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Kamari, Crete, Greece
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Disgusting, vile and filthy

"This is THE most disgusting place you will find. We arrived at Kavos in the early morning, we had to wait about half an hour for them to show us to our room and when we were shown our room we were utterly disappointed. We traveled with Thomson (which I do not recommend anyone to travel with)! We were promised a balcony (which we never got). The bed sheets were stained and dirty. There was a chewing wrapper on the floor, the room was filthy and the toilet absolutely stank. I was aware it was a 2* accommodation but I was expecting it to be CLEAN at least! I would never recommend anyone to go here. The staff were utterly rude when we mentioned the room was filthy and refused to change our room. If you like feeling clean and having good customer service and having a toilet that doesn't stink then I suggest you don't stay here. There was also a sewage drain right in the middle of our bathroom! Absolutely disgusting! Never again!"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't stay here, biggest mistake.
by flowerbomb123
1 / 10

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cheap & cheerful

"Basic clean (maid came everyday) 5 min walk into stalis town centre 20 min walk into malia room 305 got the best view would go back again.If you go onto the beach it's 6 euro's for the sun lounges & umbrella great english bar 2 mins up the road called RBAR."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: within walking distance of everything
  • Good For: Beach
by Pamela S
6 / 10

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September Holiday

"The Ekati apartments offer basic accommodation, very basic but absolutely fine. The swimming pool is perfect and was never over crowded our neighbours were lovely. My only one concern is that the maid didn't clean every day or every other day only once during our stay. however I would definitely stay again, considering how cheap the holiday was."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Hire a car to escape Stalis, head over to the next village Hersonissos or go east to the coast.
  • Good For: Beach
by Aimee-lou
6 / 10

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Fabulous Holiday & People

"Just got back from visiting Crete, we stayed at the Ekati Apartments, Stallis and had a fantastic time. The apartments, swimming pool and surounding areas are basic but very clean, staff are very friendly and more than happy to assist you when needed. Big shout hello to Lloyd the Thomas Cook rep working very hard there... Great location very central, easy to get around. i must just say if you fancy a good night out visit Dwyers Irish bar in the centre of Stallis they have a talented guy called Geoff singing and playing guitar in the evening plus they do a good deal for sunbeds, 3euros for the day includes a sunbed, umbrella and a toastie/drink/fruit for lunch..yep all in what a bargain!!

if you are planning on visiting Stallis i'm sure you will have a great time! Just be aware its very hot there at the mo..temperature is late thirties early forties


  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by Dolly day dream
8 / 10

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Hidden gem

"Just back from 2 weeks and the Ekati and we loved it. We got a cheap last minute deal there for a week in 2009, and made sure to book it again this summer as we liked it so much.

It is set unusually between 2 very posh all-inclusive resorts, and shares a small crescent shaped beach with the Alexander Beach resort (they let you use their beds and unbrellas for 3 euros a day)- what is unique about the beach is that there are rocky outcroppings at either end of the crescent-shape, making it impossible for anyone else to come and use that beach. There are about 24 umbrellas, the beach is immaculate and the water clean and lovely. Absolutely no lager louts, music or noisy people either year.

The pool is deep and clean, no pool bar (just as there is no beach bar) so you have to bring your own drinks, but since all the apartments are near it, this is not a problem and it means no litter/invasive music/etc.

Tevta the housekeeper is charming and hard-working. the grounds are kept beautiful. It is a long thin resort with the beach at one end and the main road full of good restaurants and friendly shopowners at the other.

Our only complaint is that the beds seem a little too short! but then, we are a tall family.

Would definitely go back.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by jude'n'matt
9 / 10

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"Just got back last night 24/06/10

Absolutely awful apartments. No idea about the ones upstairs but the bottom ones rooms 301 and 302 are not fit. Other residents that lived in the upper apartments were happy with them so I'd say if you want to go here to make sure you book a room that isn't on the ground floor.

The pool was nice and that's it.

we were given 301 which has a double bed, despite the fact that we are two females. We wanted a bed each which isn't too much to ask. The chambermaid said she would make up the sofa for one of us (shock), it had a cushion on it that was less than two inches thick and it was too short for a bed.

Got moved to 302 which we were told we would have to vacate two days before the end of our holiday. The shower constantly overflowed over the floor and if one person had a shower, the second had to wait 20 minutes for the water to go away before they could have one.

The room was full of wood lice, there is a tiny window that is so high you can't reach it. We asked for air conditioning for three days and on the 4th I snapped that I wanted it NOW. I was told I had to pay 8 euros for it, which I did as we were so desperate.

The Ekati apartmens ruined our holiday, we even went a day with no toilet paper, a full day. When we spoke to the maid about it she said "I've given you it now", she was quite snippy, we had none for a day it didn't matter that she had given us it now. Lucky I brought a box of kleenex.

One towel change in the week too. She washed the tiled floor in the bathroom and didn't dry it off so it was hazardous as the floor won't dry with no window for air.

We did ask to be moved to other apartments but were messed about for 5 days, living out of our cases. The last two days were spent at the Paradise apartments and they were brilliant. I'd suggest you go there rather than Ekati. When we moved to the Paradise we met the people who had been in our apartment before us, they got moved to the Paradise for the same reason but they were moved on the first day. We were told to go see if the Paradise had any rooms on the third day and the room we were eventually given on day 5 was empty then. Thomas Cook could have moved us a lot sooner but they didn't.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, self catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: go somewhere else
by shocked
1 / 10

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Really Nice

"My friends and i have just come back from Crete, Stalis we stayed in Ekati Apartments. Perfect location the apartment we had was big enough for 4 adults had a big balancy and a small one. The owner was lovely and kept the apartments very clean. The pool was lovely looking over the beach i would recommend staying there."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, 1 BED APARTMENT, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by kirsty from Barnstaple
8 / 10

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we were very apprehensive about these...

