Pontins Camber Sands

New Lydd Road Camber Sands, near Rye, Camber TN31 7RL, United Kingdom
2 star
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Hell on earth

"If you are a Sane person never ever ever go to this place!

Myself my daughter and granddaughter have just returned from this hellish place. We arrived at about 4:30pm and went straight to reception together our keys. We ad been allocated a chalet at the furthest point in the camp. After dragging our luggage up the filthy, slippery metal stairs we found our accommodation. On opening the door it seemed ok, basic but ok. Boy was I wrong. Every single corner had dirty great cobwebs, there was a crack in the front window, a window which had no nets, just heavy curtains, which had to be kept shut because everyone walking by would stare in. The very small dining table, which really was only big enough for two was covered in crumbs and dyed on food. The cutlery drawer was filthy and contained 3 knives, 2 forks , 4 spoons and tea spoons, 1 fish slice a large spoon and. Tin opener. The saucepans were filthy. We had no frying pan, no grill pan, no tea pot, or toaster. We reported the missing items and got given a fry pan and grill pan, but we had to wait 5 days before we got the grill pan handle. Every night until at least 2am you would get people shouting and kids running up and down the stairs.

How ever the entertainment was good although the club house was filthy and you could easily queue at the bar for half hour or more to get a drink. The amusement arcade supervisor was extremely rude and had a I don't give a damn attitude.

Whilst we were there we saw some kids playing with the security barrier, swinging on it and pushing it up and pulling it down. We were worried someone would get hurt so we reported it to a scrutiny guard, who cam out, looked and then said " I don't give a f*** let em get on with it !!

Also whilst we were there someone's chalet was broken into !

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Go to havens instead
  • Good For: Beach
by Sheila P
1 / 10

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Granny went to rest

"I have been going to Pontins twice or three times a year for the last 4 years with my grandchildren 10 and 5. I have always stayed in Club and been happy with all activities, chalet cleanliness, friendliness and helpfulness of staff. This visit 8th to 16th August was fully booked up in Club so rather than disappoint grandchildren we stayed in popular chalet. Bear in mind that I have been going to Pontins for the last 4 years, I was there before the refurbishment started and again since. Pontins are doing everything they can to make chalets nicer, cleaner and more upmarket so imagine my shock on entering my chalet to discover that the NEW sleep settee that has been installed was broken. Leg missing, broken in the middle and had to be replaced!! How long had it been put in the chalet. Not long, and definitely not long enough to be so badly damaged. There was a rip in the new flooring. I was shocked!!! Some People are so disrespectful to say the least. Then I witnessed one guest who was too lazy to walk to the big green bins with her rubbish and left it by the stairs at our block. What happened? The seagulls, foxes maybe, got into the bag, ripped it to shreds and there was rubbish everywhere for the poor employee to clean up. And finally, I watched a mother change her baby and left the soiled, stinking nappy on the table in the fun factory!!! So, before you all blame Pontins for the dirty, broken furnishings and surroundings I would say blame a certain type of guests who think it's their holiday and they can do what they like. Because in my view Pontins are taking two steps forward and ten back trying to renovate Camber Sands. So, if we want to continue with cheap, value for money holidays in the height of school holidays perhaps we, the guests should take a long hard look at our behavior. I don't want Pontins Camber to go. I know there is nowhere else as cheap for me, a retired grandmother, to treat my grandchildren to a good packed entertainment holiday where they have a great time and I have a rest

. Oh and finally I am not related to or friends with any member of Pontins Staff, I have no idea who any of them are. I am just a concerned holiday maker who wonders if Pontins will give up on us and decide "it's just not worth the expense of keep trying to renovate it for guests to destroy it". It is so upsetting because I will no longer have my little breaks that I so look forward to and making memories for my grandchildren to remember of their times at pontins with Granny!!!

Mrs Overy. Chalet 415. 9th August for 7 days.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by Sholeebird1
7 / 10

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Wonderful break with the kids

"First time of visiting there this summer and after booking read some reviews and they was pretty negative so I wasn't expecting to have a good time,this however was not the case at all we had a fantastic week and will definitely return again.

