Tsokkos Holiday Apartments

PO Box 30221, Ayia Napa 5341, Cyprus
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Traveller reviews

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Ok ish !

"I went to these apartments with six mates for a week long birthday celebration and after reading some of the not so good reviews went there with some trepidation !!

Basically for what we wanted it was ok,the rooms were very basic but clean with maid service every day .The air conditioning units in both rooms didn't work and the shower was a joke (broken shower head and pathetic water pressure) but in general acceptable for what we had paid !

The apartments had a good pool area with restaurant/bar service offering decent,reasonably priced food and drink virtually 24/7,the location was also good for the main square in Ayia Napa,only 5 minutes walk away.

So basically to sum up a great place to go for groups or young couples wanting to enjoy all Ayia Napa has to offer on a budget

until the early hours but i wouldn't recommend it for older couples or familes wanting a quiet time because it can be noisy at night(even in the first week of October !),god knows what it would be like in July and August when the apartments are full in high season !?

by AliFantham
6 / 10

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Had the best holiday ever! It is in a...

"Had the best holiday ever! It is in a perfect location just literally a few metres walk from the main strip, so don’t have to worry about getting back if you've had a few too many!

It is definitely not for families or those who like to sleep but would recommend it to anyone who wants to go for a holiday with their mates, I loved it so much I’m going back next year!

by E Wickham
10 / 10

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Not the best place i have stayed in.

"Acommodation quite good but problem with young one's being very loud and noisey,also used comdom's found at kid's pool, next morning."

by dislike
4 / 10

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Fab For Fun

"These apartments are amazing. I read the other two reviews on this site and cannot believe how different people can have such different experiences.

Went here with 2 of my friends. We had the most amazing week and have no complaints about the apartments. They were clean and roomy, the staff were helpful and friendly. The pool area was such a laugh. We did hang around there at night after coming back in from the Square and although things did get quite noisy and rowdy, I saw no peeing in the pool or anything like that. Just people having fun!

We also met a few families with teenagers who loved the apartments as well although I would not recommend anyone with young kids go. In the brochure we booked it clearly stated for singles and that it was lively so I cannot imagine why people looking for a quiet time would go!

The location is excellent for clubbing and just an altogether fab place. I would recommend these apartments and would defo go back to them.

by Jools06
10 / 10

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Pure and utter 100% [--] hole(and then some)

"We booked our holiday through First Choice, recommended to us by them as a family holiday. On arrival we passed 2 flats next to us teeming with partygoers in all states of undress, screaming, swearing, banging doors at all hours. Stiletto heel marks in our door, foot prints up the walls. Not enough plates for the four of us, touts waking us up at all hours asking if we want to go on a booze cruise, told us we were old at 38 and 40. Toilet overflowing with [--]. People having sex in the pool, every man and his dog visiting the pool, teenagers old men, soldiers. It was dirty, smelly, the staff were a disgrace, the reception staff were a disgrace. What a waste of money. First choice have offered me 65.00 refund on an 1800.00 holiday. So thanks for nothing and giving Cyprus a bad name. If you want a holiday where you can drive scooters up and down all day and night scream bang and go mental, wreck the place, display your countries flag as a priority on your balcony and play your boogie box at maximum then this is the hell hole of all hellholes as you can do what you want here. Please do not go to this dump as we stayed for the full 2 weeks and after 2 days we had had enough. No sleep whatsoever as the noise is constant."

by SamireDelaur
2 / 10

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When we arrived at the apartments me...

"When we arrived at the apartments me and my husband were slightly worried as everybody who stepped off the coach was under 23, myself and my husband are in our late twenties but even we felt old.

On first impression I would say the apartment’s complex is ok but more suited to younger guests I would not say it is a family complex as the music is very loud at the pool bar and during the day it is just youngsters getting drunk.

My husband and myself were put at the back of the complex block 7 and we thought great as it was away from the noisy pool area. What a mistake as the music from another apartment complex which we over looked was so loud it was as thought we were staying in a disco. We were then awoken at 5.00am by shouting, swearing and banging of doors. When I looked out onto the balcony I could see the swimming pool was full of people singing and laughing, suffice it to say I wasn’t happy was a under statement.

I went and met the rep at the meeting explained to her what had happened said I didn’t get any sleep because of the other apartment complex. The rep and the hotel were really good. We got moved to another block over the road room 220 and this room was lovely so quiet and big we were happy.

My overall impression is great for younger groups of friends but def not for families.

