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Vathi, Crete 28300, Greece
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Couldn't believe it after reading other reviews

"After seeing some of the other reviews before I went (June 2012) I was pleasantly surprised with the Hotel. The appartments were basic yes, however it was all that was needed for a group of 7 lads! We met a group of 7 girls over there and they agreed that the hotel was spot on. The staff were all polite and friendly despite the language barrier and did as much as they could to help.

Passports were taken as soon as we arrived and we were told this was for two reasons, one incase anything was damaged or lost and two just to generally keep them safe.

The pool was very clean and the rooms were cleaned a few times during the week!

The security guard was absolutely fine despite a few noisey events and we were told we was being fined on more than one occasion but I think this is to just shut you up!

I can honestly say that I would go back to this hotel if I were to go to Malia again however, I dont think that will be happening!

PS, the PR people will leave you alone if you say your going to bed/travelling home in the morning etc! Dont let them all drag you in as many of them are full of it!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by Rniles
8 / 10

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Not that great

"Overall we had a great time in malia, but these apartments are very very basic and not very clean at all, we had to buy plastic forks, knifes and cups because there was none, we only actually used the kettle as nothing else was clean, it was very cramped and only had aircon in the one room so was quite hot, the balcony is very very small. The bathroom isn't that great either, mouldy shower and what not! The pool was lovely and the staff were nice once you got to know them, the pool bar did some great cocktails, the cleaner was an absolute saint cleaning up any mess whatsoever, including when someone threw up in our sink. Its quite far from the beach, and theres a corner shop just up the road, and nice restaurant doing english breakfast for a mere 4 euros, the strip wasn't far either. Overall we met some great people and had a good time, just the apartments weren't that nice so i wouldn't stay here!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by princess123456er
3 / 10

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"Myself and 8 of my friends stayed here at the end of august 2011. Worst apartments ever i know when your booking 18-30 you expect basic but this was beyond basic. We arrived and the owner was so rude just took our passports of us and didnt explain why though i suppose this was incase u damaged anything in the room!.. As we were a big crowd we got the ground floor apartments which we woke up to a wall every morning not a pretty site! If u book here make sure to request a balcony! We had no hot water at all during our stay! Bed sheets were clean but still had lots of stains on them.. Ants were crawling the cupboards and tables so we always ate out also our apartment door was broken so basically anyone could walk in.. If we ever tryed to ask the owner anything he never replied or else it was just no ..The only decent thing i liked was the pool and also u arnt allowed to bring any other drink from supermarkets or even water to the pool all has to be bought from the bar.. However malia itself was Amazinggggggg loved it! but these apartments are just disgustin book somewhere else!"

by Lou12
2 / 10

4 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Amazing !

"Stayed here in July 2011 and can honestly say it was amazing !! Before we went we read lots of horrible reviews but to be honest i think it was just snobby people being picky , no one expects 5 star in malia with club 18-30 . We arrived around 12 at night and the reps weree very helpful with telling us how to get around etc . It did take a wee while to get to our room but when we did we were surprised at how clean it was . One of the reps even helped us with our cases !!

Also we didnt have annoying reps here that tryed to get you to buy everything , they just asked you and if you said no they were fine with that. It is reallly close to the strip , there is also a short cut through a sort of field but i wouldnt advise aanyone to go through there as it look quite dodgey .

The secruity guard was really nice he didnt mind people coming back to the appartments .

The only problems we had was with the owner of the hotel , an old women !!! she was horrrible . Our friends were in our room and she was trying to kick us out . We just ignored her and the next day one of the reps came knocking at the door and asked what happenedd ,although he completely understood where we were coming from . The wee women tried to charge us 100 euros for this and put a wee bit of paper telling us this . But on the day of our check out she forgot all about the 100 euros although we had to pay a 10 euros for breaking the dooor .

The Odyssey is nuts ! Malia is amazing and would go back in a second .

by xxxxxx
9 / 10

7 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Definitely go to Malia, just not this hotel!

