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Another two weeks of prolific relaxing by The Longs
7 / 10

Spent the last two weeks in September crashing in & out of the lovely clean pool drinking fresh squeezed orange, cold beers and the odd Raki.Our accommodation was clean and the linen and towels were changed twice a week.The friendly owners Stavros and Eleni may not speak a great deal of English but this does stop them from doing their best to give you what you want.

Within a short walk is the local bakery and supermarkets.A good choice of restaurants can be found nearby in the centre of the village, we used the Marina near the church and Manos does a brilliant Stiffado the local meat dish.

A short bus ride costing one euro forty gets you into the livelier resort of Hersonissos.

This accommodation provides value for money and we have just booked for 2011.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Relaxing place and good hosts
  • Good For: Beach

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A relaxing peaceful break by The Olivers
7 / 10

We have just returned from a weeks holiday at the Stavros Studios in Analipsi and loved every minute of it! We found the studio comfortable and clean, basic but adequate. The pool area is truly lovely, plenty of sunbeds, a marvellously clean deep pool and the poolside bar serves some amazing meals considering the tiny cooking area. The couple who run it, Stavros and Eleni, couldnt do enough for us. They are on hand from early morning until late at night, or until all the guests have gone to bed, and were full of typical Greek hospitality. The walk into town took us around twenty minutes so if you are looking to be closer to other bars and shops this may be a little out of the way. Yes you are on a main road (well, a slip road just off)but the traffic didnt bother us one jot, and yes you are on a flight path, but hey, you are on an island! If you want 5 star, stay in a hotel, if you want peace, a simple relaxing break and wonderful hosts, stay here.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Advice: Greek hospitality is amazing, our most memorable holidays have been on these islands.

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Crete 8/10 - Stavros 2/10 by Jillbo
2 / 10

The brochure advertises this as quiet and relaxing ...Hardly! The main road, literally across the front of the apartments never stops, coupled with being under the flight path the noise is constant. No air conditioning and windows that you had to keep closed because of the noise (and mosquitos) = very little sleep!!

Other reviews talk about paying to keep their room because of night flights, but we weren't even given the option. They closed the bar at 11:00pm (without first asking if we wanted a final drink) and left us for over 3 hours getting bitten.

Analypsi itself is a nice place, but do yourself a favour and pay more for other accommodation.

As for Olympic Holiday rep ... useless does not go far enough to describe him. We asked where we could hire a car or motorbike and his response was that he hadn't been working there long!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, Self Catering, booked with Olympic Holidays

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Dont go there if..... by magelen09
2 / 10

you dont want to be humiliated by the elderly couple that own the apartments....From the very first day to leaving we felt unwelcome,You are given 2 rolls of toilet paper when you arrived ,but after that you had chase up the couple and ask for some when you have run out . They seem to be very money orientated and will get you to part with as much money as possible in order for you to be accepted and be relaxed enough to sit by the pool.And not very helpful rep either. By late sept they started to close up the bar by 9pm or earlier so you would walk back to find everywhere plunged into darkness. Not very good if you have to leave on a night flight as we did and have nowhere to put your luggage safely - unless you cough up 60 euros to extend your stay in the apartment.You can only eat or drink purchases from the bar so if you want to go for a drink you have to go back to your apartment,they told us off for drinking tea by the pool,dispite it being out of their own cups with water purchased from their bar, since then bieng spied on. They sit and watch you all day..The only thing going for the apartments is that they were kept clean,tho basic and set in nice surroundings. But,the apartments are adjacent to the very busy, and noisy main road, and directly under the flight path.The beach is more than 15 mins away from the apartments, not good if your health isnt good.The resort is a good place to visit with sandy beach in places with great restaurants and bars.And good bus service to most resorts..

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, Self Catering, booked with Olympic Holidays
  • Good For: Beach

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stavros studios - Great by sally pick
8 / 10

Stavros studios are well maintained,clean but as expected basic holiday apartments.

The lovely Stavros couple who run/own are none stop cleaning, very friendly and helpful.Only a good 10 to 15 minute walk down to the beach passing tavernas,shops etc.

