Stephanie Village Hotel Apts.

Tala, Paphos, Cyprus
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Very nice accommodation right on the...

"Very nice accommodation right on the beach near Paphos and coral bay. Both apartments very clean and well managed with regular visits from the owner who was very friendly to talk to. The restaurants, bars and entertainments were all very good with very friendly staff.

Everyone is friendly and do their best to help at all times. The weather was very warm at over 40 degrees everyday but always a nice cool wind from the sea. The only downside was the driving, the local traffic are all over the roads and very aggressive so grab that parking space quickly!!

Overall an extremely good holiday with lots to do and places to go, I highly recommend it!!

by M Kennedy
8 / 10

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Map for Stephanie Village Hotel Apts. Closest airport: Pafos (PFO) 0.1 miles

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