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Rhodes, Greece
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Good Holiday

"We have stayed at the Filimon twice in the last 12 years and although we enjoyed the experience in the main part, it was spoilt by a number of small issues; namely children running round pool, traffic fumes from road directly adjacent to pool and the feeling that if you are not spending money at the hotel bar (as we didn't) you are not important. Having said that the hotel was clean and breakfast adequate. However, the owner made me feel slightly uncomfortable on occasion just sitting and watching everyone around the pool."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, Breakfast Included, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Explore on foot
by biggles
5 / 10

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Filimon & Angeli8na

"What a ;ovely relaxing holiday. They are so frindly. Its not a rowdy hol' But if you want sun and relaxation, this is for you. 3*, however, your rooms are cleaned nearly everyday. Filamon and Angelina are lovely people. Filamon is funny. You are made to feel like a guest & relax. The beach down the hill has crystal clear waters.The fish swim around you!,If you have walking problems, this will not be for you. If you want to be revived after a long years work, then this is the place to go. I cried when we got on the coach home! Nan & Baz"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Go there to relax
  • Good For: Beach
by pefkos
10 / 10

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month holiday

"Had stayed at Filimons For last couple of years.

Filimon & Angela are very friendly, can't do enough for you.

Decided to stay for a month when we retired.

Glad we did. Meet up with lots of friends from years before.

Great Bar-b-ques every tuesday & friday.

Meet with Ray & Pat again doing Kareoke.

Hop to be be going back .

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Great place for relaxing
  • Activities: George's restaurant,
  • Good For: Beach
by babslux
10 / 10

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"Had stayed at Filimons many times, and always made weclome, so we

decided to stay for a month when we retired form work.

Very glad we did. Saw people who had been there for the

last couple of years.

Angela and Filimon could not do enough for us.

Great Bar-B-Que every Tuesday & Friday.

Pool very clean. Will go back.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Beautiful place to relax. Not for the lively
  • Activities: George's restaurant,
  • Good For: Beach
by babslux
10 / 10

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What can we say that hasn't already...

"What can we say that hasn't already been said about this fantastic hotel !

It certainly was home from home, filimon, angela, caroline and george couldnt do enough to help.

Our 2 daughters loved the place as much as we did, i'm writing this review the day after we have gotten back to let everyone now how much we have enjoyed our time in pefkos and at the filimon.

It will be a crying shame if filimon and angela don't open next year due to issues with tour opperators not paying on time etc.

We had a fantastic time and if it's open we will return, if not, we hope filimon and angela enjoy their retirement.

Steve, Lisa, Jessica and Molly 24th Aug 2008

by Reid
10 / 10

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I would totally endorse the last...

"I would totally endorse the last persons comments-just arrived back from this hotel.Caroline and George are so nice and helpful.Found Filoman to be very offhand and witnessed rudeness to other guests.I wouldn't stay there again .The rooms were very basic and badly in need of updating and we had alot of ants in our room running over the cooker etc. The English cleaning lady was lovely and tried hard to sort the problem out, but in the end the ants still came in through the walls. All in all we had a lovely holiday and Pefkos is a nice resort, but would stay in other accommodation next time."

by  D Roy
6 / 10

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Stayed at the filimon august 2008....

"Stayed at the filimon august 2008. Nice small place with a good location. Cariline and George who work incredible long hours there, are fantastic! they are kind, helpful and very friendly. They should run there own place as i'm sure they would do very well. Filimon on the other hand was friendly when it suited.... spending money at the bar! We found him very rude to one woman guest who had been staying there, The coach that was taking her and her family to the airport was over one hour late (this was late in the evening) she had been waiting in the reception for hours for the coach to pick her up, obviously concerned about her coach she came into the bar and asked filimon to check on the coach as it was over an hour late, We were shocked at his response to the woman... he started shouting at her in front of alot of guests, acusing her of leaving the hotel and drinking in a neighbouring bar, saying she had missed the coach because she had left the hotel.. "fillimon not stupid!" was what he was shouting to other guests and he shouted this poor humiliated woman out of the bar! ourselves and othr guests were shocked! It turrned out the coach was late! Filimon said the woman had been here for two weeks and not once had a drink in his bar! tha ticked him off!on our last night we had our room til 7 in the evening and our coach was picking us up at 10.30pm. We sat in the bar that was very busy with people coming and going. As they do snacks we decided to eat as we would have a long time before our flight, my husband asked Angela (fillimons wife) for something to eat.. her response was " what do you want! we are very busy and i have been working all day!" The conclusion i have come to is when you are a guest and spending money filimon would say"fresh people fresh money" but when you leave they cant wait to see you go! Thank god for caroline & george!"

