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Room: 8.5/10
Service: 9/10
Food: 8.5/10
Value: 9/10
Cleanliness: 9.5/10
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Traveller reviews

Great resort

"We had a great week. Beautifull beach, pool, resort in general. Plenty of chairs, and shade when you want a break from the sun. Food was also excellent. The only thing was we thought we would get 3 a la carte tickets but only got 2. This was not a big deal as the buffet was all you needed, as we didn't even make it to all the a la carte due to our 5 month old we had with us. The entertainement staff were also great and you could tell they loved their job. The same staff did the night shows which were very impressive. Also having the jungle within the resort offered some shade when you walked and some cool animals. We would certainly go back."

by MaxOttawa
10 / 10

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Loved the whole experience!

"This was our first trip to Mexico and we would go back tomorrow! The Catalonia Royal Tulum is a beautiful, clean, spacious resort. I have never liked the food very much when I have travelled in the past but the food at the Catalonia was varied, delicious and plentiful. We ate at all three of the specialty restaurants and enjoyed them all very much. The recreational staff is incredible---Paula, Valerie, Lupita, Luis, Ricki, Freddie, the whole gang---spent all day getting people involved beach and pool side and the evening putting on the best shows we have ever seen at a resort. They were extremely professional. We saw them dealing with some guests that were inebriated and they ( the staff) were at all times patient and respectful. We visited the Mayan Ruins in Tulum and spent a morning shopping around Playa del Carmen. We took a taxi from the resort for $16 and it was fine. We had read some of the reviews before we went and as it turned out, the Catalonia surpassed our expectations. We met some wonderful people and had awesome weather between Feb 2 and 9th. One suggested change is having the gym open earlier than 9. I am an early riser and would have liked to work out about 7 a.m. We took part in the Pilates and Stretching Classes and the Aquasize and they were all terrific! All in all, a magical week spent in paradise!"

by Franklin'sWife
10 / 10

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Great stay, no complaints

"Our stay at the Catalonia was wonderful. I was pleasantly surprised after reading such mixed reviews. We have absolutely no complaints...the room was clean & comfortable, the pool was very nice, the restaurants were great, the food outstanding! The beach was clean, the staff always pleasant. We have been to many other all inclusives in both Mexico and Dominican & this is one place we would definately return to."

by IllinoisIrishgirl
10 / 10

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Very nice stay

"Just a quick note, as my friend and i just returned (Feb 2-9) from the Catalonia Royal Tulum (Copacabana). We both have travelled extensively and were looking for a cheaper 1 week get away. I do a fair bit of trip advisor research as it has saved me from some big mistakes in the past and it did not let me down again! This resort is a solid 4 star resort. Very clean, food was good (less options but the basics were there), staff was very friendly and the beach and pool were great! Only downside was no real snorkelling off the beach. Oh yeah, we sent some dress clothes to be "dry cleaned" and they sent them all through a washing machine (dress pants and all). The resort was only 60% full so there was never an issue with finding chairs. This resort is quite quiet. The disco was usually dead but only $16 us to cab to playa del carman to party. There were also lots of canadians at the resort which makes for a nicer low key crowd. Do not hesitate to book this resort and I hope you have as good of a time as we did. Cheers!"

by SunbumEdmonton
10 / 10

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Great place to stay & play

"We stayed at the former copacabana for 1 week in feb. Not long enough. The staff here are awesome, the animation(entertainment) was funny and original. The bar tenders always had a smile for you and were happy to let you try something new. The rooms were so clean it was amazing. You may however want to bring a foam for the bed if you don't like a really firm mattress.The beach pool and hot tubs are top rate.(The hot tubs were on the cool side but still great.) The different restaurants were all good, we tried them all and enjoyed each one. The buffet always had something different every night. The disco was nice, but not too many people go so it is alittle slow. If you go bring some nice smelling candles for the rooms, with all the heat and humidity it may be musty but not for lack of cleanness. I think all resorts in this area have that smell. If you want fun activties try the onsite dive center for snokeling tours or even better SCUBA. We ended up getting our PADI certification. 4 ocean dives and lots of different sites. The dive guys are the very best. Luis and Elihandre(I hope I spelled it right) are super guides and instructors. This was the best part hands down. Thanks for the great vacation everyone, Luis especially. We will more than likely go back."

by welderdiver
10 / 10

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...Its okay

"For starters, We have been to this hotel before in the year 2004. Back then it was exceptionaly - AMAZING. We had fun and my 11 year old daughter met friends, played games at the kidsclub and much more. My husband and I were also accompanied by my Mother, we had many things to do. At 12:00 pm. in the afternoon there were all differnt activites and a show. Also the same at 3:00pm. before 12:00 there were spanish lessons and more going on.

