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Very nice hotel

"Took the kids - 8 & 11 - and had a half board holiday. It was amazing. We had to book 2 rooms, dad + son in one room, mum + daughter in the other in order to get the best value (booked through CSMA-Coop holidays). This worked out fine.

The hotel I gather has been refurbished and is very modern, though rooms are simple - very contemporary (albeit small) en suite bathroom with shower. And nice built-in wooden wardrobes and attractive wooden dressing table with mirrors. Couldn't believe how excellent the maid service was - the room was swept clean and immaculately presented with beds beautifully made every day - always at our convenience (ie when we were out). Good aircon. Small balcony to each room, with 2 chairs + table and rails for drying towels. TV (you borrow a remote from reception with a 10 euro deposit). We all liked the restaurant food a lot - you help yourself to as much food and drink (inc. alcohol) as you like! They offered different selections of breaky and evening meals, clearly catering for British, Spanish, Portuguese and German peoples' expectations. Very good choice and standard, and excellent waiting service.

The hotel is v attractive, the pools were immaculately clean. The beach was pretty and clean too. Portinatx is a very nice spot. Our 8 year old played footy on the beach in the evenings with friends he made, while we watched over from the bar. He also loved the pool table. Our daughter loved it all too and it felt like a safe place with a little freedom to wander.

All in all, the hotel was welcoming and fun and the kids are clamouring to go back to this place next year!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, Half board, Booked Independently
by Nik_from_Bristol
8 / 10

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Overall a good holiday!!!!!

"After reading reviews on the hotel on this and other sites, me and my girlfriend didnt know what to expect of the hotel, but after only booking on the 14th and was flying on 16th we made the most of it!! The location of the hotel and Portinatx resort itself is brilliant the scenary and access to the beach was excellent from the hotel. Our balcony view wasn't the best as we had palm trees growing over our balcony, suppose it did give us some shade from the sun. The room itself was basic but nice enough, you only sleep in them whilst on hols. PLEASE NOTE on arrival you have to pay 10 euro's for the tv remote, this is a deposit which is refunded, but we went to reception twice during the week for a remote and both times we didnt get one, so the hotel are advertising a tv as a room extra, yet the hotel dont seem to have enough remotes to go round the hotel!!! Bathrooms in the rooms are nice. The lift in the hotel is very warm and it as a reputation for breaking down. The hotel as two pools, 1 is next to the reception, the other one is next to the bar and restaurant and is the best one for views onto the beach, the pool next to reception is harder to get a sun lounger next to, we found the one next to the bar easier. Entertainment in the hotel is very rare and not the best to be honest unless you like to listen to SID VICIOUS AND CHRIS TARRANT duet, (seriously they was a male duet one night with combined age of 150!!) Food in the hotel was very reasonable, I have read alot of bad reports about the food inside the hotel and to be honest it isnt to bad at all. Every meal time there was a wide variety of food on offer, so you can always find something to everyones taste. THE CHIPS ARE AMAZING BTW!!!Breakfast time the staff dont seem to rush in replenishing the food, also breakfast is the busiest time in the restaurant. (ALSO BEWARE OF THE HUNGRY SPANISH GUESTS!! THEY DONT LIKE QUEUEING, N THEY LIKE TO THROW THE ELBOWS AROUND!!!) Staff overall aren't to bad, reception staff very helpful and one girl in bar and one lad in restaurant very good other than that, you had to be spanish to get polite treatment!!"

by scottNem
8 / 10

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Goupotel Oasis? more like Groupotel Oh dear!

"Just got back from the pretty resort of Portinatx and the poor Hotel 'The Oasis'.

The Oasis has prime location, right on the beach. It is made up of three buildings. Views from the front of one of the buildings are represented in the guide photographs. The rooms at the back of this building and the other two buildings bear no resemblance to the brochure at all. Our room looked over trees about 25ft away and two blank walls right and left, below was a pile of builders rubbish.

Room had been refurbed but not finished. Still had masking tape around paintwork. Very, very basic. No fridge, no kettle, no hairdryer, no coathangers in the wardrobes. It did have a portatble TV but it didn't have an aerial, rendering it useless. Come on Groupotel, this is 2008. Temperature in room was unbearablle day and night. Following the refurb I could tell that a new Air Con unit had been fitted, however while laying on my bed I could see through the grill that the ducting didn't reach the unit. Basically there was no air con.

Cleaner came daily never swept or mopped. This I know because we moved the bed over to the balcony door every night in an attempt not to cook while we tried to sleep. Same dust and rubbish under the bed each evening. Never topped up complimentary shampoos etc or toilet rolls.

Restaurant was hot and almost unbearable. Same problems with substandard Air Con as in the rooms. Food was repetitive and predictable, very basic and un-imaginative. Breakfast was bearable, but after 3 days we started eating out in the evenings.