"Advertised as self-catering but it was beyond basic. If it was basic there would have at least been a plate, a glass etc for each person staying in the room. Just a hob provided, no kettle or toaster but on the up side there was a fridge which had a freezer compartment which was great for keeping water cold.

So having read previous reviews I was a little apprehensive. It's always a good sign when the coach drops you off at a dirt track leading up to the hotel with a bin that absolutely stank :/ Smelt like something / someone had died in there. Passports were ‘confiscated’ on arrival in exchange for a room key. There were 10 of us all together and we were all on the same floor. 4 of our friends stayed in one room while the other 4 stayed in another. Luckily myself and my other mate were on a separate booking so we got a room to ourselves. Rooms were dirty on arrival. Ants in the room, hairs on the beds and unsightly stains. When they were changed the next day they weren’t clean sheets, they were just different sheets with a different set of stains on! The shower was a square which was very small and ridiculously close to the toilet. Water would spray everywhere so you had to be mindful of the pressure you had it on. The showers also flood and the shower curtain was just something that was in the way. In Greece you can’t flush your toilet paper down the toilet but we did as putting it in the bin is not advisory in a small space like that. Careful you don’t use too much though, there’s a fine for blocking the toilet. Oh, and before you even think about that you’ll have to buy your own toilet paper first!

For having a reputation as being a party hotel and being referred to as a zoo, it was very strict and the hotel walls were camouflaged with notices about fines... very welcoming. Security would follow you the second you returned to the hotel from your night out and make sure you went into your own room. They were constantly there to find any excuse to fine you. Luckily we didn’t get fined but I don’t know how. You weren’t allowed to bring anyone back and had to stay in your own rooms. We went to the girls’ room next door after a night out for more drinks but we were told to leave. You weren’t allowed to bring your own food or drinks to the pool. This had to be purchased at the bar. I read it was something to do with the tax laws in Greece but perhaps this is just another money making scheme. Food is nice but we ate out mostly or bought stuff from the supermarket. Sticky Fingers does really good food. You can find this on the strip along with other nice places where we ate breakfast. Don’t go to the one nearest the hotel, the food is awful, stick to the ones on the strip. 2 minutes walk away from the hotel there is a pizza shop. Pizza Pit Stop I think it was called. Really nice pizzas which we got most nights before heading out on the strip.

Oh another thing. The rooms aren't exactly secure. Make sure that when you shut the door that you also turn the key as it doesn't lock automatically when shut. We managed to 'break into' a friend's room with an o2 Top-up card. The door looked like it'd already been booted in to be fair. I read a review that said they were broken into and another person who returned to find a random drunk passed out in their bed. Security had just let him in. Luckily nothing like that happened to us but security did just let me in one night when I returned a couple of minutes ahead of my mates. I could have been anyone! Definitely pay to get a safety deposit box.

At the end of our holiday, after our room was inspected for damages we got our passports back (apparently it’s just the girls who get their passports back on day 2 of the holiday) Our flight was late so we paid to keep a room. The Greek woman who doesn’t speak much English seemed to want us to leave as soon as we’d paid. “Checkout? Checkout!” is all she managed to say. Oh and before you leave you have to empty the bin in your room and put it in the one on the corridor. Ok maybe it's not too much to ask but come on, we're on holiday! I shouldn't have to do things like that, it's what cleaning staff are paid to do surely. On getting our passports back I noticed our room number had been written on one of the pages of my passport. Only in pencil but still! Odyssey Appartments? Pfft, more like Alcatraz Apartments. We used to joke it was like being in a concentration camp. You had to laugh and just remember it was only a place to sleep! A previous review said, "The Odyssey looks after your passport for the duration of your stay" More like so you can't escape!Had a great holiday overall. Oh and Water City is a must visit if you enjoy water parks! Beach is also great and had some fun water sports e.g. being dragged out to sea on inflatable rings by a speed boat. Great fun but hurts your neck the next day. Well worth it! Nice bars for snacks on the beach too. Anyway I could talk about how great Malia is but this review is mainly for the hotel. I could also add further detail of how bad the hotel was but this review is already quite lengthy. Hope I got the main points. Don’t go to the Odyssey! Do go to Malia!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Bring insect repellent for the ants in the room, bring your own towel
  • Good For: Beach
by Deano.p
3 / 10

