Aparthotel Castillo de Elba

Urb Costa Antigua, Fuerteventura 35610, Spain
3 star
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Relaxing Holiday

"We are about to go back to castillo de elba hotel in 3 weeks time, this is our 3rd time at this hotel within a space of one and a half years , This hotel is so relaxing just what we like very good spaced out times when you can go for your meals, really enjoyed the food, there is always a good choice , staff are very friendly and so helpful , we were all inclusive and did not have to pay for anything , the room was always kept clean and tidy with the maid service 5 days out of 7. We like our walk along the sea front to the town where you can feed the local chipmonks . It is such a relaxing holiday . Cant wait to go back. We booked this independantly over the internet and found it great value for money. Janet and Les Downie"

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: walk along the sea front to feed the chipmonks
by janet and tich
8 / 10

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Just arrived back home last night,...

"Just arrived back home last night, stayed at the castillo de elbe fuerteventura, booked flights and accomadation on the net, read reviews once all was paid for, i have to say that the hotel was very well maintained in all the communical areas, including receptions gardens and resturant and pool, i was less inpressed with the hotel accomadation, the bathroom was quite bad, the bath had large peices of filler where there were holes, the plughole was full of rust, the ceiling above was filled with filler and there was a large patch of damp and peeling paint, kitchen, the microvave was full of rust, no kettle, maid service was every day except for thursdays and sundays. breakfast was the usual things egg bacon, toast, fruits,

evening meals were bland and every thing tasted the same, laced with the same flaverings. better to eat out in the local pub (MUSTANG SALLYS)good food at a good price 6 euros would get you a good meal... friendly staff and family run.

extreamly quite location, lovely walks along the coastal road to colleta de foste where on the way you can feed the local chipmonks, charges are maid to hire the kettle, hair dryer, and remote control for television, also the heated pools, jacuzzis, and sauna/steam rooms are charged at 19.60 euros daily... good basic hotel, friendly staff, too fare from the town, would go back but would stay nearer to the night live in near the harbour and town, over all it was fine, but object to having to pay for the use of the jacuzzi/steam/sauna. other hotels that i have satyed not require payments from guests for these services. should you require a cuppa or soft drink with your evening meal then you will be charged for this too!

by F.C Stallwood
6 / 10

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After reading some not so good...

"After reading some not so good things. I was very surprised and happy. I am 21 and my partner is 28, i was told i had picked the wrong place for a young couple but we both loved it. 5 mins from airport, nice walk to the beach.

Overall, satisfied

by B Weswood
8 / 10

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good winter sun holiday

"castilla de elba

good winter sun holiday

january 2008

just returned from a weeks stay @ the castilla de elba , found the hotel to be basic but very clean. on a half board basis with my wife and 2 kids found food not very good, but thankfuly nearby a good freindly irish bar called kavanaghs.staff really nice and food excellent. good value for money .always very helpful .nice walk bout 15 mins along coast to calletta.would revisit again and weather for that time fantastic


falkirk scotland

by ruairiFalkirk
6 / 10

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On the face of it, this appears to be...

"On the face of it, this appears to be a fairly presentable hotel, with good facilities and friendly staff.

We went there for the New Year and found that:-

It is situated in the wrong place. Costa Antigua is more of a building site than anything else and is a 35 minute walk from Costa Caleta De Fuste;

Aircraft pass by the building all day long as it is situated only a few kilometres from the airport;

The rooms are small, disappointing to anyone wanting to actually cook anything in them (as there were no pots or cooking utensils). Also there is little space or facility to store clothing other than hangers in a wardrobe;

The maids consistently removed the towels and did not replace them;

The beds were not changed in the full 7 days that we were there;

Not one that I would recommend to anyone to visit.

by C Henderson
6 / 10

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Never again

"Just come back, this place was awful, no bathroom light for 3 days after reporting it 3 times, in the middle of nowhere! building sites everywhere.

To angry for words, place made me sick.

by andiscottuk
2 / 10

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thought this hotel was alreet!!

"Hello. myself and partner arrived at the hotel without any expectations as we had booked it with allocation on arrival. We were happy with the room which overlooked the pool, with a large balcony. Everything was clean, comfortable beds etc but agree with other reviewers about the rubbish buffet food and lack of choice at the pool bar. Thank god we were self catering and didn't have to suffer that every day. Thank god for "Tommy Nutters Steak House" (5 minutes down the road) which was home from home and friendly atmosphere!!