The second time we stayed (Nov. 9th-16th 2007) we were not as impressed, for startes during a 7 day stay we had $160.00 stolen from our safe, also we had a gold ring stolen out of the safe as well. We reported this immediatly and spoke with the Apple Rep. the apple rep. took us to the front desk, we were assured this has never happened before. We were going through this for about 3 days; the conclusion was that the maid took the money and ring. Then when we were talking to the people we met, we were told that a camera was ALSO stolen during that same week, from the same building. This was a good hotel 2 years ago but it deffinatly dropped in its standards.

The fact that the staff and apple rep. lied to us was a major set down for us. =[

by vacalover1
8 / 10

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"I just returned from a 7 night stay at the Copacabana, now known as the Catalonia Royal Tulum. I have mixed feelings on the resort. My vacation as a whole was wonderful, probably one of the best vacations I've been on. I think the fun had with family overshadowed the limitations of the resort.

Room: Probably one of the cleanest rooms I've ever had in Mexico. I could tell the hotel was undergoing lots of change, because everything in the room looked and felt new. Only problem was at check-in the room originally given to us was still occupied. Must have been a guest that did a fake checkout and was catching a few extra hours of sun. The shower was beautiful, my wife and I both commented how we would love to redo our bath at home in that type of marble. TV....WHO CARES, but it did have ESPN and I was able to watch a Pistons game and a MSU bball game...As usual with these type resorts, the beds were a rock.

Grounds: Manicured to perfection. The walk from room to lobby or beach is very jungle like. Be prepared for lots of walking. Considering we were toting a 7 month old, it was a little more work than usual. The only time it really was an issue was lugging suitcases at 5:30 am to check out, the bell staff starts at 6am.

Pool: Very clean. We utilized the water basketball everyday. With a group of 30 we kind of dominated the pool. Kids pool was not heated, so my son only liked it on the really hot days. Limited hours at the gym. I'm an early riser and like to work out at 7am, but the gym doesn't open until 9 (despite some signs that say 8). Oh well, so i went for beach walks instead. Towel stand closes at 5 (despite the sign that says 6), so get extra towels early if you plan on being out past 5.

Beach: Typical. waves, sun, topless Euros...doesn't get much better. Side note: The hammocks cannot hold 4 adults at one time!

Food: Breakfast/lunch/dinner buffets were GREAT! Theme nights at the buffet were very well done. Italian and Mexican nights were my favorite. The reservation restuarants were so so. The wait staff is a little inexperienced, so it usally took some plate shuffling to get the right dishes. The food was very good, especially the Mexican specialy restuarant. Just don't be in a hurry when you go to the specialty restuarants, it is more a European style dining experience. Lots of courses with plenty of digesting time between. If you are in a hurry just hit the buffet. Side note, if you go fishing don't bring back fish. they won't cook it for you....

Drinks. This is where they have the biggest room for improvement. If you are expecting top shelf liquor or beer, you will not be happy. The liquor at the Copa is bottom shelf (sometimes basement shelf!). Last year I stayed in Los Cabos at the Melia Real, for a comparable price, they had top shelf Tequila's and liquors. I'm not a liquor snob, but there is a big difference between Don Julio or Sauza Hornitos compared to the brands at the Copa. The drinks just don't taste as good, and leave a bigger hangover. I just don't feel you get your money's worth in this aspect. The beer tastes good, but it is limited to light or dark tap beer, no bottles or cans. There was one tap that said XX, but it tasted like everything else.

Staff: Very friendly and helpful. Pool activity people are great. Shows were great. They even asked us to let our 7 month old son be Simba in the Lion King show! It seemed like the waitstaff and maid staff were a little understaffed, compared to our other experiences.

