local musicians everynight who seemed to play the some tunes everynight.

The paddling pool was small and was also open to non guests.

Maybe a petty remark, but rooms lacked a safe, you have to constantly go to a room next to reception to access a safe.

Never have we been to an hotel and felt so less like a guests but just two more mugs. Take our money and run.

Well if their policy is to treat you so poor that you will not want to return, congratulations they succeeded!

We would not reccommend this hotel.

by patsyjohn
2 / 10

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    " Great for anyone interested in archaeology "

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