My daughters are two and four and absolutely loved it was lots for them to do for free there including swimming,having face painted,crazy golf,parks and dancing and playing games with the blue coats.

All the staff was very friendly and helpful and we encountered no problems at all throughout our stay.

Met lots of other holiday makers too and everyone was nice and got on really well.

Been to Butlins and haven previously and enjoyed this trip just as much.

Prices were very reasonable as well for drinks in the clubs and plenty of entertainment for the adults and children in the evening.

Beach was 5 min walk away which was absolutely beautiful Also visited Indian restaurant called khan just a 5 min walk down the road for a meal and that was lovely and one of the best Indian meals we've ever had.

Very pleased with visit.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2014, Booked Independently
by Peekyleanne
9 / 10

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Will Return

"This place is very dated, although it was refurbished in 2011 (as it was taken over by Britannia hotels) it still is in need of an update. However, I go with my 2 children, 2 and 4 and they both love it. Mini-cinema for kids, indoor ball pool, kids corner, meet the Crocodile breakfast, blow up slide bouncy castle, trampolines, entertainment is always good and a choice of 2 bars for entertainment (at peak times) upstairs and downstairs.

Price is always right, always enjoy myself and I always rebook as soon as I get back.

Kids love the arcade, the park is always a yes for them, and recently a couple more have been added, my kids spend ages in there. A short walk to the beach, and camber is a lovely beach. The shops on site are slightly pricey but doable. There is another one opposite which is slightly cheaper, but not much.

Not really in walking distance to much, (except the beach) but most things are a short drive away.

The rooms could do with a bit more TLC, very dated, but everything works, and as other people said, there needs a couple more plug sockets. (As my husband is a window cleaner, I will say, the windows are always filthy) but again, I make do with what I've got and always make the most out of the situation, I always enjoy my stay, I prefer to spend my time in the bars, parks, beach etc, so I don't really care what the place looks like, as long as it's not filthy dirty and unhygienic for my children. I last came over the Easter break and am due to return on Friday, and I will most probably rebook again when I return (unless I have a crap stay) which I don't usually and I've been coming here for 5 years and I used to come as a kid.)

  • Holiday details: Apr 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Enjoy it, don't go there if you want luxury, you're not paying luxury prices... Have fun and make the most of your weekend as a family
  • Good For: Beach
by JoWells88
7 / 10

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Reborn 2011-you must be joking

"First impressions site shabby and outdated,rooms very basic in desperate need of full refurbish.

Window sills rotten,the only double glazed unit(kitchen window) needed new glass as misted up all the time.Ill fitting curtains,not enough storage,distinct lack of sockets.Even the most basic accommodation should have showers these days.

Friendly staff,good entertainment although caberet was on a little late.

The only other positive that it was a cheap sun break,but have been elsewhere in the past which have been far superior.

Will definitely be trying Butlins next year.

by Simon B
4 / 10

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MIxed feelings/ kids had great time

"Below are some negative and positive aspects of Pontins at Camber that we found during our break, from 27th to 31st May 2014, we feel that this is a true fair review, that will help people either that have booked or thinking of going there. Your kids will love it, even if you don't!

First impressions were tired dirty factory lookalike buildings in need of refurbishment.

Reached our Classic chalet and found it to be clean, there was a hole in the bathroom door that had been badly plastered over.

Grassy area outside chalet, that my two boys loved playing football, meeting other kids and running around in. This had some random pick nick tables placed, and we feel, that there could be more for families to eat outside when the weather is warm.

Rubbish randomly left by cleaners in different places around the site and many cigarette butts at the side of the road. Found the staff to be all friendly and polite. Found the restaurant food to be tasty, especially soup for starter ( homemade). Sometimes the gateaux for pudding was still frozen. Knives chucked into storage tub still soaking wet. To be fair food over all was good. Tiny glasses from breakfast was used for dinner and you had to go up numerous times to get drinks because of this. We would say that its very good value for money if you go half board.

