Stelios Apartments

Crete 70007, Greece
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"I don't know who paid the people to write the last comments, but I don't recognise this as being the same place that we are staying in.The location is goo, in that it's close to the beach and town.However, the roos are just awful!

We are used to 'roughing it',having travelled all over the world on trains, buses and on tractors.

The welcome we received from he owner was non existent, the room dirty, the shower cold, the plugs hnging off the wall' the bedding disgusting and not changed in a week. ok as a hostel but not a hotel. the worst w have ever experieced-if you are thinking of booking, don't!we will log photo of rancid pillows later.

by bergerie
2 / 10

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to be honest turned up at hotel to...

"to be honest turned up at hotel to find only one pillow between me and my wife and one top sheet no toilet roll sheets we had was dirty had to constently had windows and curtains closed dirty shower dirty shower curtain only had hot water twice in a week pool felt crowded and when we ventured out of our prison cell found fellow inmates and the jailers stairing at us would not recomend at all cant coment on cleaners because i dont belive they exist will be complaining to olympic as they not only put us in this jail put us on a death trap of a bus on the trip we went on when it turned up an half hour late thanks for wasting our money olympic"

by N Jordan
2 / 10

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Id just like to point out that there...

"Id just like to point out that there are TWO places called Stelios apartments in malia.. and they seem to be being mixed up here...:

One of them is in the old town, 5mins away from the main road and clubs (far enough that its quiet and you don't hear the noise of the new town), about 1500meters away from the beach, and is a wonderful place. Its family run by Lida and Vangelis. The apartments are basic, (but greece is like that), but they are always clean and well maintained. Lida and Vangelis are such lovely people, we have stayed in these apartments 7 times since 2000 and always have a great holiday. Highly recommended for well behaved groups who are in malia to party (Excess noise at 4am is not tolerated well), couples and families.

The OTHER Stelios apartments is right down by the beach (thats a good way to tell which one is being refered to). We've never stayed there so I can't comment. But some of the previous reviews seem to be referring rather negatively to these apartments. The picture at the top of the page is of these apartments, but the description is of the other apartments.. therefore, I wanted to make the distinction between these places clear. Hope this helps any confusion.

by R Steer
10 / 10

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I stayed here last August for a girls...

"I stayed here last August for a girls holiday. The rooms were ok (been to greece plenty of times and know apartments are really basic), however their were springs popping out of my matress which was really uncomfortable. I found these apartments really noisy all through the night. The bar is open 24 hours and you can constantly here drunk people coming back and running around the hotel all night long. Don't get me wrong I am a party girl but if you fancy an earlier night on occasitions say 3.00-4.00 in the morning forget it. However if you want to party all night long an never sleep these are definatly the apartments for you. You can't even sleep doing the day coz the bar music is so loud and in your face. Even though it is set in a "quiet" part of malia old town it is the most noiseist apartments I have ever stayed at. I personally would NEVER go back. I have stayed in many party places located more centrally than these but were no near as bad as these."

by G Peacock
3 / 10

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To be honest Malia is a great...

"To be honest Malia is a great destination for clubs, alcohol and girls which we thoroughly enjoyed. However the Hotel Stelios was classified as a 2 star plus which did not even meet a motel! to be frank the staff were very rude and ignorant.... furthermore the fresh orange juices were highly priced! The security guard was the one and only friendly and helpful member of staff who got thrown in the pool after a few drinks by other occupants.

On the whole the Stelios should not be classified as a hotel and needs major refurbishment and definitely investment in new showers, as we had to shower at a mates due to our shower head not working along with no hot water and NO toilet roll which began to be a real issue! On the whole will not recommend this hotel and beware this is a hotel from hell and be careful and keep your eyes open for the lizards that can be found in your room!

by Div Hir
1 / 10

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Ok, I’ll start with the positive;...

"Ok, I’ll start with the positive; Malia is a wicked place to go if you love clubbing, drinking, sand, sea, and sun, but if you want to enjoy your holiday to the full DO NOT stay at Stelios Apartments.

When looking at the pictures and reading some of the reviews I was excited about staying there, even when you first walk in through the iron gates you think to yourself "ohh this is quite nice" (That’s before you enter the rooms.....)

The security guard showed us to our room and also a massive cockroaches that sat on our wall, the security guard killed it with his shoe, threw it in the bin and left.

The following night we were faced with 2 more, making 3 and the following night 5 cockroaches were in our room. We complained to a member of staff, when we could finally get someone who would listen and she moved us immediately into a much cleaner room, cockroaches free, which was the case for most of the rooms.

The hotel is two star, not three (as some websites are claiming) and if you like very basic facilities and cold showers and dirty bed sheets I recommend Stelios Apartments.