Compared to other resorts I've been to, I think the Copa is a little over priced. For that reason i don't think i'd go back. The level of service just is not up to standard for this price range. The hotel has all the right amenities, but doesn't have the staff to make it a top level resort. All in all it was a great trip.

by Andrewsdaddy
6 / 10

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excellent resort overall!!

"This resort is one of the best resorts we have ever been to. We traveled in a group of 6 girls, ages 20-25. Even though there were not many young people, and most people were couples, we had an excellent time.

The staff were very accomadating, and there were many daily activites offered by the staff. They were very welcoming and tried to get us involved in everything.

The food was excellent. We couldn't have asked for anything better. They even had "real" orange juice. They have a buffet by the pool that was on every day from 12-2. The drinks at the bar were also very good. We recommend the frozen lemonade. We found it odd that they didn't have straws though!(minor detail)When you tried to drink the frozen drinks you would often get hit in the nose with the contents hahaha.

The rooms were outstanding. The showers were spotless, and you could fit like 8 people in there. The bathroom itself was clean and can you believe it, there was a robe on the bed for us when we arrived. Overall we rated the rooms as a 5*

The beach was aslo amazing. The sand was like powder and the water was so clear. You can also snorkel right at the beach, and it was so cool, we saw sting rays, and lots of cool fish.

Overall we had a really great trip and we would recommend this resort to anyone who wants a relaxing trip and excellent food. we would definately go back!!

by six_chicks
8 / 10

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I can't understand some past complaints

"I just returned from a 7 day stay at the Catalonia Royal Tulum (formerly Copacabana) from Jan 26 - Feb 2. This hotel was beyond my expectations. You cannot believe how beautiful the hotel is, or how it looks like it has been gingerly placed in the middle of the rain forest without damaging a single tree or animal. Let me please comment on former complaints from others:

- Smell in room: There is an “odour” to the room, however understand that you are in the middle of a rain forest in humid conditions. There is a humid smell, but certainly not unpleasant and definitely not unbearable.

- Cobblestones around the pool and on walking path are very quaint and stops kids from running and getting hurt.

- Snake on walkway – imagine that, a snake in the tropics. Report the prob and walk around the back of the hotel as there is a path there as well. I would have loved to have seen a snake. As well most days you will see a lizard sunning itself on the benches. The lizards are harmless.

- Traveling to town was $2 on local bus (we went and it was safe) or $16 by taxi (we took one and no bartering).

- Gym was small ??? There seemed to be enough room for everyone.

- No Kid friendly food ? NO WAY ! Everyday breakfast had eggs, waffles, pancakes, French toast, fruit, etc.. Lunch had hot dogs, burgers, pizza, and fries.

- Not many TV stations ? Try going outside. I would not gauge my holiday on this.

- Air conditioning not working. If this is the case (which I did not hear about from the large amount of people I met during my stay), then this would be a problem as the weather is hot and humid. I can only say that “possibly” some of the service and technical problems may have been solved since the hotel was taken over by new management.

- Stealing – I purposely left a few dollars and MANY gifts lying around the room and did not have ANYTHING go missing or moved. We brought toys, toiletries, and gifts for some of the staff and locals, and each time we gave gifts to the staff, they asked us to sign a piece of paper saying that we gave it to them. This tells me that they are being monitored.

- No straws – There were no straws., however a lot of zoos will not allow straws either as it could harm animals, environment, etc.. I did not hear any complaints, and we all managed to drink their wonderful concoctions with no problems, and did not contribute to the garbage left on the beach. Keep them away.

- Lack of Service ? Wow, I am sure that others did not receive the service they believed they should receive, however it was my understanding that we were supposed to go the bar ourselves. At the buffet lunch restaurant on the beach, I personally saw waiters “RUNNING” at ¾ speed around the pool to get customers drinks they ordered. These guys RAN for us, did their best, and always with a smile. I guess I never expected to be waited on hand and foot, and was pleased to walk the 40 or so steps to the bar myself. As far as food service, I again understood it was a buffet, in other words “serve yourself”. The staff did a wonderful job asking me if I wanted coffee, drinks, etc.. Possibly it might be the way you treat the staff that gets reflected in the service you receive.