Found there to be many different play areas for the kids. Site has a very well stocked shop. Swimming pool was the warmest I've ever been in, was heated to about 38 degrees , so that was lovely, however the cleanliness was absolutely dreadful in the changing rooms and lockers all smelly and rusty ( we wouldn't leave our clothes in there. All needs refurbishment.

I have to say, my husband and I couldn't wait to leave the site, but we don't understand some reviews where people have checked in and straight out, as we wouldn't do that to our children. We believe in giving things a chance and to be fair the children absolutely loved the place. We had two days off site, one at Camber beach and one a Rye. As my title of my review says, we have very mixed feelings. Prefer better looking accommodation, but for a base to stay at with things to do for the kids its not bad.

  • Holiday details: May 2014, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by Tanya P
4 / 10

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"Wow, what a dive! Absolutely disgusting place, dirty apartment, moldy curtains, ant powder scattered, faeces smeared on bathroom tiles. The games room was filthy, entertainment rubbish. I would never go back to Pontins again. Don't waste your money!"

  • Holiday details: May 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Make sure you have a car to travel out, daily!
by Natalie C
1 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes


"We arrived on the Friday afternoon. To find ants every where. the chalets were below standard ( these were supposed to of been reburbed in the winter), we had to clean the work tops and floors our self. We were party of 13 people with 4 children inc a baby. in one of the chalets there were 2 congealed bottles of milk left by the bunk beds. We found the cupboards not secured on to the walls. We complained to the duty manager who was on shift who managed to the call the head house keeper who said she had to check 90 chalets in 14 hours. once the cleaner had eventually come to clean the rooms properly, well i say that. she came with an inch of filthy water and mopped the chalets and used a out door hard brush to sweep. The duty manager offered us free children activities but this is not good enough. i would never stay in a Pontins again its old and unhygienic. We left a night early because we could not stay in the filth any more. the whole site need updating its looks like you walk back in time to the 70s"

  • Holiday details: May 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont go
by Tony A
2 / 10

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holiday from hell'

"Cordon arriving found the camp no different from 3 years ago even though on envelope stated new Pontins 2011.while waiting to book in at 4, in our upgraded classic apartment, went to Queen Vic Pub to sit and wait.was told no drought beer as there was no gas for pumps ,and they have been waiting for delivery since good Friday.ordered a single vodka and coke ...and was served up in a pint coke- cola glass and filled to the top with coke.ordered 2 bottles of beer and had to ask for glasses. when getting into our classic apartment, found tow single beds in bedrooms and was expexting a double bed in one.as we had purchased 1 double bed linen and one single. one socket in each room, which was used for heaters... no lock on bathroom door..light not working in living room ..draw unit in lounge was broken...microwave was filthy...cooker rusty..complained to reception..staff wasn't that bothered.staff need to be trained to answer questions about their site,they did not know when certain amenities was open.decide to leave day early, went to reception at 9 o'clock . found it to be shut all though time of opening was 8. am found someone to hand key back too and left...will not be going back there ever....will be going to Butlins at Bogner which we went to last year and found it to be vastly superior in there accommodation, staff and entertainment....one last thing, suggest the sun newspaper group drop Pontins from their 9.50 holiday scheme."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont go
  • Good For: Beach
by Peter O
1 / 10

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"Not as good as I thought it would be, entered the place got greeted by broken curtains, settee bed hard as a rockery, dusty, have to pay for your own bed linen and electricity, shower door wouldn't close properly, shower head had no flow to it,sick blocked, the facilities for the kids were limited to say the least, very glad we went self catering as the food in the restaurant was nasty, my advice is go somewhere else the only good thing was the beach that made our holiday."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Beach
  • Good For: Beach
by Kirsty E
4 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

my stay at camber 07/04/14 till 11/04/14

"This was my 1st time at Pontins camber and the 1st in 23years i have been back to a Pontins camp. i went on a sun promotion break.after a problem with booking in at 4pm as they couldn't find our welcome pack i had to go to reception downstairs to get a new welcome pack with our chalet keys. then proceeded to find our chalet with my sister who was in a wheelchair. when we found it.it was located near the front gates of camp which was great.we thought the room was good and very clean and the canteen had good food but the plates needed to be bigger as everything was piled on to it. entertainment was good and the queen vic bar was good if you wanted to have a quiet drink. only complaint last orders was at 10.30pm overall a nice break was had by my sister and myself."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2014, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by Peter H
7 / 10

