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Cruise 2013 to St Helena

" This is a wonderful experience for our Namibians. I highly recommend

it for anyone who likes to do something special. The staff is excellent; the waiters are so friendly and nice. The food is too much to choose from, the Dream Team is brilliant, and Mr. Steven Cloete is hilarious. We definite will do it again. I will not change a thing, we liked it.

The Bingo Boys & Babes you are the best.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: A 3 D Cinema will be nice.
  • Good For: , City Breaks
by Chris10
10 / 10

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Entertainment was excellent!!!!!!!!

"The cruise was awesome and the entertainment excellent- just sooo disappointed in the "my cruise" dvd as it only had about 3 minutes of party on the pool deck from our cruise and the rest was from another cruise. The quality of the dvd is also very poor- so if you want to pay $34.90 for the DVD- think again?????"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2012, All Inclusive, booked with Sure Travel - Newcastle
by pooky
10 / 10

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"Enjoyed our 5 day cruise, although the ship was very crowded and busy. The embarkation process was a 2,5 hour nightmare in the heat. The entertainment was good, as was the cuisine. The disembarkation at Maputo was also a 2 hour wait in the heat. Passengers should be allowed to stay on board in comfort until the transport has arrived. We were very disappointed that we could not get off at Barra Lodge - it seems that most times this is not possible. A common complaint from fellow passengers was that the photographs taken by the staff are way too expensive. All the pictures are printed and if not purchased, are destroyed ! If they were cheaper, we would buy them and there would be no waste. Complaints aside, an enjoyable experience."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2011, All Inclusive, booked with IGOTRAVEL
by Diane
7 / 10

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"the msc sinfonia was an abolutely fascinating experience from pulsating and lively parties and club discos to the wonderful ebtertainment of the dream team, the food was good and the veiws spectacular (hunks and all)!

it was a blast!

  • Holiday details: Dec 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: loved msc sinfonia definitely want to set sail again soon
by azeeza
10 / 10

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"Charlie Mitchell said:

Our cruise from Genoa to Durban, South Africa began with a 6 hour wait on the dock after a 3 hour coach trip from Turin (a last minute change to our original booking)for the ship to arrive, and be serviced. The embarkation process was ablolutely shambolic with no information given by any MSC staff member. The fast track process the Company offered online to get you aboard more quickly was a total waste of time. Whether you did it or not made no difference. You just joined the queue like everybody else. The ship itself was fine, the waiters were on the whole very good, as were the bar staff. They seemed pleased to see anybody who could afford to buy a drink in any of the bars! My friends and I have been on many cruises in the past and this ship has got to be the most expensive ever, not only in the bars, but everywhere else on board and we organised our own shore excusions at a quarter of the cost of the same being offered by the ship. Come 11pm the ship was like the Marie Celeste, nearly everbody was in bed either through lack of adult entertainment or depression through not being able to afford a drink. The same applied to the Casino where you would expect a litte action. The only people in there on most nights were the lonely croupiers and the odd couples playing the slot machines. They looked as bored as we were. This was probably due to the high minimum stakes at the tables. In the MSC brochure it states that for cruises in the Caribbean, North America and South Africa the currency onboard is the US dollar. We were being charged in Euros. One passenger checked his onboard account via a ships computer and found his bill was in dollars. Following his complaint to the head of accounts, these computers were unavailable for some 5 days through "technical problems". When they were activated it was not possible to use them to check accounts. Some 200 passengers were so angry about this that a petition was signed and 2 South Africans represented the group at meetings with the ships management. MSC argued that the cruise was originally due to sail along the East coast to South Africa, where the currency would have been dollars, but because of the possible dangers from Somali pirates it was re-routed along the West coast, where all prices were Euros. As a guesture of good will they promised a 5% discount off our bills, later ammended to our bar bills, later ammended not to include the very, very rare 2 for one drinks. This offer was derisory. Who said pirates were only in Somalia ! Entertainment in the theatre was good, but elsewhere it was spoilt by the childish loud antics of the ships animation team, who should all have walked the plank and given us all some peace. These people would be better suited to children's parties than their pathetic attempts of trying to entertain adults. Another rip off was the shuttle bus from the dock into Cape Town at 8 Euros each. We were advised to take this as it was "quite a distance" before you got out of the dock to any local transport, so 4 of us paid the 32 euros. The bus was full and we were told the next one was a 45 minute wait. A local dock worker said we could walk it in 10 minutes, which we did. Not having used our tickets we asked for a refund when we returned. The unhelpful and aggresive accounts office onboard refused and said we would have to write to head office in Naples. We later found out that a taxi for 4 would have cost £5. All in all a very disappointing and expensive time. The initials MSC would be better read as Money Syphoning Company. Would I travel with them again? About as much chance of me being elected the next Pope.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2009, Half Board, booked with Travelsphere
  • Advice: Try other companies
  • Activities: Monte Carlo & Cape Town
by Charlie Mitchell
4 / 10

