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I have just returned from a week...

"I have just returned from a week staying at the Alpha Apartments. There were 4 of us sharing a room, as per the brochure guide however, the rooms would barely sleep 2. The room was very dirty and was not cleaned at anytime during our stay. We had to ask reception for toilet rolls as they were not replenished and the towels and bed sheets were not changed once during the week. The lifts were very small with graffiti on the walls. I wouldn't recommend this hotel to anyone and I couldn't wait to leave.

I was well aware that Benidorm is simply Blackpool with sun but thought for weeks stag do, it wouldn't be that bad. Be warned, Benidorm is full of plebby English people whose clothes are generally two sizes too small. This was only made worse by the fact that the hotel staff have no cleanliness skills and are incapable of running a hotel.

by Not Having A Good Time In Benidorm
1 / 10

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although we did have a good time...

"although we did have a good time there .it was very basic an there was ment to be four of everthing there wasnt as in glasses cutlery etc. the hotel was clean an had its own bar an cafe an the food was good an pretty cheep! the pool was small but was good . the cooker you hed to light urself an had to buy something to light it with ! an when u did nearly takes ur hair off!!! the toaster was melting at the top an kept poping up .. an you have to pay for air con 50cent for an hour .an have to hire the telly if you want to watch it . beware of channel 10 its pure porn!!!! day an night so dont let the kids change the channel . but apart from that we had a good time .. tommys bar is just round the corner that was good an it was bogof on drinks every night till 11pm hic!! an dont fall for the scratch card folk its a con"

by celtic lady
5 / 10

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Just returned from 2 weeks staying at...

"Just returned from 2 weeks staying at the Alpha.My wife and I are in our mid forties and found the apartments well suited for our needs.It is also perfect for people with young families.

Rooms were serviced once a week and fresh towels twice a week.Very centrally situated.Sleeping with balcony doors open you get a bit of noise from the Rose and Crown's terrible kareoke singers(of which I was one).

The only thing that spoiled my experience was the last weekend when a bunch of rowdy foul mouthed,ganja smoking neds moved in below us.They got home at 6AM making as much noise as they could.

If you can miss the louts you will have a good time.

8 / 10

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after reading the cmments on this...

"after reading the cmments on this page i was dreading goin 2 the alpha but when i got there i was pleasantly surprised the apartment was spotless and the staff were all really friendly there was a bit of noise from the bars below at night but nothin major i wud definetly go 2 these apartments again"

by I Ad A Gr8 Time
10 / 10

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i was very happy with my holiday,we...

"i was very happy with my holiday,we had our grandchild with us his first holiday,what can i say andy in the bar was excellent with the child and all the other staff were super and i be going back in september,i would recommend the alpha to any one,even if you want something quiet well you have got this to enjoy"

10 / 10

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apartments were basic but...

"apartments were basic but comfortable. A bit of a shock to be askedfor 100 euro deposit on arrival.

Andy the barman was very friendly.

No real noise to speak of but we did hear of others having trouble with stag weekenders etc.

Overall a good base if you dont mind basic facilities. The room was never cleaned the whole time we were there. We were given clean towels once.

by CJ Sansom
9 / 10

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I have just returned from the Alpha...

"I have just returned from the Alpha apartments which were basic but clean. Upon arrival I was informed a 60 euro deposit was payable which was returned when leaving. There was construction work of 2 new apartment blocks which were very nearby. The road leading to the Alpha apartments leading from the beach is on a small incline which is tree lined which is fine during daylight but takes on a new meaning late at night as our party was confronted (by undesirables), so I would strongly recommend a taxi home. David Platt, manchester"

6 / 10

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Myself, my friend and my parents...

"Myself, my friend and my parents stayed at these apartments last summer for a week.

On arrival it wasnt much to look at to be honest!

Reception are very unorganised and I wasnt convinced they knew what they were actually meant to be doing either on that note.

The lifts were very small and cramped which was a bit of a hassel.

When we eventually got in to the room we were greated by a clean, pleasant, basic room as we expected.

Large balcony too with pool view which was nice.

The staff were averagely friendly, a lot of them did'nt understand english very well though which was quite difficult at times to communicate!

Alpha Apartments is so central which i loved the most. There is a great place to the right from the main enterance of the apartments called Stanley Park Inn, where most mornings we would go for our breakfast. Welsh family - very friendly!

Alpha apartments is also a 5 minute walk from all the pubs and clubs at the 'English Square' if your into nights out like that. If not there is always Tommys next door to the apartments which you can't miss! GREAT if you like 'happy hour' and bingo, kareoke, comedians and all different kind of acts.

Overall Alpha apartments were great and you get what you pay for!

Will be arriving there in June this year again, cannot wait! :)

by M Morrice
8 / 10

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I went for 2 weeks and shared with 3...

"I went for 2 weeks and shared with 3 other people. The maid came once the whole time we were there and then only gave us clean towels. The bathroom didn’t get cleaned once; kitchen was disgusting all the furniture in poor condition. Sofa bed was broken, asked the manager to fix it but he never came. So we ended up sleeping on a mattress on the floor for 2 weeks. Not enough toilet paper for 4 people sharing a room. Asked for some more but we was only allowed one toilet roll per week. Only about 20 sun beds for about 60 people, so you had to fight for them in the morning. The lifts were in very bad condition. There was drill holes on the door where it looked like people had broken in previously. Would never stay here again even if some one paid me! The food was nice but that was about it."

by Dawson
1 / 10

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The rooms were pretty dirty on...

"The rooms were pretty dirty on arrival and were of a pretty basic standard. My father and mother in law were in the next apartment and found a used condom on the balcony on arrival. I suspect there is no inspection after cleaning.

We paid a £40 deposit and got it back no problem (even although no-one inspected the rooms after us!). The lifts were something that you would see in The Bill in the flats. Summing it up. Decent location. Pretty poor standards. At least the pool was clean and you didn’t pay for the sun beds.

by W Stevenson
4 / 10

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Hi just read some reviews about the...

"Hi just read some reviews about the Alpha apartments need to disagree. I found the rooms and staff clean and really friendly especially nacho the barman.

It was my 1st time abroad with my 2 girls and ill definitely be back next year. I had a great time there so did my 2 kids. Roll on July can’t wait!

The hotel was very central if you like pubs and clubs, it’s only a short distance away. The staff in my opinion can’t do enough for you and are really helpful, if you’ve got a problem they will help you out.

The pool I must say is a little on the small side and rather cold. The room I was in was really clean and spacious with a really big balcony, nice to watch the world go by. Good for young families and couples.

by  A Lindsay
10 / 10

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I stayed at the alpha apartments last...

"I stayed at the alpha apartments last year and it was terrible, the rooms were disgusting and unclean.

Maids came once a week, the staff just stood around talking and the pool was never cleaned, I would never go there again.

by xxangie06xx
1 / 10

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