2 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Great weekend break

"I have just returned from an 80's weekend at Pontins Camber Sands and had a great time. I am so pleased I didn't read the awful reviews before I booked, because if I had I wouldn't have booked and so would've missed out on a wonderful weekend. I actually checked the reviews the day before I went and so was expecting the worse and not looking forward to going.

There were two of us booked into a Popular 1 bedroom chalet. From the outside it was quite tatty, with the door and windows in need of a good clean. However, once we got inside we were pleasantly surprised. It was very spacious, extremely clean, with what looked like new flooring and furniture throughout. Also, it looked as if it had been recently painted.

We checked everything was working, which it was. There was a new kettle and toaster which we hadn't expected to get. The fridge and the cooker were so clean they looked like they'd never been used. The bathroom was dated, with just a bath and no shower, but again very clean with no mildew or mold anywhere. I was a bit disappointed not to have a shower, but there was always plenty of hot water, so taking baths instead made a nice change.

There were just a few cosmetic improvements that could be made: where the windows had been replaced there were gaps around the window sill that needed filling in, there were some gaps where skirting boards need replacing and in the bedroom the curtains were of different lengths. But really there wasn't much else to spoil the decor. Also, I was glad I took my own quilt as the ones provided were too thin for the time of year. They are probably adequate in the summer, but not warm enough for March. The electric meter had plenty of credit on it, so we didn't need to buy any tokens.

The entertainment in the main room was fantastic. We saw Hazell Dean, Madness tribute and Bucks Fizz on the Friday night and Michael Jackson tribute and Blondie tribute on the Saturday night. Carol Decker was a no show, but the Blondie band stepped in and did an 80's set instead. All these acts were amazing.

The bar prices were very reasonable. There was an issue with a lack of bar staff on the Friday night, and that made it quite difficult to get served. However, this issue looked to be resolved on the Saturday night and we got served very easily then.

We had a good look around the site to see where all the awful reviews may have come from, but all the chalets we could see into looked to be of at least the same standard to ours. The children's play areas all look very inviting, with what looked like new rides, brightly colored and very child friendly. The swimming pool was large, clean and had a lifeguard on duty, even though there was only 2 men in the pool.

We did access a couple of rooms upstairs in the entertainment venue that were in a bad state, very smelly and dirty, but looking at the rest of the camp it looks like these are yet to be renovated. It looked like they were only left open for means of a fire escape.

Overall, my opinion is that there is only a few things in need of improvement. The windows and doors to the chalets, and some signage around the site should be cleaned, where there is tatty looking woodwork, or filling in that should be done, and the two rooms in the main venue need to be renovated and put back into proper use. Otherwise it was a great weekend and I look forward to going back again.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2014, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by discodog
9 / 10

8 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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  • by Pointinspal

    " Just join in with whatever is going on. "

  • by Clare Saunders

    " Get to the evening entertainment early if you want a seat. "

  • by Betty Lemon

    " Take your own cleaning materials and food "

  • by meloo

    " lots of lovely places to visit in the area but find other accomadation "

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    " if the weather is nice i would spend most of your time at the beach it's lovely "

  • by kbird

    " Take essentials with you ie: tea towl, dish cloth, washing up liquid and flip flops "

  • by lucydee1

    " take own towls "

  • by Natasha Jowsey

    " take food and own bedding and look at what events they have on as there is loads. The Lunar is downstairs where most of kids daytime entertainment is. "

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