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chillin mon

"I love this place. When you arrive all the staff say welcome home and you get a cold towel to freshen up and champage. All the staff are lovely and everywhere you walk they all speak to you. No room is more than 3 stories high.The beach is so clean and plenty of sun beds to go around. This place really is all inclusive. Fresh towels everyday in your and on the beach and not worn towels. Food is just so good and served all day. The sea is as blue as you can imagine and safe to be in.Sometimes the waves get a little too strong for me but lots of people like it like that.There is a spa and gym. there is peace and quiet or as much fun as you want. Go there, go back home, I will."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2011, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by traveling strawberry
10 / 10

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You are greeted by a member of staff...

"You are greeted by a member of staff carrying freezing cold face towels and a couple of soft cocktails!

The rooms are all incredible but if you splash out and get an apartment you will not want to leave it!The bathrooms are huge with double spa baths and are Amazing!

It's a superclubs resort so All inclusive is exactly that,food is perfect as was the food choices and drink is everything you can see in abundance.

The pools are great with bar to swim up to that does an incredible miami vice cocktail.A lot of noisy Americans at the weekends,but nice and quiet during the week.Everyone was on their honeymoon exept us.

Fun and sports like tennis,watersports,beachsports and table games with other couples during the day.Then at night to stargaze on the beach with a long cold pina colada or just stay tucked up infront of a sattelite channel with your loved one.This was a great hotel/resort.

by undeadpolice
10 / 10

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Just back from an awesome time at...

"Just back from an awesome time at Couples in Ocho Rios.

This hotel will have you wanting for nothing!


All 4 restaurants are superb (3 of them are A la carte and the other buffet) and there are no restrictions on the amount of times you use any of them; food is REALLY good and varied. (the french restaurant is just heaven)


Most of the local trips are included such as: Golf (as much as you like free), Dunns River Falls (as often as you like free), Catamaran cruise (ditto), Horse riding (ditto), Glass bottom boat (ditto), Scuba diving and snorkeling (ditto), kayaks and hobbie cat sailing (ditto) I could go on! Entertainments programme runs from 7:30am through to 11:00pm 7 days a week!

The people at this hotel are so friendly and actually enjoy making your holiday a memorable one.

I could go on for hours about our time there but in a nutshell if you choose this hotel for your holiday you will not be disappointed at all!

by smithy1971
9 / 10

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We had travelled to Jamaica the year...

"We had travelled to Jamaica the year before and stayed at Runaway Bay it was on a Day trip to Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville that we decided this would be the resort we married in.

A year later we returned Oct 2004 to get married what can I say but absolutely fabulous!! Set in gardens with a couple of ponds open the door of your room and you literally have the beach at your feet (with a beach view room). Rooms were lovely spacious and clean. Food was fabulous every other night was 5 course al a carte the other nights was buffet style.

The staff were very friendly helpful and pleasant.

As for the wedding totally stress free I just had to pick my flowers and cake i also paid extra for a steel band which was well worth it, the rest was done for me.

Highly Recommended.

by  C Quince
10 / 10

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As we hadn't been away for seven...

"As we hadn't been away for seven years, and it was to be the first time away without our daughters, we decided we were going to treat ourselves. Apart from seeing images on the web, we had no idea what the hotel would be like. When we arrived, we were warmly greeted and, whilst our paperwork was being sorted out, we were provided with cold flannels to freshen up, swiftly followed by a glass of champagne each.

The paperwork done, we were taken to our room and immediately felt the benefit of the air-conditioning. Decided we weren't going to unpack anything but our swimsuits and then headed straight to the pool - after 9.5 hours of flying and then 1.5 hours in a taxi, it was wonderful!

All meals were superb, every other night was waiter service, otherwise it was help yourself to as much as you wanted. The choice of dishes was amazing and I don't think we had one meal that we didn't enjoy. The service was incredible too. You only had to have taken a few sips of water before a waiter appeared and topped up your glass. The cocktail waitresses were ever attentive, as were all the staff, and someone was always checking to make sure you had everything you needed but without being obtrusive. I've never come across such friendly, caring staff. They really couldn't be faulted.

The beach was beautiful and kept very clean. The gardens were also immaculate. There were always people making sure that everything was in good order. The rooms were well cleaned and security guards were around the property all the time. On the beach you were provided with flags so that, when thirsty, you placed your flag upright and someone would come and take your order.

There was a good selection of entertainment, although we didn't see a lot as we had a lot of catching up of sleep to do, but what we saw we thoroughly enjoyed. Took advantage of the spa facilities and had a fantastic massage - could do with one of those daily!