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Went on our second cruise with MSC...

"Went on our second cruise with MSC ... the previous one was on the Rhapsody.

MSC Sinfonia is an excellent ship with lots of entertainment. The entertainment team are excellent and kept us on the go for most of the time on board. All the ship was kept spotless at all times by the various courteous attendants.

Dinner time was an even more appreciative time with all the waiters assisting to their best, with different menus everyday, each with a specialty of a certain place. The music in the lounges and bars differed in various styles of music including dancing styles like bachata and jive driven forward by the entertainment team. The shows in the Theater were of the highest standard and left nothing to be desired.

A Photographer was present at most of the dinners taking pictures of the guests each day with a different theme and/or the suggested dress code of the day. The resultant photographs are of a high quality and come in various sizes but are too expensive for e.g. a small photo of the first gala dinner costs almost 8-10 Euros. Other photos were even more expensive. The price will be too expensive for large families who go on holiday on board. For a cheaper price on the photos I am sure that most would be purchased.

Another suggestion is perhaps to have more activities on the pool deck for kids. It is not always easy to convince children to stay inside when their is a a lot of activity outside.

Overall it was an awesome experience on board and we look forward to going on an MSC cruise again.

Well done to all the crew.

by I Barbara
10 / 10

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This was our first cruise and we had...

"This was our first cruise and we had a wonderful holiday. The ship was spotless. The staff (with only one exception) were charming and helpful. Food was very good especially the evening dinner.

Would have liked more time in Malta (afternoon only), our impression of Tunis has made us vow never to go there again. Constant hassle from stall holders at Sidi Bou Said and unease over our personal safety. Country very down at heel. We had booked the cultural tour of Carthage but had nowhere near enough time to explore any of the sites we were taken to and a bare 15 minutes in the Museum so saw very few of the exhibits. The tour guide seemed to be hustling us to Sidi Bou Said and the Souk where most of us did not buy anything.

The Baroque Tour of Rome was the true highlight of the whole holiday. Were in Piazzo San Pietro to hear the Angelus and the blessing from the Pope at 12 o'clock. Tour guide was excellent with a sound and deep knowledge of the city. Only down side - we had a very long wait at Milan airport for our flight back to Heathrow but we would definitely book with MSC again.

by F Langston
9 / 10

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A truly beautiful ship and great...

"A truly beautiful ship and great staff but problems on the itinerary.

Docking in Valencia at lunchtime meant that most of the shops were closed due to siesta. A morning arrival would have been much better.

In Malta the shops were closed due to a public holiday (it would have been nice to be informed of this at the time of booking).

Next time will ask more questions about the ports!

by suecashier
7 / 10

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Overall excellent rating. Ship was...

"Overall excellent rating. Ship was fantastic, always clean, plenty of amenities. Cabin was huge (suite) and was definitely worth having a balcony.

Food was excellent - we piled on a few kilos. Excellent variety especially for vegetarians which was very surprising - I didn't eat the same thing twice all week.

Entertainment was excellent - entertainment team had us giggling from morning till night.

Personnel were all very helpful and always had a smiling face despite the long hours 7 days a week!

Extras - the only extras that we found were a bit pricey were the photos - it seemed such a shame to throw all those fantastic photos away when if they had been half price we probably would've bought them all. Drinks were reasonable and there were always promotions being offered. Excursions were a bit pricey, but well worth it for us in Tunisia - the guide we had there was excellent.

So overall 11 out of 10! can't wait to book the next trip with MSC.

by Bennett
10 / 10

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