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Ocean Village is dying!

"Sad to see this once-enjoyable cruise ship dying by the day. So sorry for those who will have spent a great deal of money for the final voyage across to Singapore later this year as the facilities aboard are deteriorating rapidly. Ours was one of many cabins that had an unserviceable fridge that was never fixed in 14 days at sea. Excuses, excuses and eventually downright rudeness and arrogance from the reception manager who refused to pursue our complaint for a replacement fridge. Forget onboard compensation too, it is clear that no further money is being spent on maintenance with such a short cruise life left on this vessel.

Add to this that the engines are fading and being carefully nursed for the trip across to Australia. Nothing like the optimum speed was ever achieved and as a consequence there was a late arrivals in Cyprus and several all-day tours to Nicosia and the Troodos Mountains were cancelled to the fury of many passengers. For 'operational reasons' was not an acceptable excuse.

If you think this is an exaggeration and you are about to travel on board OV - when you visit the Connexions Bar notice if the blue neon tubes have yet been replaced in the feature sail-fin ceiling above the stage. This would never have been allowed this time last year when we last sailed.

Very disappointing.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Full board, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Avoid
by shieldsduo
3 / 10

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showing its age

"this ship is spotless with hygeine uppermost in mind,unfortunately its an old ship and needs a refit.the ships singers need a rest,but tempory acts were excellent.what ever you do dont use the flight home booking facility.you queue longer on the boat than the airport,dont get any choice of seats and as in our group of 4 relatives 2 in row 10 and 2 in row 33,chose aisle seats to the ship and got window seats going home,book in at airport the queue will be a lot shorter as some unfortunates will book on board.on a plus point food was very good and staff excellent.this ship is now getting a refit and going to be in australia."

by o.a.p
7 / 10

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ocean village best ever ship

"Just back from the Ocean Village 1. What can I say? Faultless!!! 1 fabulous week. Cannot recommend it enough! Ship and cabins spotless, staff gracious, entertainment excellent, and food amazing!! Very sad this beautiful ship is leaving and leaving a gap in the market for those who do not want the formality and stuffiness of traditional cruise lines, excellent for young families, my 8 yr old boy just luved it there,"

by Jacki DD
10 / 10

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volcanic ash

"just returned from a 3weeks cruise from barbadoes to crete we where dropped off in crete and should have flown to manchester but due to the volcanic ash flight problems. we could not fly out OV provided us with a 4 star accom in crete at no cost inc all meals for 6 days they then flew us to glasgow and coached us to manchester. i have nothing but praise for OV and all staff for handing a difficult situation. the ship is excellent very good value for money. the accom in crete was at crete maris golf resort excellent,would love to do another cruise on OV before she sails in to the sunset."

by rex
10 / 10

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"we have done a couple of cruises now and just returned from a carabbeon cruise on oceon village.what a surprise. the cabins were the largest we have been in.[inside cabin] and spotless.the choice of food was exelent.the main shows were top class and backed by a live band,witch some cruise ships dont have.the staff were exelent.we were recomended by friends to go on oceon village as it is sadly her last year before she goes down under to australia.her oceon village mascot on her funnel will be missed by many countrys and lots of people .derek and ann. penzance."

  • Holiday details: Feb 2010, All Inclusive, booked with readers offers ltd
  • Advice: yes
by herk
10 / 10

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West Med in October

"Our first dip into sea cruising and an enjoyable experience aboard the Ocean Village.

It takes a daynor so to get used to the layout and routine on the ship but thereafter it is well worth it. You may be photographed at intervals throughout the voyage and the prints are dear but you can be selective. October proves to be an excellent time avoiding the excess summer heat in the Mediterrean yet still there is a good chance of fine weather. Shore excursions are enjoyable but again you need to be selective. Much can be gained simply by pottering around the port area.

by D. F. Macaulay
9 / 10

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Ocean Villiage and Virgin Cruises

"Just returned from 7 days on the Ocean Village, it is great to go on a cruise that is not all la de da. The flight was good , transfer fine and the ship was fun. Loved the entertainment, had a go on a bike , lol , havent done that in years and had an outside cabin with a window. I particularly liked the food in the Bistro and I would definatly use them again.