"we were very apprehensive about these apartments, but need,nt have been. they are very clean but basic. we stayed in room 201 which was huge, even had an upstairs bedroom. never used the one ring cooker had no intentions of cooking. it was very quiet which suited us, the pool is fab and spotlessly clean, was never crowded. loads of places to eat, went to mambos for sunday dinner it was lovely, run by a scottish couple. walked into malia a couple of times which is a nice walk. also food is cheaper there so shop around, prices vary a lot. had a lovely meal at the artemis, quite posh 2.... the mosquito bar run by marcus and maria is lovely, they are a lovely couple.. so all in all fabulous. went to spinalonga, brilliant but dont book with your rep there are loads of places to book from and half the price for the same trip...."

by  C Phillips
9 / 10

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Having read some of the reviews I was...

"Having read some of the reviews I was a little apprehensive but all doubts were unfounded! The Ritz it wasn't but although basic it was clean and the staff were friendly. It was a pleasure to lie at a pool where there was no music blaring or children shouting. Although there wasn't a pool bar this wasn't a problem as our apartment 306 was just a two minute walk from the pool and we enjoyed a picnic lunch either at the side of the pool or on the balcony. There were plenty bars and restaurants round about and an excellent supermarket just over the road. Everyone was so friendly. The only downside was the quad bikes tearing through the beach road. Would certainly go back."

by  Patricia Cunningham
8 / 10

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My boyfriend and I wanted a fairly...

"My boyfriend and I wanted a fairly cheap holiday with a hotel mainly for us just to rest in and store our stuff. Our holiday was not one of the cheapest we could have picked however we chose this hotel because of the reviews we had read.

Well never would I go back to Kavos and never would i recommend anyone stay in this hotel. On arrival Angela the receptionist demanded 20 euros from us in order for a safety deposit box her words were "to keep tickets, passports in in case something goes missing". We refused point blank to this as never having been informed of this we had not covered for this kind of expense. We each had lockable suitcases which we kept our valuables in.

She also demanded one of us hand our passport over in order to "secure the room" which we had no choice to. being told we would get in back the night after. When i went to retrieve my passport i was met with agression as to why i needed it back. When i told her for a trip she called me silly.

Having declined the offer of the safety box we did then begin to believe that we were targeted.

On the monday we decided to sunbathe by the pool so left all our belongings in our room. We came back to find that a lot of things had gone missing - to include 2 packs of cigarettes, headphones and my purse containing 100euros and my bank card. I went down and reported this to Angela straight away who told me no way could it have happened as we were the only ones with a key. I asked why if that was the case we would have needed safety boxes then, to that she could not reply. I told her the cleaners had been in and she said that she holds the key so when i asked if the cleaners are supervised she thought i was accusing her. As she would not make note of my ordeal i have been unable to claim on my insurance. she also tried telling me that the safety boxes were a condition of my insurance - i do not believe i had shown her my policy!

Sheets were changed once in 7 days, towels the size of a tea towel changed once and we had no kettle. Shower was ok however the place just smelt of sewers.

I would not recommend this hotel to anybody.

by Weston
1 / 10

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just spent two weeks at the ekati...

"just spent two weeks at the ekati apartments in stalis with my husband and son and i think this was possibly the best apartment we have had.

although as other people have commented you couldnt really do much in the way of cooking it really was a lovely apartment with nice touches like ornaments and books on the shelves. we were in the block not quite nearest the road but were not affected by the noise ( only the [--] grasshoppers ! ) and had a lovely vine covered patio to relax on.

the pool was very clean and again not too busy and ofcourse without having a pool bar you do save yourself a lot of money.

we visited quite a few resturants but our favorites were kalypso ( left from ekati 300yds towards malia, after turning with train stop, on the right) and la fontana ( right from ekati then about 200yds on left)

we also made the mosqito bar our regular stop on the way home each night.there you will get a wonderfull welcome from marcus and maria,who always remember your name and what you drink and are always just so friendly and pleased to see you, its like having your local in stalis !

we also did not bother with any of the expensive excursions but did vist a village up in the mountains on the happy train which was much better than sitting in a stuffy coach for hours on end,and the sceanary was fantastic.

all in all really good holiday and would go back to ekati anytime.

by kayshols
10 / 10

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ok lets be serious, the room was not...

"ok lets be serious, the room was not that brilliant, but its kavos......what do you really expect!!! loved the atmosphere....asdie from maria screamin that she was going to contact the police if the music was not below 6 decibels, and if you dont mind supermarket angelas rancid pot noodles!!! the reps were slightly full on and chapped on the door at ridiculous timees, especially after a night on the tiles!!on a whole, loved the kavos experience.....the baked potatos were to die for, and the bungee rocket amazing...tho my husband almost suffered a myocardial infarction. lol. if given the chance go, it is wonderful. we are a middle aged couple, both over 50, and love a right good time, so anyone out there, get your dancing broughs on and enjoy kavos while you can :-)"

by Dr Lm Applebottom
8 / 10

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