We found the staff helpful but the shop inside the hotel had temperamental opening hours but handy for getting odds and ends (newspapers at 11. a.m.). No muggings or break ins whilst we were staying there, but wandering around at night was intimidating due to no street lighting and also paths with broken tiles etc which could be tripped on, specially when the missus had had a few! Fuerteventura, the parts we visited, seemed very nice, friendly people, although some areas a bit unfinished. Oh, and the weather was gorgeous all week! Steve & Wendy.

by stevewendy95
8 / 10

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not as bad as everyone says!

"I got a very cheap half board deal online for myself and 6 year old granddaughter. After I booked it I saw the really worrying reviews, especially about thefts from rooms, but it was too late to cancel. Im glad I didnt as everything was fine, no thefts or other problems for ourselves or anyone else. The food is not great but its passable, we managed fine. The rooms were basic but clean, and the pool was cold (of course!) but lovely. The weather was hot, so we spent a lot of time in the pool and enjoyed every minute of it. There is not much entertainment at the hotel, just three nights a week, and not much going on around the hotel, but there is a free coach that goes from the hotel into caleta de fuste eery hour during the day and up to 9pm at night, which goes around the shopping centres and other parts of caleta, and you can get on and off at any of the stops as many time as you want to, for free. The taxi fare is only 3 euros, and the airport is close and is only 8 euros in a taxi. There is also a lovely coastal path which starts near the hotel and goes into caleta, it takes half an hour or so to walk, and there are loads of chipmunks running about on the rocks near the path, they are really cute.

All in all, a good value-for-money hotel and holiday.

by SnoopyFan53
6 / 10

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The most awful place to go on holiday.

"We came back from this hell hole on 14th July 2007 and we couldn't wait to leave. We were there for a week but it was the longest week of our lives.

On the second night there our friends room (number 201s) was broken into. The safe which is located in the wardrobe was physically smashed from the wall and taken by the thieves. All their clothes were strewn around the room. Luckily they had not used the safe so it was empty ha ha ha to you stupid thieves. They took all his cigarettes and little else as there was nothing of value to sell. The security guard came and looked around and said it was the people who live in the flats behind.

The hotel staff said it had never happened before. We were all in shock and so worried and from then on carried all our valuables with us. (How relaxing is that?) Talk about holiday from hell. The manager never appeared, the police made out they couldn't speak English. We never saw a holiday Rep and there was no board in reception saying when the rep was due to call. We now know they never call because they know every time a new intake of people arrive from England, some of them will be robbed.

On the Wednesday night 12 more rooms were robbed. One had two teenage girls asleep in their beds whilst it was being robbed. They had £400.00 of stuff taken.

Read the reviews of this hotel for the past few years and you will see that it is always being broken into.

I have written to the tour operator, the holiday provider and also ABTA. I want this hotel to be banned from English holiday makers as they will have an awful time because of what will happen to them and also there is nothing to do, it is in the middle of a building site and has been for years so it won't get built overnight and be a nice place. The hotel food is boring and basic and always cold. We went into the restuarant at 6.30pm one evening and the food was cold. The open at 6.30pm!!!!

I can't say much more because I am so angry with this hotel that they ruined our holiday and cost us quite a lot of money. It is not a four star or even three star in my opinion. PLEASE do not go to this hotel.

by JackieDerby_England
2 / 10

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Stayed here for a week, had a great...

"Stayed here for a week, had a great time. Apartments very nice. Big balcony overlooking pool which looked lovely lit up at night.

There is a small supermarket in the hotel but its shut on Sundays.

The courtesy bus takes you to the shopping centre or you can get dropped off near the beach.

Went on the ferry to Lanzarote and had a great time there.

I really enjoyed my stay here and the weather was great.

by L Phillips
8 / 10

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Convenient location, good accommodation

"This is the 2nd time I am spending a week vacation there and nothing to complain about as long as you have done your research before going (location, transportation, type of accommodation). This is a great solution for travelers on a budget who do not want to use their accommodation as the whole focus of their holidays but as a base to explore the island and enjoy all it has to offer!


Conveniently located about 15min from the airport so the taxi fare will cost you no more than Eur 8. The apartments are located in a new development area called Nuevo Horizonte on the East coast about mid-distance from the best beaches on the islands situated North (Corralejo) and South (Jandia). The closest town (Caleta de Fuste) is less than 10km away and is a 10min taxi drive (Eur 4).

