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Kefalonia, Greece
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A fantastic , relaxing week in the sun

"My partner and I booked a late deal staying at The Andreas Studios in Kefalonia in June this year, and as one does we read all the reports about the place. A lot of the reports were about the owner Elizabeth and her attitude towards her guests. We went with an open mind, and on meeting with Elizabeth we found her a very nice lady who couldn't do enough for you. She was very helpful in every way. Yes she may be a bit strict, but she lives there and wants to keep the place looking good. We certainly wouldn't hesitate in returning.

J D Nuttall & S M Czapowski

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Respect the place and the owner
by Dave N
8 / 10

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A nice spot spoiled by terrible hospitality

"The Andreas Apartments have the potential to be an idyllic place to take a sun-drenched retreat from the stresses of working life.

The situation is fantastic - on the side of a gentle hill just a short walk outside the lovely beach town of Skala - and the place itself has great views (you can see right across to Zakinthos), a well-proportioned swimming pool with bar and is very well kept.

So far so good.

The big problem with the place, as detailed in a number of other reviews, is the abrasive personality of the proprietor, Elisabeth.

The way she treated us during our stay genuinely soured our experience and - given we were on holiday in such a lovely place - this is quite a feat.

The issues, in approximate order of annoyance, were as follows:

- Any drinks not purchased from the bar - including water - are strictly banned from the poolside area. It was 35 degrees Celsius during our stay, so drinking a lot of water was essential. The cost of bottled water from the bar was 4x higher than in the town. Obviously, we took to drinking water surreptitiously. However, Elisabeth sits there all day every day, watching guests like a hawk and we were strongly admonished for breaking the rule on a couple of occasions when we got caught.

- Showers before getting in the pool are strictly enforced. Anyone who gets in the pool without being seen to have a shower first gets a stern telling-off from Elisabeth, even if they've only just had a shower in their apartment.

- The sun shades on the poolside are not to be moved under any circumstances - even if there is no other way to get your sun-lounger out of the searing heat. On a couple of occasions our only choice was to leave the pool because there was no shelter from the sun.

- Elisabeth commands her staff like a Victorian headmistress. I'm not exaggerating when I say my heart goes out to the people that work there. She frequently shouts instructions across the pool area and deals out regular *********** if things are not being done properly or fast enough. As a guest, this was a huge annoyance as it not only constantly distracted me from reading but also made me feel quite stressed out on behalf of the poor employees.

- Literally every day the maid would turn the power setting on the fridge in our apartment right down so that the contents were not particularly cold when we returned. We had to turn it back up every time we came back so we could keep our food fresh and have a cold glass of wine.

As others have said, we'd recommend steering clear of this place as long as Elisabeth is there - she is not someone you want to share your holiday with.

Please don't let this discourage you from visiting Kefalonia, which is a beautiful island with friendly people, beautiful food, great wine and beaches to die for. The days we spent in a hire car exploring were fabulous.

Go to Skala, just don’t subject yourself to the hospitality at the Andreas Apartments.

by John
5 / 10

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Tread carefully . . .

"We visited these apartments during the summer of 2011. This was the fourth time we had been to the island and our third visit to Skala so our expectations were high.

However, our holiday was spoilt by Elisabeth’s attitude to us, once she realised we would not be spending a large amount of money or time at the hugely overpriced pool bar (2.5 euros for a can of coke!)

In addition to this, there were 3 incidents which Elisabeth dealt with in a very rude manner.

Firstly the bar-b-que; we had booked 4 places and intended to go but a medical emergency meant we had to cancel at the last moment. We later received a note from her saying that we would have to pay 30 euros as she would be out of pocket for the food she had bought. When I discussed this with her she was very rude and walked away.

Secondly, when I pointed out part of the swimming pool edge where my daughter had cut her foot, she said that the pool could not possibly have caused the cut. Once again she seemed to forget the fact that, as her customers (not her “guests”), we had the right to be treated with respect.

Lastly, the information document. We had not filled this in as we did not think it necessary or legal. She chose her moment carefully and approached my daughter, whilst on her own, demanding that the form be filled in. Threats were made about removing our passports if this "instruction" was not complied with.

People say that she is extremely friendly. Well I can assure you that she is the rudest hotel proprietor I have ever met.

When we were there, even the so called “in crowd” were scared of crossing her. One guest was heard to say how he was “so relieved” that he was not responsible for the fault with his air con system.