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love maliaaa

"me and 12 other girls stayed here some for a week some for two overall had an amazing time loved malia would definatley return but not to these apartments!

they advertise the rooms as 'self catering' however we had no cooking appliances whatsover no kettle, the hob we did have was broke and nothing was done to fix it despite reporting it several times. We had one glass to drink out of between 3 people and were charged for plastic glasses from the bar. The staff are awful and really unreasonable they refused to give us our passports back until checkout and could not find one of my friends passports for 2 hours and had nothing to say but not our problem. Also for advertising as an 18-30 hotel compared to others we have stayed in it was so strict there is a list of rules with rediculous fines which you cannot negoiate on my friend got fined 300 euros for kicking her door in as she was locked out and they refuse to let you back in your room. The pool was nice and the atmosphere when drinking before you go out is good but the staff and the facilities are pretty bad. Would definatley reccomend malia itself just not this hotel :)

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: spend as little time in the appartments as possible
  • Good For: Beach
by malia 11
3 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Best 2 weeks of my life !

"Just returned from having 2 weeks in Malia and stayed at Odyssey Apartments. I had the best 2 weeks of my life and staying at Odyssey was perfect for us ! It's very basic with a simple cooking hob and a shower the floods slightly but otherwise completely worth what you pay. The room is cleaned regularly and towels etc changed every few days, though i advise you to take your own beach towel ! The snack bar is priced very well and the pool is lovely and clean. Just up the road is a very cheap restaurant/bar with lovely staff and opposite a pizza take away. The strip of bars and clubs is a short 5 minute walk at most and the beach about 10. Staff are friendly and look after your passports for you during your stay. Unfortunately you do have to pay for air con and key for the safe but its worth it as the room is boiling during the day and its nice to come home to a cool room and knowing your stuff is safely put away ! Odyssey is very noisy all night, buzzing with young people which is great, so don't expect to sleep much ! I'd definitely recommend Odyssey for its simple accommodation, great location and price ! Would go back again next year ! =)"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by Shortay
8 / 10

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Quality place!!!!!! Brilliant Holiday

"We arrived in July 2011 as a group of 12 - 6 boys 6 girls. We had 3 apartments of 4 people. I was a bit nervous when we arrived that we would be dotted around on different floors, but the guy on reception was really nice and we were all on the same floor bit, 2 next door to eachother and one opposite which was brilliant.

The rooms were all decent, they varied slightly ie one room had 2 balconies but no window in the bathroom, whereas another room had 1 balcony but a massive living room bit compared to another which had a bigger bedroom. They are all decent though and definately livable in for 2 weeks without any problems. We didnt cook in the room and had never planned too but there wasnt much to use if had wanted to, you get cutlery, pans and 2 hobs and thats about it: no microwave or kettle etc. The shower was a bit tempermental and tended to soak the bathroom!! But never to an extreme and if you put a few towels down on the floor to make sure nobody slips you wont have any problems.

The pool is really nice, a good side and shallow at one end and really deep at the other, so great for diving in (or being pushed in as the case was). There is a pool bar aswell which is good, it has a pool table, and does some reaaaalllllly good cocktails for 4 euros which is well worth it for all the alcohol in there. They also serve food there ie fry ups, pizzas, mixed grills etc which are cheap too and good if you cant be bothered going out to eat! There is always good music blasting round the pool, house/dance/chart etc from like 11 till 6ish so if you want a quiet chilled out day id probably go elsewhere, although you are in malia so your gonna struggle to find peace and quiet. The apartments are called 'the zoo' and i can see why hahaha its full of big groups of lively people, all really good and everyone gets to know eachother, quite a few times we had parties/others did and everyone turned up and partied before we all hit the strip. There is such a good atmosphere in the place!

