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Please read this review - Do Not Stay Here!!

"As the title says, please do not stay at this complete disgrace of a hotel (I know this review is long, but please take the time to read it as you need to know what you are letting yourself in for!!) Me and my 3 friends stayed here as our first girls holiday to experience Malia - Now don't get me wrong, we weren't expecting it to be beautiful & we had read reviews so we knew not to get our expectations up, but dear god, nothing could have prepared us for the hell hole we had to stay in for 7 nights! When we arrived, we were greeted by a very rude and very impatient greek security guard, who took our passports off us (as they do to all guests) and 'stored safely' away - By stored safely, they actually mean thrown into an old sandwich box and shoved behind reception! We weren't directed to our rooms, just had a key thrust at us and had to find our own way around the (very small) complex. Let me just say, this hotel looks nothing like it does on it's picture - It's a very very small complex with everything crammed together. The rooms were an absolute disgrace!! We could not believe our eyes when we saw what we were living in for the next week. Cupboard doors were hanging on by their hinges (no exaggeration) with chipped paint all over them. The bathroom was disgusting & smelt like sewage - The toilet chain was broken when we got there too - But that wasn't even close to the worst part. There were ANTS EVERYWHERE!! And I mean everywhere, even inside the fridge!!! Every night we had to hang our sheets over the balcony and shake them violently to get all the ants off of them - And don't try complaining either, as they just spray insect killer in the room which makes no diffrence whatsoever. If you stay here, don't be surprised to be woken up by ants tickling and crawling all over you. The pool area is very small, and the pool bar is very very expensive, but you aren't allowed to eat anything around the pool unless it is purchased from the hotel (We found this out when we were eating some pringles, and the security guard took them off us and emptied the whole can into the bin). Also, do not bother paying for air conditioning (Although you need it desperately!) - It makes no difference to the room whatsoever and costs $50! It is a measley machine located in the bedroom that does not even circulate around the living / eating / sleeping area (As they are all combined!) - In the whole room, we had one mirror between three girls, and two wardrobes, again hanging on by hinges. Honestly, it might sound like I am exaggerating, but I assure you I am not. It really is disgusting, and I wouldn't stay here again if someone paid me. Malia itself is brilliant, amazing nightlife and you have to try the booze cruise! You MUST MUST MUST eat at the red lion pub, it serves the best english food ever, we ended up eating there every single night !! This hotel will ruin your holiday (like it did ours) & has really spoilt our memories. You might think 'It doesn't matter, we wont be in the room a lot and it's only to sleep in' but you can't even sleep in there, let alone get ready for a night out - Practically Impossible!! Have a brilliant holiday, but please don't stay here!! :)"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Don't go here!!
  • Good For: Beach
by xlooloox
1 / 10

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Stay here..... if you like terrible hotels.

"Right i'm going to start off by saying I am in no way shape or form fussy about my accomodation on a lads holiday and trust me we have been all over and stayed in some awful places, but this one by far takes the trophy as the worst kept, worst managed and most unwelcoming place I have ever, and probably will ever go to.

When we arrived (around 10pm) we were greeted by the owner and his wife, who to be fair, seemed absolutely fine at the time. We sat in the bar and had a drink with them and they introduced us to the local drink "Raki". So we thought we had booked a decent place, how wrong were we!! When we got to our rooms, there was graffiti written on our walls, dirty bedsheets, rusty, dirty cutlery, torn curtains, dodgy balcony door that didn't lock properly, no more than 2 plates for a total of 4 of us for 1 week, wobbly tables and uneven beds. So I guess you could say it was your typical, basic hotel for a lads holiday. We lasted our 1st night, and on our 2nd evening, we were having a drink on the balcony, we were having a laugh and yes, we were baing a bit loud, but we weren't doing anything different to anyone else in the hotel. We had a knock on the door about 8pm from the hotel owner, he burst in and started shouting, telling us to pack our bags and leave... we were all shocked and confused as to why, so we asked him what we had done, he replied with greek abuse (one of my mates is half greek) so we questioned him further as to "what his problem was" and if he told us what we had done wrong we could stop whatever we were apparently doing... there was no reasoning with him, he had obviously had a drink as he couldnt even stand straight. Once he had calmed down a bit, we sat back down, and he walked out of the room, only to come back with a bottle of beer and smash it all over our floor and start tipping the tables and chairs over, it was hillarious actually. We all decided it was best to just go out so after he left, we headed out and hoped he would see sense by the morning... how wrong were we, he and his security guard were bangning on the room at 8am to have us evicted for absolutely no reason whatsoever. We packed our bags and called the rep, who advised us that this apparently happens a lot there and the guy who owns it has issues with the English! Our rep tried fighting our corner but like I say there was no reasoning with the guy. So we had to have the area manager from Olympic holidays come down and he didnt mess about, he just walked straight in, tried to tell the hotel owner to calm down and he shipped us to another, better hotel and even paid for our taxis and gave us tickets to a club. So it just goes to show that we did nothing wrong and they knew that. They obviously have had a lot of problems with these guys before so whatever you do, dont stay here. Its really not worth the hassle. You can find other places just as cheap so I would reccomend to do that.