We spent a very relaxed two weeks and were sad to leave. Not looking forward to the 1.5 hour taxi ride back to Montego Bay, we decided to fly down in a 7-seater aircraft which took 15 minutes. The runway is just across the road from the hotel so very, very handy and it only cost £40 each - not bad!

Would we go again? You bet! We'd both thoroughly recommend this hotel. There's not a lot one can fault about the place.

by  J Hall
8 / 10

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more than wonderful

"We stayed at Couples Negril June 19th-25th. The resort was absolutely wonderful. It more than met my expectations. The resort itself is quite nice and the rooms while standard, offered more than enough space.

Everyone is correct when then say don't pay for the upgrade, the trees block your view from pretty much any point on the resort. The best thing about the beach is the "red flag" service. Just stand your flag up and someone will be along to take your order. We found that different from some of the other all inclusives. You can take the floats in the water also. We didn't spend much time up at the pool. We did play pool volleyball everyday and it seemed to be well kept. We were there when the resort was full and the pool didn't have many empty seats. The food was good. Nothing over the top. We ate at the fine dining restaurant once. Don't go hungry because it takes about two hours to complete the meal. Nadalyn works the beach grill and despite the long lines and hot temperatures she always greets you with a smile.

I suggest eating lunch there. Save your appetite for dinner and dessert. The nightly entertainment was decent, but nothing to write home about. I will say that the beach party was fantastic. The entertainment staff of six work very hard at keeping all involved. They go above and beyond. I would suggest getting to know them and having a meal with them. They are a ton of fun and will go out of their way for you! Tanya, Rohan, Felicia, Sheldon, Bradley and Paul are the people to get to know! For all those that have been to an all inclusive...they take their "no tipping" policy to the extreme. If they are caught accepting a tip, they will be fired. If you are going to tip do it very discretely. All in all we had a great experience and would definitely go back and do it all over again. Sign up for all water activities early and if you can't get on the list, sign up for stand by...ususally works. Take the catamaran cruise and jump off the cliff at the Pickled Parrot. If you plan on playing golf, count on it costing about 40-50 dollars without renting the cart. If you've never been to Rick's Cafe, go! Enjoy and relax. You won't go wrong.

by coast2coast0713
10 / 10

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Trying to breathe in paradise....

"Just back from Couples Negril and have some interesting observations among some very good memories. This was our first visit to an all-inclusive, and our first visit to Jamaica. I'll try to address some issues raised on this board and some not yet mentioned. First, the road from Mo'Bay is fine. Drivers are crazy, but road is smooth & paved. A nice way to see some of the country that a 15 min. flight may miss.

When we arrived at 9am (after all-night red eye flight) we saw the sign that said "Check In - 4pm". We were lucky to get a room that happened to be ready when we arrived, but other folks were not - especially when they were fully booked. Something to keep in mind. Rooms were nice, simple & comfy, but nothing to write home about. The only water pressure issue is trying to shower at 5pm when everybody else is - it can get a bit low, but not a problem any other time. Have to mention this for any non-smokers planning to visit C.N. - get set !! Sadly, our trip was really hampered by the fact that at any given time, it appeared that 75%+ of all guests were chain smoking. This meant having smoke blown in your face at all of the bars, the pools, the beaches, etc. At one point, it looked as if EVERY person at the swim-up bar was smoking away. It kept us from visiting the bars (x3) numerous times.

The only time "non-smoking" was offerred was at the terrace dining room. When we asked for the "non-smoking" section however, we were pushed to the back of the room to watch the smokers enjoy their cigarettes in the nice, open breeze of the best seats in the place. It really wore on us by the end of our trip. In addition, the resort (at one point) was innondated by 20-something, NASCAR fan-types (yes, all smoking away) with the classic quote at one of the bars was, "You 'aint got no Budweiser?" Nope, I'm not kidding. Perfect. Pay several thousand dollars to vacation in a beautiful foreign country only to long for a can of Budweiser while choking down a Marlboro and blowing it in everyone elses faces. And believe it or not, he wasn't the one wearing the Budweiser swim trunks (no, I'm not kidding either). Sigh.... Safe to say we won't be back until the smoking / non-smoking issues are ironed out. They simply need to have smoking & non smoking bars & pool area, etc. On a good note, the grounds were top-notch, food was excellent at every meal, beach was incredible and the service was excellent (spotty at times, but nothing worth mentioning). Don't miss out on snorkelling and don't waste your time with the "Marga-ripoff-ville" excursion. Maybe Jimmy Buffet can write a song about going to his place to pay $5.80 (US) for ONE Corona beer and $7 (US) for ONE slurpee-type "margarita". $40 later - we were ready to head back to the hotel. Don't miss the sunset catamaran cruise !! A real highlight not to be missed.

by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

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"Just got back from Couples Negril 2 days ago and I am ready to go back again. The ride from Montego Bay was not as bad as some people said.

