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We stayed at the Elbow Beach resort...

"We stayed at the Elbow Beach resort for our wedding and honeymoon in aug 2006. It couldnt have been more beautiful, weather was gorgeous, food great, would recomend mickeys bistro for a light lunch/drink, and lidos restaurant for a nice romantic meal. Staff great, bring your cocktails to you whilst you lay on the beach catching rays!

Amazing pink sand, yes its true!

And please do try the spa, bath with rose petals followed by a massage is a must.

Rooms are clean, spacious and very comfortable. Most have a walk in wardrobe which really comes in handy if you pack as much as me!

Oh, and freshly made pancakes are a must at breakfast! Order "From the Grill"

Go to hamilton for a nice change, hire a scooter like we did, although my husband nearly killed me!!! It was great fun and a nice way of catching sun, we drove to the red lion pub, typically english

Enjoy your stay.

Tammy and Lee xxx

10 / 10

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This hotel is one of the best in...

"This hotel is one of the best in Bermuda and is a large resort style hotel. If you are looking for more of an intimate hotel, suggest elsewhere - we saw The Reefs hotel which looked nice, too, and smaller.

The beach, though, at Elbow is superb and there is nothing better than having lunch or a cold cocktail at Mickey's restaurant while looking at the beautiful sea. The sand is perfect and better than anywhere else I have been, and I have been a lot of places!

Blows Mauritius away!

The room, however, was a bit tired although had been "softly" refurbished they said. New carpeting and the like. The Mandarin Oriental has taken over this hotel and is slowly redoing all the rooms.

I understand that the rooms near the beach have been redone, but are more expensive. We had a room in the main building, overlooking the ocean, which was adequate.

The spa at the hotel is amazing!! You can also get some treatments on the beach, which is a nice touch. I also recommend eating at Lido restaurant outside overlooking the beach. Very romantic.

Everyone at the hotel was very friendly, which we found everywhere in Bermuda. It's an easy 6 hour flight and we tried out the new low cost airline Zoom which was cheap so made a nice break. Bermuda uses USD so with the pound right now, the holiday there was good value we felt.

Basically, if you want to chill out on the beach and enjoy good food, then this place is great. Splurge on one of the redone rooms if you can afford it, but don't worry if you can't. Highly recommended.

by C Thomas
8 / 10

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Nice, but not 5 star

"It must have been a lovely hotel in it's day but now is tired. Our room was nice, but the bathroom had some rotten wood around the tub, and the rubberized grout was peeling between the tiles. The carpet in the room could have been cleaner and needs to be updated. The staff was wonderful and very friendly but the service at the eateries is very slow."

by A TripAdvisor Member
4 / 10

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1 Star Hotel Room at 4 Star Resort !!!

"My husband & I just returned from Elbow Beach & I must say I was VERY disappointed in the quality of the hotel, specifically the hotel room. We had a Ocean Front Suite in the main hotel that is in MAJOR need of renovations. The carpet is tattered & stained, furnitire is scratched & bathroom is VERY small (not to mention the grey marble tile is stained orange in areas). If I were to use one word to describe the room it would be DINGY. Housekeeping did not come to our room until at least 3:00 pm daily & they did nothing more then make the bed & replace towels. I wanted to upgrade to a RENOVATED Ocean Front but none were available.

As far as the staff is concerned I did not think the service was above & beyond. I have read other reviews & noticed that some people wrote how exceptional & friendly the staff was...I did not see that. I can say I was greeted with a smile but I expect that.

On a positive note the lobby was very pretty, the grounds were well manicured & the beach is one of the BEST that Bermuda offers. I think Bermuda is a beautiful island but my advice is if you are planning to go to Elbow Beach make sure you stay in a RENOVATED ROOM !!!

by A TripAdvisor Member
4 / 10

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The Best Time Ever!!!

"My husband and I just got back from a weekend at Elbow Beach in Bermuda and had a great time. The resort was just wonderful, the staff could not do enough for you. The rooms were big and clean. Although the weather was not great, the beach was just beautiful. There is really nothing negative to say about our trip or Elbow Beach for that matter. We would most definitely go back again, I can't wait!!!!!

PS: No trip to Bermuda should be without a stop at The Swizzle Inn for a drink or pitcher of rum swizzles. Don't forget to write in the chronological guest book at the Swizzle Inn so when you revisit, you can read what you wrote, it is fun!

by Ginny01OT
8 / 10

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Elbow Beach Fantastic Vacation!