By the way, I wouldn't advise to go with cosmos, reps are lazy, and if you’re in trouble everyone else is around, apart from them.

by E C Gordon
3 / 10

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It was a lovely resort to stay and...

"It was a lovely resort to stay and the choice of music at the bar was fab. It could have been turned off or turned down at a time so that people could go to bed, but I suppose it is expected as it Malia and it is surrounded by clubs and bars. The people walking in at silly times in the morning arguing and really drunk wasn’t pleasant.

Overall it was a good holiday and the staff seem friendly and the pool was also nice. It would be really good if they could install air-conditioning in the rooms to keep them cool before people go to bed.

by E Curran-Prosser
7 / 10

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Stelios apartments are in a fab...

"Stelios apartments are in a fab location of the old town of Malia, far enough away from the party & 24 hour drinking of the main strip. But close enough to walk 5 mins to the beach, party area, and local restaurants.

Reps meeting us from airport, only really interested in the 18-30 years old, as want to encourage the party atmosphere, only saw ours on at the welcome drink, and had to ring up to get details of pick up time of transfer back!

However, if you venture out on any of the other excursions to places of historic interest, the Olympic tour reps (local Cretans) are absolutely excellent, very knowledgeable, & friendly.

As for the apartments, Lydia & Andreas husband & wife running the apartments very friendly, food good & fairly priced, rooms clean and comfortable, cleaners change bed linen & towels twice per week and tidy rooms, self catering a little basic, but eating out so cheap you will hardly use. Pool & other communal areas clean and well maintained.

Despite being 40 something, I would recommend apartments to all ages, because of fantastic location & friendly nature of the owners. Will defiantly return.

by Campbell
10 / 10

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We read some really bad reviews on...

"We read some really bad reviews on this hotel but paying £390 for a week we were expecting something pretty nice.

Hotel was in perfect location - right by beach and a 5 minute (if that) walk from main strip.

No families in hotel (although family run) which was a good thing as there were people wandering in and out at all sorts of times.

There was 7 girls with us and you couldn't go wrong - A real great place.

Food and drink wasn't too expensive and only bar in Malia 24 hours - everyone wanted to come back!

Only complaint I have is showers were a bit poor and hot water run out by 8.30pm.

by GL Jones
9 / 10

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If you are thinking of going on a...

"If you are thinking of going on a holiday to Malia I 100% recommend staying at Stelios Gardens. Location first of all is perfect as you are around a 2 mins walk from both the beach and in a different direction the crazy nightlife!

Pool is great, a good size and very clean, apartments are basic with only a stove, kettle and required cups and plates etc, towels and thin sheet but do have good showers and the rooms are cleaned every day.

Staff are great, so friendly and they welcome you straight away. Food and drinks in bar are fairly priced, bar is 24 hours (!) they even have a free and very tasty BBQ every Thursday.

One word of warning if you go in a group leave your key at the bar as night staff will not let anyone in rooms without a key which seemed to cause a problem for some people.

Nightlife in Malia is wicked, So many bars and clubs to go to and all different music from hard core to cheesy pop. I would recommend - Cocktail bar on corner (E4 4 2 drinks) then Zig Zag and Banana Bar!

To be honest I would not go to Malia with children or for a romantic holiday as it’s not that kind of place due to the 24 hour drinking and naughty behaviour.

If you are looking for sun, sea and lots of cheap booze - Malia and Stelios Gardens is the place to be! Looking forward to going back already!

by H Grange
9 / 10

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Just got back today, our holiday was...

"Just got back today, our holiday was booked 5 days before we flew. Basic but clean apartments & they were cleaned every other day. The fact that we had to buy our own toilet roll was a small price to pay. Lida (the owner) was very nice & thoughtful & was always asking us if everything was fine, she couldn't do enough. However one of the male staff (didn't get his name) charged us 20 euros for a safe deposit box but charged everyone else 15.

Unfortunately the weather was terrible with rain during our stay except for the first 2 days & I didn't reckon much to the Olympic reps that we barely saw. Ours changed on the Tuesday but we never saw the new one. They lead us on to the wrong coach at the airport which meant we had to get a taxi in the end although e did get that refunded.

As it was getting towards the end of the season there were no organised games or anything else by the staff from the apartments but this was understandable. My 8 year old daughter was the only child in the apartments so it was a bit boring for her but she loved the clean a spacious pool.

My personal opinion is that during the peak season it will be fantastic & if taking children to Malia, Stelios would be one of the better places to take them rather than the main strip as that would be too hectic for them with bars open till all hours.

by D Hancock
7 / 10

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Nightlife was amazing all the other...

"Nightlife was amazing all the other holiday makers were friendly people. However the cleaners and staff and managers were rude, ignorant, they hate the English and they will try and rip you off and rob you for all you have.

But apart from the Greeks out their everything else made it the best holiday of my life.

by T O'Malley
4 / 10

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