The new road is nice, but they drive pretty crazy. Check in went smoothly, we were greeted with cold towels and champagne as promised.

We arrived before check in (3:00 by the way) but they took us to the beach grill so we could eat and have a drink. We went to the front desk and our rooms were ready at 3:00. The rooms looked just like the pictures in the brochure. If you have long or thick hair I suggest you take your own hair dryer, the ones provided took forever. The water pressure was not very good so showering took a little longer. Book your excursions as soon as possible, we had a little trouble getting in on some of the trips but we waited at the watersports desk and there were some no-shows for snorkeling so we took their spots. We rented jetskis twice and that was a blast, but you have to bargain on the price since they dont belong to the resort. I really enjoyed the red flag service on the beach, you got your drinks delivered pretty quick. (the purple rain and caribbean sky were my favorites) The food was above average (better than sandals resorts) and plentiful. The Otahite restaurant was pretty good but it took 2 hours for the meal. They bring a miniscule appetizer, 30 minutes later you get a microscopic salad, 30 minutes later you get your entree. The entree is an average portion and you will not leave hungry. The staff at the resort were all very friendly especially the Entertainment Directors. The nightly entertainment is OK, but everyone pretty much dies by 10:00. The beach party on Monday nights was a lot of fun, they had crazy beach games and a fire dancer.

The resort property was really nice and well kept with lots of shade trees. Our room was really shaded and it took a day or two for swimsuits and t shirts to dry on our balcony so take planty with you.

The resort does not have alarm clocks in the rooms so you may want to pack one. I have been to Sandals Montego Bay before and I would definitely choose Couples Negril over them. Couples is a nicer resort and Negril is much nicer than Montego Bay. Excellent vacation !!!!!

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Wonderful Vacation!

"We were at Couples Neril from June 16-20. Overall the vacation was wonderful, but I will fill you in on the details. I had been to Couples Ocho Rios previously so I knew what to expect of the airport in Jamaica and the bus rides. The bus ride took 1 1/2 hours and was not bad. They do drive really close to each other (and to people) beeping their horns constantly. It was raining when we arrived to the airport, but it had stopped by the time we arrived at the resort. Once we arrived at the resort, we had our only really bad experience. We had read about the champagne and cool towel greeting (which is what I received at Ocho Rios), but this is not really what we received. We arrived with a bus of other people and we all waited for quite some time for them to get our rooms ready. We arrived at lunch time and we were hot, hungry, and a little tired. They were getting our paperwork ready for the rooms and should have shown us where to get something to eat and drink instead of having us wait forever, but they didn't. I finally went up and asked where we could get a drink and so they went and got us a glass of champagne-never a cool towel. Now to defend them, I talked to numerous other people who received a wonderful welcome like you read about-we must have just come at a bad time. Also, pack your swimming suits in your carry-on. We didn't receive our luggage to our rooms until almost 3 hours after check-in and this was with us calling them. Once again, several people said they walked them to their rooms with their luggage.

Other than that, everything was wonderful. The rooms were fine with neat sliding doors. They look just like the pictures. The only problem we had was that the water pressure would get so low that the water would not come out of the shower head. This was a tad aggravating, but we lived. Also, pack your own hairdryer. The one in the room has very little power and very little heat. The A/C was great and the bed was comfy!! We did the beginners dive which was great!! Roderick makes you feel so comfortable and not scared at all!! The catamaran sunset cruise to the Pickled Parrot was neat-my husband and I both did the jump. Be sure and try the Hobi cats-they were really fun. The food was wonderful and plentiful. The drinks were great and had plenty of alcohol. You rarely wait for drinks and if you do it is only a very short time. We don't know about the red flag service on the beach because we never really layed around on the beach. The beach was definitely beautiful-much nicer than Ocho Rios. We were just doing too much to lay out. We went to the beach numerous times at different times of the day to swim, etc. and there were always floats available. We also took the bus to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritiville one night. You stay for 2 hours and that is really fun. Be sure and take plenty of money if you want to eat or drink. The cheapest drinks were 5.95 each. They were delicious though! Also, the fancy resteraunt is a must. We reserved a table that would hold 3 couples so we knew we would be sitting with strangers. We were hesitant about that at first, but we were so glad we did. We met two really nice couples and had the best time at dinner. We all agreed that we would have been bored to death sitting by ourselves. Overall, we had a really nice time and would go back. Feel free to email me if you have any questions, I had plenty before I went and emailed someone else.

by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

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Had a Great Time at Couples Negril