The area:

Nuevo Horizonte is a small place, not much to find apart from convenient stores and a pub. The closest town Caleta De Fuste offers more restaurants and pubs and a bigger supermarket. This is a town for tourists, so do not expect great quality food. For great restaurants serving fish, ask the receptionists or best the taxi drivers. They will take you to places a little bit outside where the fish are fresh and cooked the local way. Sorry I couldn't tell you the names of the restaurants but ask the taxi drivers. The only thing though is that some places might close down during the low season. Otherwise if you spend the day around the island, best is to have dinner there.


These are self-catered apartments so you have one bedroom, a living-room and kitchenette (usual mod cons) and a balcony or terrace. This is a basic 3* property, clean and well maintained and if you are not happy with anything (like we were upon check-in, the door leading to the balcony wasn't closing properly so I asked to changed room and we were given a better room without problem), the staff will try and help.

There is a swimming-pool and a pool table as well as a tennis table.

This is a not a resort or a hotel club or a big complex so do not expect entertainment or noise going on all night long. This is a cheap honest place to crash in for for a good night sleep after a long day exploring the island.


If you do not have a car, taxis are widely available or do like the locals do, take the bus! The bus stop is outside the hotel (5min walk) and will take you to the nearest big town (Puerto Del Rosario) in less than 30min which will cost you Eur 1.25. From there take any buses that go either North or South were you will love the beaches! The drive to there is quite impressive. One tip, instead of bying bus tickets cash, buy a bus card (check the website) and this will allow you 20% reduction on all your journeys. As a rather unspoilt island (compared to the other islands in the Canary), the buses are not running so often (every 30min for some, others only 3 times a day), so you better check the timetables and plan your journey accordingly. That's what we did and this way we didn't waste much time waiting for a bus or money on a taxi.

This island is the less developped of all the other ones of the Canary so this means that you will not find a super standard in terms of transports or accommodation even but this is why this island is so appealing. You will find great unspoilt beaches and friendly and helpful locals. If you are looking for all day entertainment and party, you are better off going to Gran Canaria or Tenerife.

One last thing, the climate. This is not the Tropics so the ocean is not that warm and not every hotel will heat their pools so don't go there expecting to be in the Carribean - although the turquoise of the water might make you think it's like being in the Carribean ;-). It is windy also so great for windsurf but can feel a bit chilly so don't forget your little jumper! But it is warm and sunny all day!

I had a very nice holiday each time I went there and will go back there again before it gets too crampy with hotels and other resort complexes!

by pppo
8 / 10

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Don't do it!!!

"Let me start by saying that I am NOT a fussy holiday maker, I understand you get what you pay for and never expect 5* luxuary and don't really even want it but this hotel really was so very dissapointing. To start with, our room was riddled with ants, so the breakfast cerel and jam, biscuits and milk etc we bought for breakfast was ruined within 5 mins for us bringing it back from the supermarket....the bathroom was really quite fowl, the bath and shower were just so manky with hairs in the bath and cracked tiles and yellow stains, enough said! The supposed "Fresh" towels which were in the bathroom looked like they had been used to clean the bathroom floor they were covered with brown and yellow stains, we asked for them to be changed as soon as we arrived, they were, but these were exactly the same, we therefore had to use our beach towel for the whole week to sunbathe with and shower with, disgusting!! There is NOTHING around the hotel so you have to get a taxi into the town everyday or evening so we were getting taxi's up to 4 times a day, we had to eat out of the hotel even for lunch as there is (im not exaggerating) 4 things on the lunch menu by the pool and each one is so unedible. You may think i sound so fussy but please trust me Im not at all!! The pool is cold don't even think about swimming in it. There is NO entertainment at the hotel so that's your evenings screwed and as for the little town nearby, well, nobody quite warned us that we would be staying in Chav City Central for a week, we were in Spain and we could not find ONE spanish restaurant, except it's burger bars, fish and chips and chinense, and they all show the football or coronation street whilst you eat......a bit like being in brighton, NOT MY IDEA OF A HOLIDAY at all, I was actually so glad to be coming home! We were in bed by 9pm every night as there was nothing to do at all unless you want to be surroned by chavvy football wearing people from up North (sorry)! The locals are frightfully rude and unhelpful, the food sucks, the weather is crap and so windy that when the sun goes in it feels like blimin Novemeber in England, there is constant builiding work going on around the hotel, in every angle you look in fact....we paid next to nothing for this holiday so we REALLY should have known better but that is, exactly what we got....nothing! Don't do it, it really was very upsetting, I did actally even have a little cry when we were there, don't waste your money!!"

by Earwing25
2 / 10

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Address: Urb Costa Antigua, Fuerteventura 35610, Spain