Canyamel Park

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Hotel Canyamel Park

"We booked this hotel independently because we liked the look of it and it was near to some friends who live in Mallorca. The hotel itself was really nice, friendly, good breakfast, clean and we had no complaints. The triple room was on the small side & should really have been described as a double. It was 2 mins from the lovely beach and there were several nice restaurants in the village. The restauranteurs were extremely friendly, especially when we spoke Spanish....most menus were first language of German! Our daughter was ill while we were there (a flu type bug....nothing to do with local food!) and the regular restauranteurs were very concerned when she didn't appear for dinner & sent goodies for us to take back to the hotel for her. Only one unpleasant experience....we were recommended to go to Isabellas/Isabels restaurant by one of the barmen at the hotel. Food was great & service was great. When it came to pay the bill, the manager took our credit card, I entered the pin and he said "no good". (In hindsight I should have asked for the "cancelled receipt"). We paid cash and actually went there 2 more times during the holiday & paid cash! When we returned home, we discovered that the money had been taken from our credit card AND we paid cash for the meal on the first visit! A good scam eh???

I hope this review will prevent others being conned in the same way! AVOID that restaurant!!!!

by perrettgizmo
9 / 10

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Fabulous holiday. The staff were...

"Fabulous holiday. The staff were nothing but helpful and friendly. We have booked for next year and we are only home a week.

There is no nightlife after 12pm; the resort is very family orientated and small. Wonderfully relaxing. Although I am not sure if I want to share this incase you all rush there!

Its close enough to towns like Cala Radjita and Palma, so we had a few shopping trips.

Fab holiday can’t wait to go back!

by A B Clarke
10 / 10

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Sweet enough place....absolutely...

"Sweet enough place....absolutely nothing to entertain yourself other than the beach and the caves! No Shops really. Don't go here if you don't like German company!"

by N Hunsdale
9 / 10

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Map for Canyamel Park Closest airport: Palma de Mallorca (PMI) 38.5 miles

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Canyamel Park is also called:

  • canyamel park hotel
  • park hotel canyamel

Address: Via de Melesigeni s/n, Majorca 75890, Spain