"Just came back from a week at the Elbow Beach Hotel. I brought my Mother and 2 year old daughter. Elobw Beach was the perfect choice for us. We stayed in a Premier Ocean View Room Newly renovated(Bouganvilla) and it was great! The bathroom was spacious and well appointed (loved the tub and shower). Especially loved the Molton Brown amenitites. The private patio we had was fabulous. The room was not overly oppulent, a little stark. However, I found it very comfortable and fresh. We are beach lovers and always dragged in a lot of sand. We ate breafast on our patio each morning. The service at Elbow Beach is fantastic. They really go out of their way to make sure everything is to your liking. Mickey's was the best place to eat for us, the food was great. The beach at EB is one of the best on the island, my daughter love it! I definitely think staying in a premier renovated room is the way to go. We can't wait to go back next year! It can get pricey but worth every penny. We really loved our stay."

by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

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wonderfull family hotel

"We had the honor of staying at the Elbow Beach in Bermuda during Easter weekend. The hotel was especically helpful in advising me as to which room were best for our needs. We had two suites, with great location in regards to the Hotel. Our party included a 2 year old and his parents,plus our daughter and son and daughter-in-law. The hotel provided a lot of activites that appealed to everyone. The location was perfect for the bus and area sights. A great time was had by all and will return again and again. A tip-go off season to Bermuda-still great but a lot cheaper."

by atraveler300
10 / 10

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Much improved/good for families

"We just returned from a one-week stay at Elbow Beach with our two kids (almost 4 and 1.5). We stayed there 2 years ago and many things have improved. We stayed in 2 Premier rooms down by the beach (Bouganvilla) -- they were recently remodeled, the bathroom was very nice, the toiletries (Molton Brown) were nice, and the patio was perfect. Two years ago we were in a different building on the grounds (not the main building) and it showed serious wear and tear, and the bathroom was terribly small and dated. So the accomodations were a huge improvement. Two of the best things about this resort (when you are traveling with kids) are the pool, which has a large 2-3 foot deep section for the kids, and the kids' menu that is served at most of the restaurants. The beach is also fantastic -- one of the best I have ever been to. Due to these things, the resort was a great place to vacation with kids.

We typically stay at Four Seasons resorts when we travel, and Elbow Beach is not up to those standards in some ways. In particular, the service is fine, but not great. At the pool, you have to seek out a waiter to take your order, but once you do that they are great. They do not bring water or kids' treats (like popsicles or frozen grapes) around, which many top resorts do. There were a few waiters in the restaurants that were not that friendly, particularly to a person with young kids. The food was good, but not great. The concierge not that helpful. But these things only slightly detracted from the great time we had at Elbow Beach.

by A TripAdvisor Member
6 / 10

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Not bad but not 5 star!

"Dont get me wrong. This is not a dreadful hotel but it lacks ...luxury to be 5 star. The newly renovated rooms closest to the see look like IKEA showrooms...bland not luxurious. Service is good but again not incredible. The Seahorse GRill was the only restaurant we tried at the hotel and it requires a renovation. Very average 3 star. Certainly the covered terrace is shabby or lets say ...well airconditioned with very slap dash carpentry to try and keep the wind out. The food is ok but as usual in large hotels, its hotel food ...at best glorified canteen dining. So few large hotels can truly offer top class dining. One is some how expected to pay 5 star prices for average food with good or great views. This hotel is very much a 'could be great' but just not polished enough to be 5 star. Are there any better on the island? Who knows!"

by Livingoutofasuitcase
6 / 10

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Lovely place to stay!!

"My British girlfriend and I stayed at the ELBOW BEACH HOTEL in BERMUDA from Feb. 18-21 2005. No real damage from the hurricane left, except for the LIDO restaurant still being refurbished. The free transfer from the airport to the hotel was waiting for us & only contained one other person. In taking cabs or shuttles i recommend sitting forward (as they also have backward facing seats) as i sat backwards and almost got carsick after 20 minutes in the country:) the ride to the hotel prepares you for the wonders of the island as it is BEAUTIFUL!! It is a very flat, low lying island, very lush and the beaches are fantastic, but watch for the very annoying sand flies though.

THE HOTEL: The grounds are well maintained and expansive, plenty of ground to explore and in 4 days we did not really have time to cover it all.

We were greeted warmly upon arrival by the doormen, and the lobby was pratically deserted which was a welcome alternative to arriving at your hotel to see it crowded like an amusement park. The desk staff got us to our room quickly and while the room wasn't amazing it would've done for 4 days. It wasn't ultra modern and could use more attention to detail but its not an issue. It's not the MANDARIN ORIENTAL NYC, so don't look for it to be. We unpacked, took showers and after an hour I realized that i didn't like the rooms' proximity to a communal door that I could hear constantly in use, so we asked to move and it wasn't a problem, they gave us a room on the fouth floor. They offered to send someone to help but since we had already used the room for almost 2 hours and it would have to be housekept again, we refused and we moved everything ourselves. The room we were given on the fourth floor was actually bigger and had a better view so that actually worked out to our advantage. The view of the endless ocean was amazing and we also had a view of the pool. The terrace was great, it could seat at least 5 people. Housekeeping was fine, room was kept clean, plenty of towels & soap, etc. What was a really nice touch though was the champagne and happy anniversary card that was in our original room upon arriving. Then a chocolate cake and b'thy card was waiting for us in our room on my girls birthday, a very nice touch after being out all day and also something that makes you return, being treated like a guest and not a credit card number. Many hotels treat you like garbage once they already have your $$. Theres more money in repeat guesting than in alienating you and making sure you and anyone you know never goes there. They also give you daily printouts of the weather and island activities and that was also a nice touch. The only real complaint was upon checkout and fixing the phone bill, on which we were overcharged but it was reticified upon a lenghty review but at least it was correct. Overall the hotel experiece was very eventful, we would return to ELBOW BEACH HOTEL.