In addition to this, other guests frequently made fun of how strict Elisabeth’s poolside rules were saying “It’s OK to dive, Elisabeth isn’t watching.” When someone broke a glass by the pool, his daughter said, “Well you’d better get packing because you’ll have to go home now!”

If you have children who like to enjoy themselves when they are in the pool, this is not the place for you. She keeps watch on everybody like a stern headmistress, and whenever anyone steps out of line in the slightest way, she sends one of her staff to remind them of the rules.

It seems that if you want to keep yourself to yourself and not spend time socialising with her at the bar then Elisabeth resents this.

We would not return to the Andreas Apartments unless there was a change in management.

by Barbie2011
4 / 10

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lovely place to chill out

"We have just returned from a week staying here at the Andreas Studios with Elisabeth, We had a studio on the ground floor overlooking the fabulous pool and sea view.

Elisabeth and her staff work extremely hard to provide a very clean and friendly place to stay.The pool area is a glorious sun trap,the food available was very nice. We will definatly be going back to stay with them again. Perfect holiday

Sheila & Brian x

  • Holiday details: May 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: just relax
  • Good For: Beach
by sheila
10 / 10

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Wonderful holiday

"We have just come back from spending 2 weeks with Elisabeth in Andreas studios. We too had read some of the reviews but we wern't too concerned. We couldn't beleive our luck when we were shown to our appt. Spotless and very spacious, great view from the balcony.

We were invited for a drink on the first evening down at the bar and from that night on we felt very welcome.

Elisabeth was a very kind and helpful host and her BBQs on a sat evening were outstanding. She even presented my husband with a birthday icecream with a fire work in it which was a lovley surprise.

The pool and bar area made it very easy to have a very realxing holiday and the Greek salad is a must.

The atmosphere was very friendly and while we were there we met some lovley people.

We shall definately being going back to see Elisabeth next year.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach
by Jane Kingham
10 / 10

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the perfect relaxing holiday

"After reading some of the reviews about the Andreas apartment we were a bit apprehensive about what to expect, but when we saw the studio and met Elisabeth we soon realised we were in for a good two weeks holiday.

During our first week we both had our birthday.Elisabeth provided us with a surprise birthday cake at the end of the Saturday BBQ,and what a yummy cake it was!!

The apartment was really clean as was the pool area.

Please everybody stop being horrible about Elisabeth, she is actually a very very nice lady and a good laugh!

We will definitely be returning as soon as possible!!

Tim, Christelle

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach
by christelle evans
10 / 10

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blissful time

"Andreas Studios 11 were clean and well presented, Elizabeth and her staff work hard to keep everywhere clean and tidy- rooms cleaned every day and linen changed at least twice a week. We asked for an extra pillow and it arrived quickly.

Situated in a quiet area, apart from dust cart early each morning! There are Olive trees and vines growing in the garden- makes you feel like you really are in Greece.

The pool and bar area were clean and in good condition, you have to shower before swimming but that is good as stops sun cream, sweat! from ruining the water.

Andreas is a ten minute walk downhill to the vast beach, some may not like the walk back up the hill - but its good exercise after too much baclava and Mythos!

by sunshadesu
8 / 10

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Friendly, Clean and Simple

"We got a last minute deal to go to Skala and booked for the Andreas Studios and Apartments. As there were two of us we ended up in a studio, which was quite small, it consisted of one room, which had the bedroom and kitchenette in and then another room for the bathroom, it also had a small balcony but overall was very clean and tidy.

The room had twin beds, a dressing table with mirror, a wardrobe, bedside cabinets and a small table with 2 chairs, the kitchen had a fridge and the room also had air conditioning. The kitchen area was small and not really suitable for cooking big meals on (with just 2 electric hobs) but it was adequate for preparing breakfasts and snacks. The kitchen also had a toaster and a kettle which was very useful. The room was visited every day by the maid and we were given fresh towels everyday too.

Elizabeth the owner was very friendly and approachable, our apartment was right next door to her's though and on some mornings it was a little noisy as she speaks quite loud!

The Andreas Studios and Apartments are up the hill from Skala town, depending on how hot it is and how fast you walk it takes about 10-15 minutes to get down to the sea front (as its downhill) but on the way back up, the last section is a bit steep, and again depending on how hot it is and how fast you walk it should take you only around 15-20 minutes.

Although the accomodation was pretty basic it suited us as we like to eat out and sample the different restaurants. It was a clean and a friendly place with beautiful gardens surrounding the apartments. We didn't sit by the pool as we ventured to the beach most days but there were plenty of sun loungers and there was a good pool bar that provided basic snacks.