If what you are looking for is sunshine and chilling out, with a nice clean pool this place would be fine. Not for teenagers or family with teenagers.(Go to Malia)i Night life - none, but we knew this before we went through First Choice.We have an 11 year old who was quite happy by the pool and then the walk down to the shops /restaurant in the evening. Didnt find aircraft noise a problem, and certainly not a reason for not staying at stavros. The main road that runs along outside was busy, but did not effect our stay.

In short, not the place to stay for night time entertainment,great for sun and just chilling out, but not for teenagers or anybody not able and mobile.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Self Catering, booked with First Choice

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Been Again ! Loved it by palliachi
9 / 10

Just returned from Stavros Studios or Stavros Villas as the owners call it, for our 5th time. We must say how despite not speaking a great deal of English the owners Stavros and Elani do everything possible to make ones stay memorable whilst enjoying the warm pool and company of other guests in this spotlessly clean complex of 10 rooms. Some are for two people whilst the larger ones are able to self cater for three.As is usual in Greece a travel kettle is a must.Linen and towels are changed twice weekly.

The beautiful well kept gardens, sat on a sun lounger with a Mythos beer and taking the occasional dip in the clean pool takes some beating for a relaxing break.

Fresh squeezed orange at 3 euros a glass from the snack bar starts the mid morning sun bathing session off well.

The bar stays open in the evening until you vacate your seat and if no one returns for a drink after eating out in the village it does close after 11pm.

Our favourite eating place was the Marina restaurant down near the village church Manos and his wife Maria looking after the multi national customers serving freshly cooked food ( must try the Beef Stiffardo a beef stew )as well as typical Greek dishes,Pasta and Chicken dishes.A meal for two with wine is about 24 euros.

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We have just come back from a... by  B Robertson
2 / 10

We have just come back from a holiday at the Stavros Studios, Analipsi. We were very disaappointed in Olympic holidays and the position of the Stavros studios. Do not go to stay there if you want a quiet holiday.

Analipsi is a lovely village. quiet which appealed to us in their brochure. However Olympic do say that it is set back from the main road but they do not say that it is adjacent to the New National road. The noise from the balcony is none stop. Also there is no mention of the apartment being directly under a flight path. You could not have an uninterrupted conversation with anyone .

If you had a night flight like us you were chucked out of the apartment at 12 noon with no safe place for your luggage. You have to leave it in the open air near the pool. The old couple who are in charge go to bed at 11.00p.m. Our pickup time was 2.40. am. We explained to the rep that luggage should not be left unattended but he had no answer and did not seem to think the responsiblity lay with the tour operator. You could keep the room at a cost of 4 euros an hour whitch in our case made a total cost of 60 euros. This is unacceptable as you could get a room in a hotel for much less than this. The people in charge would not let you pay for a shorter time it had to be all or nothing.

We managed to leave our luggae locked in another hoildaymakers room but this is no thanks to the Stavros.

I would also mention that whilst the swimming pool is very clean if you have limited mobility, or have young children there is no way you can access the pool from the shallow end at all. The only ladders are into the 2.1 metre end.

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facilities in stavros studios were... by  M Millsom
8 / 10

facilities in stavros studios were very clean, basic, but adequate for what we needed. safety deposit boxes were 10 euros a week and fans were available, don't bother taking your own as you are not allowed to use them. English breakfast was served at the pool bar for 6 euros and was very nice. The pool was excellent and staff kept it thoroughly clean every day. Analipsi town was fairly quiet when we were there. We hired a car for twelve days from speed in analipsi town, very nice couple who run this place and gave us a map and circled places of interest for us to visit. Visited zeus cave (recommended but don't go in flip flops as its quite a steep walk up hill to the entrance) and various beaches including vai beach where the bounty advert was filmed, very busy beach and windy the day we chose to go but still a beautiful place. Visited Hersonissos and Malia both very alike buzzing nightlife, motorbike/scooter heaven (glad to get back to analipsi to be quite honest). Tried several restaurants but found our favourite to be 'Volcano' Kostas and his staff were very friendly and on each return visit you get a free half litre of wine with your meal plus some nights the famous raki bottle got passed around from table to table( bit of an aquired taste). Overall we would recommend this place to families and older couples who are able to walk a fairly good distance as it's quite a walk into the town. Younger people would prefer malia or hersonissos if they like clubbing as analipsi only has bars and restaurants.