Malia it's self is amazing! Really nice beach, great people, great bars and clubs, a little expensive but what do you expect from a country that is in a terrible economic state.

Don't let your holiday be spoiled by a bad hotel like this. You might be lucky and go and really enjoy it and not have any problems... but is it worth the risk?!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: If you do stay here, dont spend much time here, go to the hotel over the road to use their pool, you are allowed and its much friendlier and nicer.
  • Good For: Beach
by Jonny7070
1 / 10

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Very Practical hotel - amazing location!!!!!

"I thought i'd write a review because before we went we read terrible stuff and were so worried!

First off, the location is AMAZING. Literally right off the strip and 5 minutes from the beach!

The staff were quite intimidating but we went to the beach every day so there wasn't much need to worry about it.

We arrived during the day and the staff weren't very welcoming but again we weren't that bothered.

The safe was kept in the reception area which was a bit annoying but it also ment the maids couldnt get at it.

The rooms were very basic and the firdge wasn't very clean but we just kept drink in it anyway. we were in the room which sleeps 4. i think unless your fussy or well "snobby" the room will make do.

we ignored the rep and didnt go on any of the programs, we didnt feel we needed it as the strip was amazing and right beside us.

I would say if your booked up to the galini the location will win you over. And the bar staff at the main bar were fantastic. lots of free shots. i reccomend this hotel and i'd defo go back!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
by DAH
7 / 10

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Complete Nightmare of a place.

"Greeted at 3 in the morning by an extremely rude security type guard person, took all our passports off us. Room was very basic, dirty in most palces also, hardly got cleaned aswell. pool area was fine, pool bar was ok also. Music got blared dead on 10 o clock, when ur getting in at5/6am this isnt always welcome. great location but the galini will fine you for EVERYTHING!!!!especially for things you dont realise yourself. No make party = 50 euros. Its like a prison!! do not go here!!!!!!!!!!! so so rude, they have your passports so u are forced to pay. Horrible place, comepletly ruined my holiday."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Be careful in everything u do, especially of the security guard if u are a boy!! he will threaten you. hes violent.
by Elliee
1 / 10

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Do not stay here!!!

"Where to start :/ A party of 7 of us all aged 18 arrived here 29th July 2011 at around half 3 in the morning to be greeted by the incredibly rude security guard! He gave us our key (1 between the lot of us), showed us to our room, told us to be quiet and left us. When people said €50 for everything we thought they were exaggerating but they really are not! Any noise, fine! Party, fine! Predrinking, fine! Visitors, fine! I took the rules and regulations page home with me for proof of how pathetic it was! Also, the accommodation itself was disgusting, the cleaner is nice but the new towels, bedsteads etc we were provided with were filthy and full of stains! Also our mattress had springs sticking out of it. Our fridge did not work, our main light did not work, intact it was hanging off the ceiling, the plug sockets were jammed, only one hob on the stove worked and the shower, if you can call it a shower, was freezing. The air conditioning which we payed an extra €100 for did not work! Some people we met there told us the guard came into their room because they were apparently making too much noise and punched one of them! He also threatened my girlfriend! I would not recommend staying here at all, stay at summer dreams!!!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Don't go
by Jordan
1 / 10