Want to say also I am a little dismayed at what some people have said about Virgin Cruise people , they know what they were talking about unlike a couple of other i rang first and the lady went out of her way to get me a quiet cabin , she knew all about the ship and I did not pay any hidden charges, why do people be nasty..i just dont get it.. I for one was happy with them and will book again this winter, great service and a good price. Ocean Village were great fun and for someone even at my age I had plenty to do.I especially like that they remember your names too, thumbs up.I may try a caribbean with them as I like the knowledge I will be looked after, a good place to meet friends .

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Full Board, booked with Virgin
  • Activities: Bistro Restaurant
  • Good For: Beach
by justagirl
9 / 10

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WOW - happy days !

"Our cruise began on the 16th June, it was our first time cruising and we all had different expectations of what the boat would be like.

Food: Food was amazing, great variety, different every day with staff ready to help you, would go out of their way to ensure everything was ok for you and all requirements were met.

Cabin crew: When walking past cabins throughout the day, we was without a doubt ready to be greeted by staff, "hello sir/ madam" "good morning" "have a good day", this attitude towards passengers onboard ship was delightful, it made us and others feel very welcome, secure and pleased to have such pleasant people talking and showing a truthful interest in how we was.

Coming back after long days out to a beautifully cleaned cabin was lovely way to relax before evening entertainment began.

Kids club( AKA Base camp): The highlight of the holiday, enthusiastic, happy, fun, energetic staff, ready to participate in making the children’s holiday as Fun as possible, with something different to do every 30 minutes. Base camp was open until 11pm enabling family’s to eat out at restaurants or attend the evening entertainment alone if preferred, or (like many of us on the ship) having children that wanted to stay until closing. A night nursery was available for individuals if required.

Entertainment: Overall entertainment was outstanding, different activities throughout the day, evening entertainment was very well presented, different each night, not like standard carbaret that you may expect, variety such as; comedy, tribute bands, gymnastics including trapeze acts and shows on top deck.

The brilliant thing about cruising is you wake up somewhere new every day.

Ocean village was not a cruise that you was expected to be "dressed up for" and "posh" as some may say, its a laid back, friendly, enjoyable way to spend your holiday. with many trips to participate in if you like to.

I would not only recommend this cruise to families but also the older generation. 100% suitable for any age with something to do for everyone; whether its being around the pool enjoying a cocktail at the swim up bar, having a session in the gym (amazing views), relaxing in the spa, playing bingo, watching a movie in the cinema, eating at one of the restaurants, going on a cycle ride, or other organised trips or visits.

by laurenwoodward
10 / 10

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"we normally go on ov2 but decided to use ov1 felt the whole week was rushed we went on the trip named the best of barcelona well because we have done barcelona many times we just wanted an easy one it was awful the guide was dreary and boring she didnt take us any good places and ended up at a spanish village that was dead boat ok but not as good as ov2"

by mike roberts
7 / 10

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the ship

"we have just arrived back from a week on the ocean village 1 on the tapas and togas cruise and all i can say is that the whole holiday was FANTASTIC!!!! the food the staff the entertainment the trips the weather were all great i would definately recommend this cruise to people and my only regret is that i didn't book for longer!!!! just off to the travel agents now to see if i can get a good deal for our next hol definately on the ocean village!!!"

by charlotte05
10 / 10

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Emperors & Espresso

"This was the first cruise for my mother & I and we both thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The whole experience was brilliant. We couldn't find anything wrong anywhere. Well done OV. Your crew are a credit to you."

by Happy Sailing
10 / 10

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"The only point I will add to the good reports already documented: the resident entertainment singers are less that average. They have no raport with the guests and sing their own limited range of "modern" pop songs. Typical example: imagine 3pm in the afternoon and everyone around the swimming pool (average age 62) was dozing and enjoying the relaxation and the sunshine. Up comes the resident singer David Bradley and belts out "My Generation" by the Who complete with massively loud drum backing tape! Utterly ridiculous!

A word of praise for the one resident singer Melanie Macro who has the sweetest voice. Her interpretation of Eva Cassidy and Sarah McLachlan numbers, as an example, was superb in the simplicity and softness that their songs require. To hear her singing late at night in the Village Square was a delight and a pleasure.

Sadly, but typically, her spell on board Ocean Village has now ended and her contract has not been renewed. An Ocean Village loss as this girl will go onto better things for sure.

by shieldsduo
8 / 10

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