- Entertainment was bad : NO WAY ! These guys put on some amazing shows. No, it is not Vegas, but c’mon people; these guys were beyond GREAT. Wait till you see the "Men vs the Women" or the “Cirque” show and the way they “add lib” with the guests. FANTASTIC ! These guys are at the pool at 9:00, spend the whole day trying to get us to participate in games, organize activities, and work 16 hour days to ensure we have a good time. Any business owner would kill to have employees with ½ of their enthusiasm and effort. This staff is responsible to get everyone dancing at the disco as well, and one night there was a girl who had too much to drink. One of the entertainment staff stayed with her, was very professional and respectful, and could have taken advantage of a situation (stolen virtue or money), but did not. I was so impressed that I had to tip him. I would want my wife or daughter to receive the same respect that I witnessed. I am not sure that you would see this at many other places in the world, including home.

Food bad – NO WAY ! I am a fussy eater, do not eat any kind of fish, and I LOVED THE FOOD ! I reserved an a la carte restaurant on Monday, and found the food at the buffet was even better. Wonderful choices every day. And the coffee was excellent in the buffet as well as the coffee bar. Try a breakfast shake as well.

- Final Comments : I was EXTREMELY pleased with my stay. I was already embarrassed with the amount of service I received, how I was catered to, and that no matter where I went someone was sweeping or cleaning or asking if they could do something for me. “If” the hotel has problems, it is certainly made up for with effort and friendliness. Remember that Mexico is a developing country, and that some of the comments about dirty surrounding areas or children are a result of us using them as cheap labor so we can get richer. Be generous with your tips and/or gifts with the staff and locals. I totally enjoyed my walks through the “jungle path” for meals or to the beach in the morning, enjoying the cold beer and Banana Mamas, going into the hot tubs at 3 or 4 when the temp cooled down a bit and talking with the guests, enjoyed all the shows at night, and the bar afterwards. Try the “bumblebee” or “Gracie Frog” (I am not sure that is the proper name) shooters. The 5 minute (actually 10 or more mins) free massage on beach was wonderful. Beautiful aqua beach, white sand, staff frequently asking for written comments on service so they can improve - best hotel we have ever stayed at. Bring a few buns into the water and feed the fish - no they don't bite. And lastly, thanks to the guests staying there for contributing to a perfect week. I'm still looking for Mary Kitt (Flasher) and Ken's add or email. Thanks to GO TRAVEL for recommending their “Wild Card”, and to ZOOM Airlines for our 2nd wonderful trip with you. What an amazing holiday.

by UncleFrankKegger
10 / 10

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Excellent Vacation Destination

"I have read many good things and average things about the Catalonia Royal Tulum (formally Copacabana). The good are very true the average aren't. I feel that this was the perfect and ideal vacation destination. No matter where you go you might not like some things.... thats just the way it is. At Catalonia the only complaint was that the gym was small.. but still very nice. The pool is beautiful, the beach is perfect, the food is good, Ricky and the entertainment staff are excellent. You can sit back and relax or turn it up and party and still not bother anyone relaxing. The staff is excellent and always doing a great job ($1.00 tip can get you a long way!!!). The buildings and architecture are very eye appealing, the nature and foliage is relaxing...what's not to love? All in all, Catalonia made my first trip one to remember. I am going to try to go back in about 6 months. Everyone at Catalonia, especially the entertainers, thanks for the wonderful experience. Hope to be back soon."

by NHE5680
10 / 10

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I stayed at the Copacabana resort in...

"I stayed at the Copacabana resort in Feb 2005 for 14 nights on an all inclusive basis. The hotel is beautifully set in a tropical jungle, and a small path wiggles its way down to a very large, clean pool and one of the many restaurant and bar areas and a stunning white sand beach called Xpu-Ha.

Its a very relaxing resort with lots of sports and activities if you so desire to join in. The staff were extremely friendly, especially the local Mayans, who are shorter and darker than the Mexicans. We got to know the waiters quite well during our stay and they showed real interest in our holiday.

Every evening there was different entertainment and the evening buffet in the main restaurant was very good with many different types of food on offer.

Very highly recommended!

by J Stowell
10 / 10

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