Pontins Southport

Shore Road Ainsdale Beach, Southport PR8 2PZ, United Kingdom
2 star
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My stay by Kath Crowe123
2 / 10

We went for the week to South port had to wait two hours to check in very dirty room very cold heaters were on all the time to keep warm and you had to pay for electric you only got forty five minutes to eat your meals food cold had to wait in a line like cattle. Nothing open for kids it was like all our yesterday's and all rolled into one we only stayed three days could no wait to get home,

  • Holiday details: Feb 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't go

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Please take advice this is a throwback to 1970s by Lisa A
1 / 10

Without been dramatic this place is awful.

Accommodation awful,seen better beds for homeless.our unit had excrement on wall of toilet,filthy pillows and quilt.electric token did not work and tell no for manager had been cut off.food was awful and next to a hall where there was a dance comp on.therefore our dinner was bouncing off plates from music.looked like Phoenix nights with Peter Kay inside are shameless.

My kids refused to stay so had long drive home.even staff said that rooms font get cleaned.

Wrote yo complain and manager as cheek yo offer us another stay there.

Will now follow up with head office see if anyone there got any sense.

Cannot believe state/management of this hole

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hell hole by caradog
1 / 10

We stayed at Pontins South Port after booking on group on we did not check the holiday reviews what a mistake that was.we pulled up & our first thoughts were this looks run down.we pulled up outside reception to get our keys cars parked everywhere no organization the reception was in the arcade it was dirty & run down by the way we are no posh family.people were already walking about drunk.we got our key's after fighting through mud & sand. We found our room couldn't see in the patio windows for dirt & old birthday banners i wanted to go home but thought I will try for the kids.we got in the patio windows were held on by duck tape the lock was broke the floors were filthy toilet would not flush there was dust everywhere the tv was 20 years old thick of dust stains on the beds glad we took our own bedding damp on the walls only 1 plug socket had to carry the microwave to plug it in .we went out at night what a mistake 6 bouncers on the doors people falling over drunk we didn't stay long.we were kept up all night with noise.i did not let my family attend breakfast it was filthy & unhygienic queuing like a cattle market. The pool was horrible we didn't go in there ,the majority of the play equipment & rides were broke. No one to complain to either. We left & stayed i. South Port & Blackpool but please read the reviews & don't go there it wants shutting down false advertising & lies.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: go somewhere else
  • Good For: , Skiing

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avoid this place by caradog
1 / 10

Me & my family arrived at this hell hole on Friday the 13th this place is so run down unclean disgusting.could not see out of the patio windows for dirt,the floor hadn't been cleaned,toilet didn't flush,table was broken,dirt & thick dust over everything,a television that i could not see for dust must of been 30 years old, patio window was held in by duck tape,lock was broken,i felt unsafe for my family 6 bouncers on a entertainment club ,people falling about drunk all day,none of the rides worked,we did not stay our duration & i wouldn't wish this on any other family disgusting, grass growing on the roofs. Please avoid like the plague we escaped.oh & you can't catch the reception open i wonder why?

  • Holiday details: Sep 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: close it!!!!
  • Good For: Beach

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Lovely Holiday. Ignore the bad reviews. by Emma-Louise E
9 / 10

Reading the reviews, I was not really looking forward to our family weekend away. We went from 16-19 August in a Club apartment. The staff are friendly and smiley, and the gate-keepers are lovely. Very helpful.

I packed cleaning products, toilet brush, new duvets, pots and pans, mugs and glasses and even my own cutlery. I needn't have bothered!!

The apartment was clean, well-stocked, duvets clean, and the leather sofa bed was a very good double.

The only slight niggle was the mattresses, as you could feel the springs when you laid or sat on them. I used the spare duvets as a mattress topper.

The on-site shop was well-stocked. Lots to do for everyone. Maybe take lots of 2p's as my children loved the 2p machines haha. The beach is great and only a stone throw from Pontins site.

Breakfast was well cooked and tasty, and quite a lot of choice. Fish and chips were delicious.

We were self catering, and the Asda and Tesco stores are not far.

The swimming baths are quite big, with a separate bit for younger children, which my 17mth old son loved. Downside is the changing rooms are quite small and there is a strong smell of urine when walking past them.

We were on the first floor and I am glad I didn't get the ground floor. The balcony comes in handy for hanging the clothes over to dry and to stop sand trailing into the apartment.

Overall, a lovely holiday was had by all, and I will definitely be going back.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Ignore the bad reviews and enjoy!
  • Good For: Beach

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ignore the bad reviews,!!!! by Emma L
8 / 10

I'm at Pontins at the moment with my boyfriend we are staying for 7 night we arrived on the 17th and going home on the 24th we payed cheap for our chalet which is really nice and clean the entertainment is good, and you may have to spend a bit for other stuff, which is fine, the beach is only a 20 second walk, I don't understand the people that say its horrible because its lovely, you may have to que for booking in but that's normal, fish and chips are cheap but you have to que, but what do you expect, its like waiting for a Chinese that you order to your own home, the pleasure land (theme park), is only 15 minutes away, its a lovely place, the staff are friendly and are always smiling, I would recommend this place for a holiday away, kids or no kids, the chalets are nice, and homey, but if you prefer to bring your own linen I would say you should, before I arrived I was reading a lot of bad reviews and was worried but its fine, I'm glad I came, the place is a little run down the buildings need some painting but your not there to look at the buildings, I recommend this place, for kids and couples, IGNORE THE BAD REVIEWS!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: spending money, for arcades and food
  • Good For: Beach

8 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Pontins Southport experience by masson
1 / 10

The whole place is filthy I have never stayed anywhere soooooo dirty I even had to clean the windows in the chalet and you had to pay extra for all fun rides Why? even the bouncy castle.