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Stavros studios are lovely. there so... by KB Brown
8 / 10

Stavros studios are lovely.

there so clean its unbelivable!

there a little bit out of the way from shops but you can catch the bus down to astalias and if you wanted to get some gifts thats were you can get them from.

the people are absoloutly lovely so friendly and if you want somewere to relax for a week id deffinatly go there again.

but maybe not for 2 weeks.

if your a person who loves swimming the pool is brilliant.

absoloutly loved the pool the best bit of the holiday.

so all in all i did really enjoy the studios.

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No complaints about the resort or the... by A Washington
6 / 10

No complaints about the resort or the staff in general but the rooms are pretty spartan, (we had to buy our own kettle) for self-catering, the shower is one of those that you have to hold in your hand and wash yourself down rather than stand under and during the day the crickets in the surrounding olive groves are deafening.

The poolside bar closes at 11pm and at times it can be hard to communicate with the elderly staff (we think they are the mum and dad of the owners) as they don't speak English.

Hersonnisos was our nightly destination and has a lively atmosphere and great shopping and restaurants but largely free of teenagers as they are a few miles up the coast at Malia.

Only select this accommodation if you really want something cheap and can put up with the lack of facilities.

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We had a lovely week staying at the... by A Cater
9 / 10

We had a lovely week staying at the Stavros Villas in Analipsi. Stavros and his wife Eleni run the apartments, they are an elderly couple who speak very little English but would do anything for you - once they have worked out what you want!

The apartments are very clean with all that you need for an enjoyable stay. Safety deposit boxes are available for 10 Euro and although there is no air conditioning they will hire you a fan if need be. The bathroom is spacious and even has a shower curtain - almost unheard of in Greece. The beds were a bit uncomfortable, but after a few glasses of wine you wont notice that.

It was very quiet whilst we were there, mainly older couples and we had the pool all to ourselves most days. The pool is one of the warmest I have ever been in and Stravros keeps it very clean.

The pool bar is open every day from 8am for snacks and drinks and really reasonably priced.

A ten minute walk takes you to Analipsi village and another five minutes to the beach. The village has a few supermarkets and some lovely tavernas and bars. We had good meals at The Volcano in the square and enjoyed Mojo Bar - which plays rock/blues/jazz music.

The village is very quiet, don't bother if you want banging nightlife - but was perfect for us.

The bus stop is 2 minutes walk from the apartments and you can get to any of the other resorts within 20 minutes.

We went on the trip to Spinalonga island which was very interesting, but we did feel the day was a bit rushed.

Olympic holidays were excellent, Natalie the rep was available when needed, the flights departed early both ways and were comfortable.

Really recommend these apartments and resort if you want a relaxed, chilled out holiday.

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Analipsi is a great place for a... by L Cooper
7 / 10

Analipsi is a great place for a relaxing holiday. A friend and I spent two weeks at Stavros Villas, and although the room we were given was incredibly small we couldn't grumble about much else. It is set against a main road which I was worried about but I had no trouble sleeping.....the enormous crickets in the day make more noise than the road (seriously deafening)!! The pool is clean and the staff friendly...especially when it comes to getting rid of large crickets from under beds!

The advantage of being by the main road means you are next to a bus stop. 2 Euros takes you into the busy resort of Hersonissos which, after a week in Analipsi came as a bit of a culture shock and we couldn't wait to leave. Hersonissos is the 'new Malia' and is full of Irish bars and promoters trying to entice you into their clubs.

Analipsi itself has some really nice bars and tavernas. I would recommend eating at Mythos Taverna as they give you a mini jug of Raki at the end of your meal, and they do the best chips I have ever tasted! Both El Paradiso Bar and Zoe's bar are good for cocktails.

All in all Analipsi is a great resort with great links to explore the rest of the island.

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