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Malia- amazing all week long, Gallini- fine up until the last day

"Stayed here in July- August 2011 in a party of 74. Galini apartments are really nice, the buildings themselves are beautiful and the pool and surrounding area are convenient for most of the apartments. The rooms are basic but what you'd expect for the money, honestly don't think you will stay anywhere in Malia without problems with ants and cockroaches. The cleaning service is pretty poor, she came in every other day and barely did anything, but she did do better with some rooms- its more your responsibility to keep them tidy, and its in your interest as if you leave any food out you will most likely get ants within minutes. Its so well placed, 2 minute walk to the strip and the Gallini bar is also good. However, the staff mean you will definitely leave Gallini with a poor opinion of this otherwise nice complex, they want to get any money out of you they can, so will charge you for things you have never had- we were charged for an ashtray we'd definitely never seen. Some rooms were charged for massive breakages they'd never noticed and you only have to look at the list of fines on the door to see that they are unreasonable (15 euro for a glass, 800 euro for anything wrong with the aircon). Luckily most of us got away with fines of less than 10 euro each, but the rudeness of the staff in your last days ruins the experience and has unfortunately left most of us feeling like we wouldn't stay in these apartments even though we all had a great week otherwise. If your staying here do remember to note down any problems with your room on your first day and report them to reception, and security is quite tight in the evenings- try not to 'make party' too loudly around the pool or on your balcony- there's a 50 euro fine for basically coughing past 11pm."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: be careful with the roads outside, the quad-bikes are deadly
by lg94
5 / 10

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Were Galini! Were Mental!...For staying here!!

"Upon arriving at the Galini Apartments (6am on a saturday morning) the security guard(who works between 11pm and 7am monday to sunday) insisted we be very quiet and shuffled all new arrivals into a one behind the other queue! He then demanded all arrivals passports before providing them with a room key (these passports are kept until your departure date). He takes you a room at a time to your apartment and insists you wait for him to return to "Chat to you". Eventually when he returns, he advises (in his rude mumbling manner) that under no circumstances must their be noise, and that making noise will result in a 50 EURO fine and TRUST ME he isnt joking! Throughout our two week duration, he attempted to fine us for noise at 11pm! For having Visitors in our rooms! For PreDrinking on our balcony, For having music playing in our apartments and for a friend being paraletic in his room!? Dan (The Olympic Rep) advises that under no circumstances must you pay fines to the security gaurd, however dan is not there when these incidents happen and when the security guard threatens with chucking you out you feel obliged to pay the fine. If you do pay a fine, you MUST keep the reciept he issues you with. Then provide this to dan and he will attempt to get your money back for you. Another issue with the galini is that when predrinking before a night out, security guards, usually in groups of 3 or 4 will arrive and attempt to remove you from your room! They have green lasers which they use to notify the other security guards where you are and next thing you know your room has 3 or 4 security guards shouting at you to leave and telling you to go to the Gallini Bar! Its a total fix! They force you out of your rooms to spend money in the Gallini bar!

Other than the above, everything else about the galini was tolerable. During the day, providing you were with a good group of people (meeting people there is easy) the pool was a great place to lounge around, listen to music, swim and meet loads of people all in the same age group! There is a small pool bar which serves drinks and food all day at good prices and the Galini bar is also a great place to start predrinking! Drinks are 6 EUROS for a pint (In the strip you will pay 5 Euros for half pint glasses) so EXTREMELY good value and the HEAD****** COCKTAIL is amazing for pre lashing! The staff in the Galini bar are awesome! The two barmen (owners sons) are a great laugh and after you have got to know them do not expect to pay for a shot ever again as they will constantly provide you with shots throughout the night FREE OF CHARGE. Another incentive to pre drink at the Galini Bar. Dan (Not olympic Dan but Galini Dan) can be found by the pool during the day or in the Galini bar during the evening and he is a great laugh and often hits the strip with you at around 1am! Although its not reccomended, we hired quads for 4 days and had THE BEST TIME ever! HOWEVER they tempt you into hiring them at very low prices, for example we were told 10 Euros for 4 days by 'HERMES RENTALS - BIGGEST IN MALIA'! Great we thought! Until they take you (via car or scooter) to another branch, sign up hire contracts with you, then inform you 100 EUROS insurance has to be paid! And because youve just signed a contract you cant evan walk away and change your mind! They inform you that nobody has ever left with out insurance and that without it, damage too the quad could cost you between 50 EUROS and 3000 EUROS! (and obviously in the contract before being made aware of the insurance you write down where you are staying so they are fully aware where the quads will be if they wanted to damage them themselves). Although the additional 100 EUROS was a massive shock it turnt out to be the best mistake we made because we had so much fun on them and used the breakdown on the insurance nearly every day (broken mirrors, running out of fuel, people attempted to nick them etc) so the insurance is well worth having just budget for it. Overall MALIA WAS the BEST 2 weeks of my life!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Hire a quad to explore the mountains and surrounding areas during the day.
3 / 10