by T B
6 / 10

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The Filimon Hotel is owned and run by...

"The Filimon Hotel is owned and run by Filimon and his wife both of whom are excellent hosts and very very friendly.

We only stayed there a week but looked through his life collection of family photographs! Filimon is an absolute gent and very funny and makes everybody very welcome. While we were there, a family from Norway were also there and we later found out that they have been going back to the Filimon for more than 10 years and on their last night Filimon cooked them all a traditional Greek meal - really nice touch!

The rooms are very clean and spacious and have lovely views of the sea. The hotel itself has a very spacious layout and all rooms have air conditioning which at 40 euros a week is one of the cheapest we have found - a must when the temperature is 50 degrees!!

The Filimon Hotel is about a 10 minute walk out of the main part of Pefkos and we normally pick accomodation like this as we don't mind walking a bit and find it's a bit quieter at night, however Pefkos is very quiet at night as all outdoor music has to end by 12pm by law. The hotel is about 10 min walk to the beach, which are picturesque and peaceful.

Pefkos itself is a lovely place and not as small as the brochures make out. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from and it has quite a modern feel to it with some of the hotels restaurants and swimming pools looking very clean and modern but still very Greek. The Eclipse bar is a must see with it's waterfall and pool through the day which transforms into a nightclub/bar at night.

Would definitely stay here again and would choose the Filimon Hotel again as he is such a great bloke!

Great Holiday !!!

by N J Gatens
9 / 10

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Me and my family have just stayed at...

"Me and my family have just stayed at these apartments for 7 nights and they were fantastic, it was our first time to pefkos and we loved every minute.Every thing was perfect the location was good just a short stroll from the bars and restaurants and a nice walk to the beach.The owners of the apartments were lovly they couldnt do enough for you, always there to hand and they work so hard.I am a Travel Agent so i will be certainly recommending the Filomon apartments to my customers."

by K Fisher
10 / 10

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we have been to many different...

"we have been to many different islands and resorts in greece . we found the filimon hotel the friedliest and most hospitable of anywhere we have stayed. the apartment was very clean with clean towels and bedsheets 3 times aweek. filimon and angela were the perfect hosts and made it a holiday never to forget. strongly reccomended ian + maureen , middlesbrough"

by Ian Jones
10 / 10

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well me and my partner stayed their...

"well me and my partner stayed their last year only a week wish it was longer my first time abroad in my life and it was brill they made you feel welcome maids came in every day and were very nice i will be going back filimon and his wife were brill"

10 / 10

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We stayed in Pefkos last year and...

"We stayed in Pefkos last year and were fairly disappointed with the hotel in which we stayed in The Coliseum, although we loved the resort. We decided this would not put us off and decided to come back this year. We booked the Filimon not really knowing much about it. We were delighted we had a very warm welcome from Filimon and his wife Angela.

We were shown to our rooms very quickly, they were basic but lovely and clean. We requested a sea view and that is what we got and the view was stunning. After unpacking we decided to explore, Filimon was in the bar with Stavros the barman and straight away invited us in with free drinks. Filimon and his family are so welcoming and cannot do enough to ensure you have a wonderful holiday nothing is too much for them.

Every Tuesday and Friday is Barbecue night. For 8 euros you can eat as much as you like and Filimon insists everyone get up and have more, there is also karaoke and Filimon himself joins in, it is fantastic entertainment.

The walk to the centre of Pefkos is about 15 mins but this does not matter when you consider how good the hotel Filimon is. I made some friends who I have kept in touch with, and we have decided to meet up again next year at the Filimon.

by J Richards
10 / 10

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