THE FOOD: Take the breakfast plan instead of having to pay every day. We had breakfast at the Seahorse Grill and it was decent and worth rising early. They'll make you pancakes, waffles or french toast & all 3 were good. The buffet contains eggs, mushrooms, chips/fries, etc., and that was decent as well. The breakfast staff were good and made sure you had what you needed. Overall no breakfast complaints. We had an $15.85 tofu burger & fries at the "MICKEYS BEACH BISTRO" and that seemed to be the most reasonable thing on that particular lunch menu. As my girlfriend and i don't eat red meat or pork, that pretty much limits our options everywhere we go and makes every trip a 'food adventure'. The first night we took a cab to Hamitlon and ate at the 'Jamaican Grill' restaurant and it was more expensive than a comparable nyc place but it was good. Another night we ate at "THE PICKLED ONION" in Hamilton and it was ok, my girl had a pasta dish & a drink and I had the pizza and the bill was $44.00. We had arrived inbetween the lunch & dinner menus, I think the lunch menu was better and a tad bit cheaper. We also ate at 'KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN' and that came up to $16 for two people. All in all Bermuda is an expensive island and food is no exception...

THE WEATHER: Not predictable in the winter months, remember you're 75 minutes away from NewYork and Bermuda isn't really part of the Caribbean. If you do go in the winter months expect temps in the 60's, sudden showers and lots of cold wind. We couldn't enjoy the beach until the last day when it warmed up and there was no breeze. Go just before summer while the prices are still reasonable or during summer itself although the hotel prices rise, predictably. I can only dream of a hot Bermuda, it would still be worth the price paid.

THE ISLAND & GETTING AROUND: The island itself is amazing, as are the beaches and the people. The bus system is excellent, they run on a schedule and are a great way to travel and see the island if you're afraid of jumping on a moped. The #7 bus stops right in front of the hotel and the driver will help you find wherever you had to go. They are also clean & have plenty of seating. Take the #7 to the Dockyard, its a great ride, you will see great beaches, small islands and the Fairmont Southhampton. Buy a day pass for $12 or a weekly pass and that will give you unlimited access to buses and the ferry system. We also took the bus to the Aquarium & Zoo, Hamilton for shopping and the Crystal Caves. The island is small so you won't get lost and if you do it won't be for long. Cabs are also abundant and its about $10 to Hamilton from the hotel. A nice touch to the end of the trip was the Pilot of our plane who gave us a tour of the island before heading back to New York. We got to see Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas's House and just how beautiful the island is surrounded by turquoise waters.

Overall the island experience was great, the hotel was great, the people were great (especially the bus driver who went out of his way to help us after we got on the wrong bus, good luck getting that type of help in NYC.)

We will go back again in the summer and I see myself making this a repeat destination forever:)

by rbrown
10 / 10

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Great Hotel, but Next Time...

"Beautiful grounds, great beach, good food…so naturally you are going to pay. If you want luxury it was worth it. Only complaint was the thin walls between the cottages (not sure about the main hotel). Earplugs are a must. The private patio and awsome view made it worth it.

If you want to travel on a budget you can easily do so. The island is so friendly and so easy to navigate that you can stay at almost any inn, cottage, or apartment and still be within minutes of a beautiful beach. Here is what I would do next time to save money on accommodations and spend it on water sports, massages, and nice diners.

I would buy the Bermuda Guide by Ron Charles, look for cheap places to stay in either of the following three Parishes: South Hampton, Warwick, or Paget. Pick a place that came with a full kitchen. Shop for groceries. Each breakfast and lunch in the room.

Other tips: 1) rent a cell phone (for getting around and in case of emergency) 2) don’t get a massage at Elbow Beach (way too expensive) call the Bersalon instead 3) motor scooter a must (STAY ON THE LEFT)

by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

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Hip place

"Bermuda is mostly for the older crowd who will stick to an old fashion hotel with old fashion food and very little entertainment. Only one hotel in Bermuda attracts more modern and international folks. It is Elbow Beach. Right on the beach, with restaurants and an exciting night life. The main man in Bermuda is David Lambert, the Sport director. Say Louis P sent you."

by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

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