Bar was strange. Staff were doing me a favour serving me. It was like a game. As if, they didn't understand English, but, when I ordered in Spanish they found it difficult understanding that, too. Thats the only time I've ever been to Spain and not been understood. Strange.

Entertainment. Very basic. Three nights out of seven.

From Tuesday on we stayed away from the Hotel as much as possible. Even as a base it was not very good. On Friday I found a shop that sold tools and was able to buy a pair of wirecutters. While my wife distracted a guard, I managed to cut the wire of the perimeter fence and on Saturday we made our escape.

This was the worst place I've stayed in. My wife and I were very dissapointed.

Positives. The reception staff were helpful and nice. Resort was pretty. Some bars nearby.

by bashfulUk
4 / 10

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Beautiful Location.

"This hotel is set right on the beach. The views from our balcony where beautiful and I found Portinatx to be a tranquil and stunning location with plenty of shops and nice bars and restaurants. The hotel rooms where cleaned daily with fresh towels etc. The hotel itself was clean as was the pool areas. The staff seemed friendly and pleasant enough. However the hotel did have its down sides! The main one was the food. In the week I stayed there I only ate in the hotels restaurant twice and ate out the rest of the times. The Food it served was similar to that of a canteen. Cold meats, pickled foods and chips etc. The dining area also got vey crowded and in order to get a seat you needed to be down as soon as it opens! Rooms where quite hot during the day but in evenings they could be cooled down by leaving patio doors open. It was hard to get a sun lounger around the pool area and I suspect certain alarm clocks must be set to claim them! This was not much of a problem due to the beautiful beach just steeps down from the hotel.

Over all my experience of this hotel was more pleasant than un pleasant. I would like to come back to this resort but would book the self catering appartments of this company which look lovely.

by littlemisssunshine26
6 / 10

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holiday from hell

"where do i start arrived to be told that the rooms were not ready had to wait 3 hours in july heat with 4 kids. finally got one room and wish i hadn't it was dirty all the beds was push together not ideal with teenagers there were tiles missing on the floor toilet never been cleaned rubble in the wardrobe cig butts all over the garden area (and with a 6 year old running around this was a joke) no towels the hotel is split into 3 blocks 2 having different namesnobody tells you this so we were hunting round for the restaurant for what seemed hours and its split by a road which doesn't look big but is very busy and the list goes on and on ..tried getting moved 4 days later after constantly being on the phone were told that we would have to pay quite a bit of money finally through the travel agents to another hotel. would never ever go back in fact put me off portinax completely and thats a shame as it is quite a nice resort. personally i felt that 80% of the staff didn't like customers who spoke english. if you want any advice stay clear."

by DoncasterHidy
2 / 10

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This was our family's first holiday...

"This was our family's first holiday abroad and we could not have wished for better. We were recommended this hotel and location by immediate family who also joined us. In total there were 4 adults and 2 teenagers aged 15 and 19. We had 3 suites, which were very roomy and clean with 2 balconies in each. The bathrooms were large and spotlessly clean. Upon our arrival, the staff could not have been friendlier. We arrived mid-morning and well before the check-in time of 2pm, and even though the rooms were still being prepared, our cases could be locked safely away and because we were all inclusive, were given wrist bands immediately, so that we could take advantage of the lunch and refreshments.

There were no complaints from any of our party with regard to the selection of foods available. I am quite fussy, but there was always a great choice of salads, cooked foods and an abundance of fruits and ice-cream always available, and was always topped-up when empty.

In particular, I must mention how friendly the staff were. Nothing was too much trouble for them, from the reception staff to the maids, and especially the restaurant manager and his staff. We were always made welcome at every meal, with drinks often waiting for us before we seated.

The hotel is situated just a flight of steps away from the beach, which is set in a cove and was very clean.

The evening entertainment was fairly limited with 2 different acts during our week's stay, although these were well organised. The bars opposite also had alternate entertainment i.e. quiz nights and karaoke; therefore it appears that the various venues take it in turn to have in-house entertainment.

Portinatx itself has a few nice restaurants, chemist, and an array of gift shops, all within a short walk, with a hippy market which is well worth a visit.

All in all, we found this holiday to be both relaxing and enjoyable, to the extent that we have also been back again since this visit.

by  S Angel
10 / 10

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hated it

"booked through jmc ,honestly would say the worst holiday ever.

the room was boiling ,ceiling fan was next to useless

there was rarely any hot water for a shower and 4 times

we had to get a handyman out to open door as lock on door was kids could not eat any food in the hotel and there

seemed like a bad atmosphere all the time between the german and french !.

we never used the pool as the germans were dominating

the sunbeds and the kids were not allowed to use lilo's.

portinatx is very pretty to look at but is so boring .

i would never EVER set foot in this hotel again if it was offered

free of charge

by barcrawler
2 / 10

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Absolutely hated it

"We have just returned from our stay in Ibiza at the Oasis Hotel, it was most definately the worst ever hotel I have stayed at. From getting there the staff made our stay hell, they were rude, unhelpful, very miserable and did not like the English. We stayed away from the hotel as much as we possibly could, the room was ok, it was clean and we had no problem with ants or anything, it was very hot with no air con. Cleaners were there every day and they were probably the only friendly staff who worked there. The pool was clean though there wasn't many sunbeds, on the few times we did sunbathe round there the staff from the bar especially the manager made us feel really uncomfortable and unwelcome. I would not recommend this hotel at all."

by HoganM
2 / 10

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Oasis- it wasn't.