"We were at Couples Negril from May 23-May29, 2003 and we had a great time. Couples Negril is between the Riu Resort and Superclubs Grand Lido Negril in Bloody Bay. This was our first trip to an all-inclusive resort and our first trip to the Caribbean. We love the beaches in NC, but the water and the people in Jamaica were wondeful! We typically take vacations that are north of NC and colder. There were many honeymooners there and some people who were just on vacation (as we were.) We used TripAdvisor reviews to plan several things such as shuttle vs. flights, room type, activities, etc. Even with the paved road, we found the trip from Montego Bay to Negril really bad. We were bumped from Raleigh to Miami so we got to Jamaica too late for a small plane flight (AirLink, Tim Air, and others go to Negril) to Negril. We were in a small van and the driver sped through the night, in the rain, with much oncoming traffic with their highbeams on and it still took just under 2 hours. The check-in process was just as some people had described on this site - pleasant with cool towels and champaigne. After 15 hours of travel, we needed this relaxation. We were escorted to our room, which we found fine. We were in Block #7, 2nd floor, with an ocean view but the grounds are so beautiful that any room would have been fine. There are no rooms facing the parking lot or the road behind the resort - they all face "in" if you look at the map on their site. The gardens are lush and the ponds are a nice view. We witnessed several weddings at the gazebo from our balcony. Our room was always made-up nicely with fresh towels and the A/C and fan worked fine. We did not dash to the beach early but never had any trouble getting a beach chair or a new float to relax on. The water is beautiful! There were not beach towels in our room and we had to go "sign-up" for some on the beach. You can exchange them anytime for fresh towels but sometimes, before lunch, the booth was not staffed (it's on the beach - not i we wouldn't have to go back to our room. We were not bothered by beach vendors at all during our stay. The "red flag" service is nice, but we didn't need a flag as every day, we got drink service multiple times, right in our beach chairs, before we went to the grill for lunch. My husband said the drinks were very good with plenty of alcohol in them. The nice restaurant, Othaeite, was a good meal, but a little stuffy for us on a beach/relax vacation. We had packed nice clothes for that evening dinner, but dress was everything from pants and sleevless tops for women to nice dinner dresses and a wide variety for the men. I did WAY overpack since I wore my bathing suit (take two in case you swim later and one is wet) with a coverup most of the day. We thought the pool was fun and never too crowded. The water activities staff were extremely nice and helpful. We took a kayak out on the bay and took a Hobie cat in the middle of one afternoon when it was not crowded when everyone seemed to be sleeping off their morning drinking. We did not participate in the Catamaran cruise but it was very popular. You can buy a ride on a jetski or para-sail, but we didn't. We simply watched people who were doing this. We wanted to walk off some of the food we had been eating, but the beach is not as long as 7-mile beach in the bay next door. Still, we took several walks around the grounds to build up an appetite for a late dinner. There was very little rain which added to our ability to spend as much time out in the water and beach as possible. We found the tennis courts always available for use and not crowded. There is a newstand with snacks and sunglasses and suntan lotion if you forget anything like that. There are two shops up near the check-in for some small souveniers so we picked-up a few things there. We paid with Jamaican dollars but they accept US Dollars at the resort and at the airport. The evening entertainment was good, but mostly we watched some beach activities, or sat in a hammock together or listened to thsome couples being bumped on Saturday night to the Riu Resort next door when our resort was overbooked. We did not hear any complaints on this...but it would have been frustrating for us. We were asked if we planned to come back to Couples Negril and we said, while we enjoyed it very much, we have other places to explore as well."

by A TripAdvisor Member
8 / 10

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5 days and counting!!!

"With 5 days to go before we return to Couples Negril my husband and I cannot wait! We were there June 2002 for our honeymoon and immediately booked our next trip for this year. We cannot wait. Both of us have been to several all inclusives around the Carribean but Couples Negril takes the cake and then some. The staff is amazing! The weather could not have been better! The accomodations are first class as is the food at each of the 3 restaurants. I remember last year sitting in the swings on the 2nd level balconies telling my husband if there is ever anything in this world I would want it would be to go to Couples Negril every year. So here we go again....5 days and counting!"

by A TripAdvisor Member
10 / 10

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Nightmare before honeymoon

"I was planning on going to Couples Negril for my honeymoon. I scheduled everything, payed for everything and was waiting for my tickets. 2 weeks before I was scheduled to leave for my honeymoon. I received a call that the resort overbooked and needed to move me to another resort (Ocho Rios)as well as 100 other couples. My Fiance and I were excited about Couple Negril and heard some questionable things about Ocho Rios. We had to cancel our honeymoon and still trying to find a place to go after the wedding. This is just a word of warning. If you pay ahead....make sure they send you the tickets ASAP or you might be in my shoes."

by jbrown1070
2 / 10

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