I would recommend this place to anyone who is happy staying somewhere that is pretty basic, but with rooms that are kept clean and tidy. With the whole place overall having a friendly atmosphere.

by keziahbel
10 / 10

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clean and relaxing

"Stayed here in June 2005, wanted a quiet holiday as i usually went away with friends my own age(i was 23 at the time) so went with my mum and dad and brother and his partner.

The apartments are at the top end of skala at the top of a hill, its a lovely walk down to the beach, you could get a taxi but its a nice walk.

I stayed in an apartment with my brother and his partner, i had my own room which was large and clean and there was a kitchen and large clean bathroom for us to share. I never heard any noise at all that kept me awake or woke me up early which was a change from my normal holidays!!

The grounds where the apartment is situated are lovely gardens, theres no pool but you just go a two minute walk away to the other Andreas studios where the pool is, which was brilliant, it was never busy and there were always sunbeds, the pool was beautiful and clean the lady who owned it liked people to shower before they went in to get any sun tan lotion off which is a great idea, once again the pool was never noise or loud ,there was no music blasting so you could drift off and fall asleep!!! There was also a little snack bar for drinks etc.

The beach which is a 15min walk away down the hill is lovely, it is also very quiet.

Skala is a lovely resort there are loads of restaurants to choose from and little cosy bars, the main bar is the captains bar,my parents go every year so they know the owners and staff there and i get the impression when you have been there captains becomes a favourite!!!

On the third day of my two week hol i started to get a sore throat, it got worse over the first week and by then i could not eat or drink, Elizabeth who ownwd the apartments was so kind and she told me i must see a doctor so she drove me amd my mum to the main town about an hour away and came with us and translated for me, she was brilliant, turned out i had gladular fever, im a dental nurse and i had been stupidly not been wearinga mask at work with it being hot so in a way i spoilt my own holiday but Elizabeth was great, i coldnt thank her enough. Being ill did spoil my holiady as everybody was tucking in to great food and i was sitting watching but i did get the best tan ive had for some reason!!!

I would definately go back, i tried to book this year but all the flight were fully booked in the time i had off work, its not to busy and not dead either, my mum and dad say that it has got busier every year since they have been though.

If you dont like walking id stay down the bottom near the beach but if thats not a problem stay at the Andreas there was nothing i could complain about.

by l_mcnulty
8 / 10

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Stayed in the Andreas 2 section, very...

"Stayed in the Andreas 2 section, very nice and clean. The pool area was always kept tidy and clean. Although the pool didn't open until 10am, I think that's too late as some people like to have an early dip before breakfast. The BBQ on the Saturday night was brilliant, we went both Saturdays. I didn't like the way you had to buy the air con as an extra and there was no tv in the room, but all in all it was a fantastic holiday where I meet lots of new people. A friendly place to stay."

by R Davies
9 / 10

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Even though these apartments were...

"Even though these apartments were fantastically clean and tidy, and very well kept, our holiday was very much let down by the attitude of the owner Elizabeth.

We have have two small children aged 1 and 2, and we thought this might have been the problem, but as we have spoken to several other guests staying there we have found that she treated them with the same rudeness that we had experienced. We felt that we were not welcome and very uneasy around her. Also we would frequently hear her shouting at her staff most mornings, who in our oppinion were lovely and very good at there jobs. On a good note Skala is definately worth a visit.

by H Catchpole
2 / 10

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This was our first time to Kefalonia...

"This was our first time to Kefalonia and it wont be the last. Andreas studios were just perfect, spacious, modern and spotlessly clean. The owners Elizabeth and Dennis work extremely hard to maintain excellent standards. Ignore the bad comments about her, she is welcoming, friendly and goes out of her way to ensure you have a great holiday. What she wont put up with is visitors ignoring rules and spoiling it for everyone else.

This was the most relaxing holiday we have ever had, the studios have lovely views from either a terrace or balcony. The short climb up the hill may be off putting for some. I am not very fit and found the first time a struggle but suprised myself how quickly I got used to it. For the standard you get at the studios it is worth the short climb.

Skala has many small restaurants, mostly serving the same kind of food, but it was good value for money and everyone is so friendly and helpful.

We booked a car to get around the island, and it was definatley worth it. Stunning scenery around every corner. We loved the island and will definately be back and would'nt consider staying anywhere else. Well done Elizabeth, the studios are a credit to you and your hard working staff.

10 / 10

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    " Galera restaurant is one of the best in Skala and tour of the island tour is very good. "

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    " Apostolis taverna in Skala is a great place to eat. "

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