But we had a great holiday and Ayia Napa is lovely, and do not miss Nissi Bay beautiful!

by  M Williams
5 / 10

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hell hole

"I have today returned from Cyprus. We booked our holiday through OnTheBeach who displayed this holiday as apartments suitable for families. All i can say is i have never in my whole life stayed in such a filthy disgusting place in my life. We arrived in the early hours of the morning after flying with Thomas Cooke airlines. We had a two hour delay but nevertheless we arrived safely and tired. We found our apartments and was led along what can only be described as a grey concrete stairwell which was littered with vodka bottles and urine, amongst other things. The entire complex stank of urine. We were shown to our apartment which was basic but clean. We had booked for four, two adults two children and was given three beds. The apartment was not as described on the website. The accomodation resembled the old style "Butlins". Butlins today is far superior to this accomodation. Again, we were tired so decided we would make the best of it until the morning. Me and my husband shared a single bed in the small lounge area and my two children had the double bed. There was a party in full swing when we arrived and as our apartment was overlooking the pool it was extremely loud and noisy. At 6am the party got louder and louder and we tried to settle our children who were extremely frightened. We looked out of the apartment window to see the security guards drunk along with 30/40 individuals who were throwing bottles into the swimming pool, urinating into the swimming pool and swearing and shouting extremely loudly. This ended at 8:10am in the morning. We decided we had to get out of this hell hole and phoned our Rep - Nick. Who promised he would ring back in 10mins and never did. We immediately went to search for a hotel. We eventually booked into the crown resorts hotel on Nissi Beach which was superb, but at a further cost to us of 500 cyp for the rest of the week. Whilst we were gathering our things to leave the Tsokkos Apartments my 5 year old son was stood on the balcony watching the drunken antics of various holiday makers, my husband wandered out to bring him in and realised that my son had been watching two individuals having sex in the pool with other people watching. We were absolutely horrified and left immediately. Please do not bring your kids to this place. Ayia Napa however is a charming place and we had a lovely week in the Crown Resorts hotel."

by Lucy2073
2 / 10

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Everything that Miss Green has just...

"Everything that Miss Green has just said is spot on! My husband myself and our 3 children have just returned from Tsokkos! And as my children would say "mingin".

Loved Ayia Napa but this place was bad! Apart from all the noise and all the glass beer bottles left around the pool.

by  N M Rhodes
4 / 10

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Well where do I begin! first of all,...

"Well where do I begin! first of all, when I booked this holiday with first choice, it states lively (very true)and for families (no) it states in the brochure, bingo, discos, theme nights, table tennis, darts, none of these was happening, just the same old karaoke every night, oh I forgot barbeques some nights. This place had nothing for my kids.

When I first arrived 12.30 in the morning we stayed at block 6 had a broken toilet seat, holes in doors, and ants everywhere, very hot in the room no one explained you had to get a remote for the air conditioning, once I got a remote it was very cool and nice. Rooms average, cleaner was very nice came nearly everyday. Staff at the 24hr bar were nice, food ok.

A very lively place which is not recommended for families. In the day you just try to chill sunbathing reading a book, or have a dip in the pool then come 2.00pm well what a racket music just blaring out you would probably hear it in the UK! At night get totally out your head, that way you will get some sleep! Having had 2 kids with me it was impossible. The children were getting tired and wanting to go back about 1-2am you try to go sleep and then bang on your door about 4.00am idiots want to play knock door run, not amusing! I can honestly say I had 2 nights sleep out of the 14.

Fights broke out nearly every night, one night right outside my door this was about 5.30am you complain but you just waste your time, also while I was there apartments were being trashed. These people has no respect for nobody but themselves, as for a family place no, no way. Recommended for idiots 16 - 24 year olds, first time Cyprus and I think it will be the last.

by Green
4 / 10

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Me and two of my friends went to this...

"Me and two of my friends went to this hotel and came back yesterday and it was the best hotel we have ever stayed in!

Anyone who looking for a place with fun, young and friendly people, this is it! We will definitely be going back. We were very close to the bar and when we where asleep we didn’t hear anything at all. All the staff are extremely friendly and the atmosphere is great. Partying 24/7.

Definitely recommend it for young people out for a crazy time. Although there was some families there and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. I can’t explain how great this place is! Honestly stay here!

by C Adley
10 / 10

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Wonderful holiday, the apartments...

"Wonderful holiday, the apartments were great. They were roomy and clean. There was plenty of space for 2 of us as we were in a 1 bedroom apartment.

The swimming pools was brill, there were two. One where the children played and games were organised by the entertainment reps. The other pool was smaller and quieter. One night the hotel staff organised a bbq and it was a buffet-eat as much as you like style thing. I can't remember how much it was, maybe about £10 each or something, well it was worth going too. The food was delicious and the staff organised karaoke and bingo. Was lots of fun.

Ayia Napa is great. Plenty to do, water park is fab! Wanted to go again! We hired a car and toured the island. We went up the Troodos Mountains, what a beautiful part of the world. We went up the coast towards the ghost town of Famagusta and enjoyed stopping at the unspoiled Cypriot towns and villages. The beaches in Cyprus are something else.

We had a brill holiday, the weather was good for may, the apartments excellent, Ayia Napa lots of fun. Can't wait to go back!

by L J Cove
10 / 10

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After reading several bad reviews...

"After reading several bad reviews about these apartments, we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived.

Our apartment was huge and very clean and tidy, and although was located very near to the bar area, we heard little/no noise.

The bar and restaurant staff were extremely friendly, the food was lovely and not too expensive and the pool area was very clean and nice.

The apartments were perfectly located within Ayia Napa - only 2 minutes walk from the square and surrounded by lots of restaurants and bars.

We had a fantastic time and definitely will be returning next year!

by N Simmonds
10 / 10

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