The apartments themselves are in such a good location its ridiculous. You are literally 5 mins away from the strip one direction and 5 mins away from the beach in the other, and there is 2 supermarkets, a bakery and other little shops about 2 mins away. There is also a takeaway 1 minute away which is open till 6 so always handy for the drunken walk home!! I heard that one person got robbed while we were there but we had no problems at all, and we went out with our balconies wide open. There is a safety deposit box in the room but we didnt bother using it. The maids are trustworthy aswell, we left money, phones, cameras, makeup and jewellery out because we didnt realise they were coming round that particular day and they do not touch a thing. They clean decently aswell: change sheets, mop floors, tidy bathroom, empty bins etc like 2/3 times a week. They change the towels twice a week but we needed them changing more than that because we got them covered in uv paint/sick/drunken related things so we just went to reception and they sent a load more up!

The only thing id say be careful of is making sure you dont break anything. They keep your passport from when you arrive until you checkout, and when you do check out they inspect the rooms to make sure nothing is broke/missing. They are very strict about this ie counting all the towels etc and some people we met got charged for breaking a glass and staining the curtain. You can keep the room on for extra time at 5 euros per hour that you want to keep it on, which comes in handy if you have a flight at like 4am which we did, because you have to check out by lunchtime otherwise.

The reps vicki and mongo are BRILLIANT, such a laugh, and helpful aswell about trips and the best clubs to go to etc.

Malia is an amazing place, i would massively recommend anyone to go there! I had the best 2 weeks of my life there! I would definately go back and I would definately stay at the Odyssey again!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Make friends with other people in the rooms near you, try the cocktail Sex at Oddsey!!
  • Good For: Beach
by Mancunian Malia Minx
9 / 10

6 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Shabby but great fun!

"We were a group of six of us 5 girls and one boy. We arrived at odyssey apartments around 2.30am in the morning. One of the Thomas Cook reps took us through the hotel and to the bar to sort out our rooms...the man at the bar demanded 6 passports off us before we could get our room key. We then were showed our rooms by the lady, it was very basic, no cups, 1 pan, no kettle, no microwave, no oven just a little stove thing we didn't even use it. we had some knife, forks and spoons which was a bonus! Our balcony door wouldn't open the sheets had stains on... we were actually expecting worse as from some of the reviews some people turned up and they didn't have a door on there room! You have to pay for the air conditioning and its 40euros for a week I think.. but we were pretty lucky as they had left it on from the last week, I think it is worth getting it because u do get so hot! In the room the shower will possible leak all over the floor just put a few towels down before you get in the shower and it should be ok it just gets really slippy and you don't want to fall over. Once we had checked out our room we went to the other girls which was pratically in the corner of the hotel and was really dark to get down it... we had asked for both rooms to be next to eachother, to have a balcony and not to be on the ground floor and a pool view. The other room had none of this which was a bit disappointing but it was fine in the end as we all made different friends to chat to. The other room was much bigger they didn't have any air conditioning and there door to the outside bit was broken already. In the morning we told the reps about the door and they fixed it straight away. The two escapades Reps were Mongo and Viki they were really lovely and helped us if we needed it. We went to out welcome rep in the morning after having no sleep due to the noise in the hotel people banging pans, moving furniture etc till about 8 in the morning, that was the worst night sleep I had when I was there but once you get a few drinks down you... you will honestly sleep like a baby! This hotel is called 'the zoo' for a reason everyone is just proper mad and up for a laugh. The pool area is very nice if you like falling asleep in sunbeds I wouldn't advise it as our party got chucked in the pool several times! If you break anything in you room or do anything your not supposed to you will get fined for it and possibly evicted from you rooms. The lad that came with us skinny dipped and nearly got a 50euros fine on the first night! Also while we were there some lads set fire to there curtains in there rooms, broke there door down and soaked the matress's with water... the lady that owns the hotel was not happy and wanted to evict them which they nearly did but they got a 200 euros. the rep Vicki had to sort this out and handed it really well. One thing you must get is a safety deposit box, lots of people were getting robbed while being there no one who we spoke to when we were there had been robbed. The security guard that was there at the time George was useless he let me in too about 4 rooms just cause I couldn't get into my own haha! The booze cruise is a laugh and ours was 52euros you get a free bar for 1 hour and a half which is alright and you can get like 4 drinks at a time if you want... we had so many drinks on our table my friend got refused anymore in the end...i have heard that the 18-30's booze cruise is better as you get a bbq on it and get to play better games... another thing about the hotel is that you have to be checked out my 12pm in the afternoon, our flight wasnt till 4am till the next morning so we made friends with some really lovely lads that let us keep all six of our suitcase in the room and they let us have a shower and use there room pretty much all day, i think we would have been lost without them! Overall in the end i loved odyssey apartments and so did the other 5! Everyone is so welcoming and they just wanna be friends with everyone! I would go back its just a shame the rooms are a bit shabby, i hope this review has helped some people! This is a mixed review when we first got there we hated it now all of us would go back!!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: The strip is where its at!
by singingstacey
6 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Good for partying.