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Poor Managment

"Even though the apartments were in a good location, being within walking distance to the strip and the beach, I found the management unprofessional and scheming.

The manager had an attitude problem, and we witnessed a full blown argument between her and another member of staff, which in my opinion is a big no no.

To add to this, they literally charge you on anything. Me and my friend got charged for one missing spoon, a cup and a fork. And it came to eighteen euros. We did not specifically know we had to count the cutlery. Interestingly, we did not even use any of the kitchen equiptment. So therefore, they did not check up on the people using the apartment before us, as they had obviously lost these items. They also took us around the apartment and tried to accuse of us breaking away a towel rail, which was not even there to start with. We found they were a total money making scheme, and they unfairly try and make as much money out of you as possible. For any people going to stay there, I would advise you to throughoutly check every single item is there and not damaged, because they will try to challenge you and make you pay ridiculous prices.

As well as this, the apartment was basic and quite grim for the price we paid. The bedding was stained, and the seats, were dirty.

  • Holiday details: May 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Make sure there is no damage
  • Good For: Beach
by butterfly901
4 / 10

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Do not stay here

"We went to the Galini apartments from 28th June for a week. When we arrived there was a bloke (Demetrie/Slick Rick) who checked us in and gave us our key who was very rude and didn't give us any information just the key to our room.

We booked our hotel as a group of 8 and our rooms were on opposite sides of the hotel, yet on our first night we all went to one room to drink etc. We made hardly any noise yet they banged on the door and told us to get out the hotel, when we got home every night they shone a green light in the window telling us to go to sleep! You get fined 50 euros for making 'noise', being in a room with your friends and having water by the pool! Everyone who stayed at the hotel at the same time as us HATED it just as much as we did and it ruined part of our holiday as they kicked two groups of boys out the hotel for no reason. The security guards went into one of our friends rooms that we met there and shut the door behind them and said 'your not in england now, your in greece and we can hit you' they then punched one of the boys and spat in anothers face. The rep had to be called on many occasions to have a go at the staff at this apartment. We went to the apartments other the road and they said that everyone always complains about this place. Olympic threatened Galini and said they would take us off their listing because of the way they treated there customers. THIS IS NOT A GOOD PLACE TO STAY, IT RUINED OUR HOLIDAY. I'm not exaggerating i just don't feel anyone should waste the money we did.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Self Catering, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Go to Iris Beach Apartments.
by Rosie
1 / 10

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Malia - Amazing! Galini - Horrendous :|