"Stayed a week All inclusive,arrived 13;00 told quite abruptly that the room wasn't ready ,go and get something to eat and that the dining room was down the road,he didn't mention it was in another building with a different name above the door,so spent time looking for it .had lunch (nice) then went for the key saw a girl this time ,took her ages to come to the desk,to see to us then looked suprised when we asked where the room was ,her reply being "down the road and take the lift, you'll find it" Good start to the holiday yeh!. Nice room but far too hot the ceiling fan was much too slow,and the bathroom was too hot and airless.Dining room was ok, the top table cloth was changed for each person but the underneath ones were grubby.Food was good and the dining staff were pleasant. Towards the end of the week it did feel a bit like the school canteen though. The bar was great if you were German or Spanish, unfortunately I'm English,and i was ignored on several occasions with others being served before me ,who obviously came after me.Once after having the same drink a few nights running (a beer) the barman suddenly couldn't understand me, and made it difficult for me .The pools were good and not very packed ,a few times we had the top pool to ourselves. The entertainment was not good , the brochure said lots of entertainment ,but I don't find Monday night and friday night sufficient.The cleaner was very good ,no problems there, there were ants on our balcony but again no real problem.

Portinax was great, not to busy for the time of year,and we would go back there,but not to this hotel

by colbo32
4 / 10

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Wouldn't recommend it......

"Rooms were absolutley boiling, the celing fan made absolutley no difference. Rooms were dirty, though the bathrooms did seem clean. The food was very canteen like and in short supply at busy times. Pool areas were delapidated and not a great supply of sunbeds. The only saving grace was that the location was very good, right on the beach and walking distance to the few bars and restaurants in the resort. We went on an All-inclusive 4 day break, and it served it's " cheap & kind of cheerful" purpose to cover the breakfast lunch and daytime drinks. We had dinner there once, but were not impressed, we ate out all other nights."

by KP2705
4 / 10

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Wouldn't recommed it but you get what you pay for.

"I arrived about 9pm at night and was very tired. The guy at reception was helpful. Got to my room and it was like walking into a sauna. There was a Ceiling fan but it was very clunky. I was in a single room, on the 1st floor and facing the beach which turned out to be bad. Its VERY loud from the bars with their tacky English pub quizzes going on to the kids outside running around screaming. Then there was the ants... not loads, but enough. Admittedly I didnt complain but wish i had. I was tired but couldnt sleep as it was too hot, but had to shut my door as it was too loud. There was a note to say you could hire a fridge, remote control for the TV and safe so I went to reception the next day. The girl there was really rude, some people were complaining to her and she just walked off. Anyway, I asked about the fridge and they told me, oh, you dont have one in that room...great.... it was already hot enough so it was everything warm and melted.

The food was pretty average, actually a bit like school dinners. urgh

Apart from the Hotel, Portinatx is really pretty, but its very boring after a few nights...

I wouldnt recommend it....

by empty
4 / 10

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awful at the oasis

"We arrived room not ready until 3pm said 2pmso unhelpful, asked questions got told to read a book, asked how far the market at escana was, she said too far, i said what about a bus she replied 3 buses, the receptionist was got into room in old part of the resort not in main hotel,after trying to carry the cases up 3 flights! no lift met a nice english couple who helped carry our cases thank god,and air condition was a fan on the ceiling so hot, unpacked, fridge not included only at a charge same as the safe and the tv, could only have it on if you paid for the remote control, went to explore hotel,this was not in my opinion an all incl. could not have anything at the bar only certain drinks ai unless you paid! only a pina colarda was on the cocktail list, didnt taste any alcohol in it at all, No food all day unlike most all inc. cakes served at 3 -5 and went about 3.10 that was,unless you were near the pool at front ,then you missed out but there was not enough sunbeds at that pool, you had to go across the road to the other pools, then trek across when you wanted anything, staff was not at all helpful or polite they kept you waiting, normally the staff make your holiday but didnt really want to speak to you, manager was really miserable, went back up to the room, and we were invaded by ants all crawling up the suitcases, rang reception a gentleman came after the second phone call, and said only had a room for 2 we had 3. didnt fancy lugging cases down 3 flights anyway!,so bought up ant spray.

We had to hire a car, too far to go anywhere, nowhere at all to go in portinetx couple of bars nearby but that really was it. One thing when you did eat it was quite nice. but personally I would avoid the oasis.

Sandra. Marie & Lily

by sandra0208
2 / 10

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