"Before we left and read some of the reviews we were a little nervous at hearing it was called 'The zoo' but were pleasantly surprised. I went with a group of 4 girls obviously on a self catering basis and we had such a laugh. The music is always loud til early morning so if your a fan of sleep this isn't the apartment for you. The only bad thing about the rooms is that when you have a shower the bathroom floods, dried up by morning though so nothing major. Just the design of the shower. Best thing to do is buy drinks from the supermarket, drink while getting ready and then hit the strip around 12 as there isnt any drink deals on and everything has gone up in price. If your looking for a week you wont forget i would definitely reccomend Odyssey!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Dont rent a quad... they rip you off!!!
  • Good For: Beach
by Adele
7 / 10

1 reader found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Take me back now !

"7 girls spent 2 weeks in the odyssey and it was amazing. Reps are really good fun and there if you have any problems. We arrived at around 2 in the morning and the first room we were given we didnt like and wanted to be closer to our friends so they happily moved us . Rooms are cleaned almost everyday and hotel and pool area are spotless. Hot showers are a bit of a lucky dip so dont always expect one. You are about a 10 minute walk away from the main strip, 15 to the beach although we hired quads which were great to get around quickly. The bad points are the hotel bar food is not very nice, the little old greek lady is pretty moody and they are very strict about having drinks around the pool that havent been bought from them ( but it has something to do with greek tax laws) We once woke up to some drunken boy in our room as the staff had given him the master key because he said it was his room. Although nothing bad happened to our rooms there was a few suspicious break ins, one rooms door got kicked in but nothing was taken and the security guard heard nothing. Air con was 45 euro per week and the safe was 10, you also dont have to pay to take people back unlike most hotels which charge up tp 30. Would definitely stay here again Malia was amazing !"

by Han
8 / 10

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Try Oasis instead

"I came to this hotel in a group of four 17-18 year olds for 10 days. We arrived at 5am and immediatley got taken to our room which was right by the pool. It was tiny with a filthy shower which flooded the room everytime it was used, disgusting kitchen which had no kettle or microwave and the portable cooker was rubbish and the balcony pointed into trees with no sun reaching us. We stayed positive as the main bedroom was fine and didnt see any bugs crawling around (always a plus) and the pool and bar looked lovely.

We went for a wander straight away and found the strip and the hotel our friends were in. They were right in the middle of the strip at the Oasis hotel. After seeing their location we felt miles away. Though it was 6 in the morning the strip looked fun and plently drunk holiday makers chatted to us as they stumbled to bed.

We got back to the hotel and went to bed exhausted only to be woken at 10am by loud music right outside our room, it was impossible to sleep through. It was pointless bringing our own ipods as you couldnt hear it over the awful, repetitive pool music which played everyday from 10am until 8pm.

The reps greeted us and after only signing up to a few activites they ignored us and the female rep siobhan was very rude. In the end we spent most of our time at Oasis with our friends.

Overall I would recommend a trip to Malia the strip is amazing and there is plently of good restraunts but i would recommend you stay at the Oasis hotel it is in an ideal place and very big and friendly with a much larger pool than the Odyssey one. PRs went to the Oasis pool everyday and all the reps there were very fun and welcoming playing games with everyone unlike Odyssey.

by Holidays2010
4 / 10

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