"Me and my 3 friends (all girls aged 18-19) went here last August .. It was our first holiday away, and we knew that the complexes in malia werent going to be brilliant, obviously because of where it is situated and its only there for partyiinnggg :) .. BUT. I never expected to stay in such a run down, shabby, dirty apartment, and was so shocked as the pictures on the net make it look beauitful!!! I wasnt expecting high quality at all, but i at least expected it to be CLEAN. The beds were rock hard, obvously there isnt much sleeping that goes on in malia but you couldnt even lie on them without feeling like your back was about to snap in half, we had ONE towel between 4 of us for a whole week, and the bedding didnt get changed once - Not to mention the first night i had to hang my sheet over the balcony and shake it vigorously to get the ants off, as i did every night from then on. You HAVE to buy air conditioning in your room if you want to be able to breathe, which they charge $50 for a week, and your not allowed to leave it on when you go out so your room is nice and cool when you get back in!!! Our toilet was broken when we first got there, cupboard doors quite literally hanging on by a hinge, no kettle, toaster, microwave, basic things that you expect. The RULES are ridiculous!!!! They will charge you money for anything that they possibly can -- Being too loud, bringing people back to the apartment, going in the pool too late, your not allowed too take your own food round the pool either, you have too buy it from the tiny pool bar which is disgusting - Toasties and greasy fried breakfasts were its speciality - I tried to sneak a tub of pringles next to my sunbed while i was sunbathing, and some lady picked them up and emptied them into the bin :0 i was mortified!!! Malia itself is beautiful, nothing like people make out - we didnt see one fight, everyone was in such high spirits :D Id happily go back there again, and you HAVE to go to the red lion, you cant miss it on the main strip, i think id go back to malia just to have another one of their meals!! Their amazing!! The only good thing i will say about galini is that it is right next too everything - The beach, the nightlife, and about a 1 minute walk from mcdonalds, if that :p But i honestly would say that the apartments really spoilt our holiday ... I ended up sleeping on a lilo we brought for in the pool, which actually turned out a lot more comfortable than the beds!!!!! Please do not go here, i know a lot of people will ignore this review and think im moaning, but honestly. I dont want other people too have too experience the horror of galini :/ or the rude, smarmy staff they have working there .. And oh yes, if you do something wrong they try and keep your passpotr from you until you pay them the money that they THINK you owe them. Just pay a little bit more money and go somwehere nicer, cleaner and friendlier. If i could put a 0/10 on this review, believe me i would!!!! Oh, also the sunbathing space is TINY and you have big palm tree things hanging over your head so you have too quite literally move your sunbeds around to get the best sun, and the pool is unbelieveably deep - im not short myself, about 5'4 and i had to physically cling to the edge of the pool when i got down the steps :/ GOOD LUCK if you stay here!! Thats all i can say :) But youll LOVE MALIA!!! Have funnn :D"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dont go!
  • Good For: Beach
by sophieloo
1 / 10

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just the ticket!

"I just reurned from Malia having spent 7 nights in Galini apartments. the staff are friendly and the rooms are basic but fully functional. George the barman is friendly enough and George the security man is a legend!

the location is excellent, 5 mins from the beach and 5 mins from bar-street.

I would definately return.

Andy Neocleous

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: excellent for 18-30's
  • Good For: Beach
by AndyTheGreek
9 / 10

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Budget accomodation, but fine if thats what your after

"I was really worried when i read all these horrible reviews about the Galini apartments, but don't be put off as they are actually alright. The management are a bit funny, but as it is a really budget hotel they will try and charge you for everything so just be really careful not to break anything and stay on their good side! We were a group of 4 girls and didn't cause any fuss, so didn't have any problems getting our passports back or anything.

The apartments themselves are pretty average, a lot of the furniture and facilities had seen better days but if your going to malia your probably not going to be spending much time in your room anyway! Your room doesnt get cleaned that often and we only had our bedlinen changed once but this didnt really bother me. I would recommend bringing your own towel though - the one i got given was really dirty and they are so small you couldn't clean yourself with it anyway! They also don't provide you with toilet roll after the first day - my friends tried to steal some from the bar when we ran out but the barman threatened to chop their fingers off! So don't do that, its only 1 euro for 2 rolls in the supermarket across the road anyway.

Malia is a great place for 18-25s, really lively at night with a nice beach for the daytime! Its also really worth going to Malia Old town as there are some really nice restaurants there. I would recommend prelashing as most of the bars water down their alcohol so it would take you ages to get drunk.

Galini is not a great hotel but its fine for a cheap lads/girls holiday, and its in a really good location - the beach is only like a 5 minute walk, and your just off the strip so coming home at night is really convinient. DEFINITLY GO TO MALIA ITS AMAZIIIINNNNGGG!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Good For: Beach
by Awky T
6 / 10

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    " dont go with too high expectations as its very basic "

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