The dinning experience was Awful it was like being in some sort of cattle market no organisation and the food well that is left to your imagination even though we had pain for half board one experience was enough, not one member of staff had a smile for you I can understand why having to work in conditions like that,we decided to eat elsewhere,

We ask to speak to a duty manager and got told we would have to Waite an hour, the decision was lets just go home and that's what we did never again would I stay or even recommend anyone to a Pontins. Pontins

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: clean the place up

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AVOID!!! by Alannah '
1 / 10

Checked in and when we found our apartment all we could smell was dope, coming from neighbouring apartments. Holes in doors, filthy windows, filthy duvets/pillows, you name it! Kids hated it and so did we. Security werent bothered about the dope, so we rang the police. The place is disgusting, full of scumbags who spend all their time getting wasted and letting their kids run riot all night. Entertainment venue wasn't ventilated, too hot to stay in as it was dangerous to my kids health, arcade was useless, again not ventilated and most of the machines didnt work. We left the next morning to try to salvage our holiday, we couldnt subject our kids to the horror of Southport Pontns!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, booked with the sun
  • Advice: Don't go!!
  • Good For: , Skiing

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Unhelpful and lies by Jenjake
1 / 10

The place is awful when went to complain they just don't care at all rooms are dirty no air condition in the whole place and they tell u to email customer service but that a lie u need to write a letter to the general manger as I read complaints online and rang up customer service and they told me they will not answer complaints unless written to general manger I will never go my we had to come home after 1 day as son skin was really infected off the place as he has eczame never again

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't go
  • Good For: Beach

3 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

disgustingly filthy by jwh
1 / 10

we booked into this resort for 2 nights 27 & 28th july at 1600 we collected our keys went to the chalet only to find that it was disgustingly filthy I would not of turned out my dog in it.we went back to the reception and complained, what a farce the staff could not care less all they did is said if you are not happy email the customer services they just did not want to help us in any way ,shape or form.

I emaild the customer services and ask for my money back, I am still waiting they did reply to my email but I think iam being fobbed off until I give up. all in all if you want to live in a kennel please book this resort,we are a mature couple who want to stay in a bit of comfort in a clean environment this we did not get

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: re build it

5 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

cheap its what you make of a holiday that counts!!!!! by katrynax
5 / 10

my friend and I booked pontins again after going a few years ago, now we knew it was cheap and basic,and just looked at it as somewhere to sleep,we went with an open mind, we never cooked in the apartment, we took 5 children with us, we had a fab time,the children had so much fun, and my friend and I enjoyed the break even with 5 children, as they were entertained all the time,we have booked to go back in a few weeks, yes it is basic, are apartment was clean,the swimming pool is in need of repair, but children dnt notice things like that and at the end of the day the holiday is for children, and as are children were happy then so were we, it is what you make of a holiday, people complain but its cheap so what do people expect,,,,,

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: go with an open mind
  • Good For: Beach

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

vile by rizzy10
1 / 10

Arrived to no bed linen even tho it was requested at time of booking. Had to pay extra 40 pounds for linen. No hot water til 10.30 toilet wouldnt flush, maintenance man had to be called three times. Damp in corner of the bathroom. Kitchen utensils were disgustingly burnt and dirty. Staff huffed and puffed when asked to empty bin or for new loo roll. No arcades machines were working. All activities required tokens yet the token machine was always out of order. Food was horrible. No vegetables or potatoes just chips and nuggets. Breakfast eggs were swimming in oil and the meat was pink. Tables were filthy no eating utensils available unless u ask. Would not recommend it anyone. Would never go back.

4 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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  • pontins hotel southport
  • pontins resort southport
  • Address: Shore Road Ainsdale Beach, Southport PR8 2PZ, United Kingdom

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Top traveller tips for Pontins Southport
  • by izzy-claire

    " Southport Pier, Splash World "

  • by beverleyt

    " Mama Mias and the beach were the highlight "

  • by wadsleyowl

    " Pizza Express in Southport was lovely, staff v friendly "

  • by 58829008

    " we travelled to chester zoo and the kids loved it "

  • by mags

    " you get what u pay for great for kids "

  • by charl86

    " blackpool for the day or the beatles story in liverpool "

  • by clickycat

    " Pop to Farmer Teds in Ormskirk - great for kids loads of activities and hands on with the animals "

  • by Claire Lynch

    " better if you can drive so you not tied to the complex and you can go and explore rest of southport as apart from beach nothing local "

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