Xperience Kiroseiz Parkland

Naama Bay PO Box 4, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
3.5 star
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Cleanliness: 8.5/10
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"Just returned from hotel. Staff lovely can't help enough BUT principally appeared to be an Egyptian and Eastern European and Russian destination. A handful of British who were as disappointed in food that was poor, mostly cool or cold and principally local Arabic mezzo and odd theme night that didn't quite get it right!!!! Sweets pretty but bland. Choice of fruit? Forget it.!

Little evening entertainment and no lounge to socialize but a sparse Bar that was adorned with tatty unloved furniture. Which brings me to the most important points. Grubby dirty room on arrival, bulbs not working towel rail fell off wall. Black mildew all over cracked bathroom tiles. However, room which was eventually cleaned and maintenance done. But two tired travelers were not left with a good impression. What star did they give this hotel and why???

The balcony had a tatty dirty glass top table, two battered wooden/rusty/dirty seats. Weren't shown how air conditioning worked, free daily water or got kettle and co until three days later....told would cost then told free......???!

Offered refurbish room at extra cost on arrival.... That says it all as little did we know at the time!

Disturbed every single night by echoes in corridor and rowdy guests (UK guests driven to requesting change of hotel because of this)

Suggested by previous guests now a tired unloved hotel which has cut back and dropped its standards. There are much better out there.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't go
by Experience
1 / 10

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Xperience Kiroseiz Parkland

"Just got back from staying at this hotel for 1 week with my partner. We felt like royalty! Fantastic 'Xperience' - Staff were so friendly and helpful - always on hand to help. Food was good and the facilities were very clean. This hotel was above my expectations as this was my first visit to Egypt. Naama Bay was just as i was told about - hassle hassle hassle but thats the fun of Naama Bay! Its a must. Soho is also a must to visit the dancing fountain but drinks are around 9pound a pint! Snorkling on the private beach is a must to see the coral, unbelievable and out of this world. The colours and different kinds of species are magnificent. This hotel is a must as its central to everywhere and everyone is helpful, kind and love to have fun."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2013, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by Jackie_Steve
10 / 10

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Holiday/Hotel review

"we went on this holiday for my husbands 50th birthday, the hotel was really lovely and i couldnt fault the staff at all they were always very helpful and polite. the food was nice but nothing special and we did eat out in all of the resorts restraunts and i must say the food in those is second to none please please visit these if you staty here. the only downside to this holiday for us was the fact that there was nowhere to walk to as it was far too hot and everything was quite far away. as we like to go out and expore where we are staying and like nice long walks it was not possible to that on this holiday. so if you are looking for a very lazy sunbathing sit around by the pool then this is for you. the entertainment team i must say was not very good the seem to be way behind the times and need to step it up and liven it up, but for the kids it was very good. the egyptian people and the staff are lovely but unfortunatley i dont think we will retun."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach
by Lynn S
7 / 10

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wow what an experience

"While at this hotel, found a gem working at the beach, Adel not only is he a top beauty therapist but a highly trained stylist. Trained in the USA Will visit again just to get my hair done. I have never had an experience like it. Well worth the extra money paid as the service is not in the all inclusive package."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
by Clare J
9 / 10

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Great Resort

"We went to this resort last September and it was brilliant. Our room was lovely and clean with towels changed daily and bed made daily.

Before going to the resort, we were a bit worried about reviews of food however, we had no problems. We are both very fussy with food but we found that there was always something to eat and even found us trying different things. The waiter we had for most of the 2 weeks was also good, always filling drinking and making sure he served us.

The animation team were fantastic and always game for a laugh, although we had no children with us, we found it entertaining. The daily games of water polo in the pool made for good entertainment also.

Overall we had a great experience here and would definitely recommend it to families and couples alike.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Visit Naama Bay, go qud biking in the desert and definitely take a day trip to Cairo
  • Good For: Beach
by welshygal
9 / 10

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for every negative there's a positive

"this was our first experience of egypt and loved it, although everything was not perfect.

the positives were that staff were so friendly and helpful. Ahmed in the restaurant always made sure we had a table and that we had all the drinks we wanted. the room was cleaned everyday sheets changed and two botles of water supplied.it was ramadan so many of the muslim guests left which meant that there was plenty of room around the pools always.the entertainment put on by Yasser at the hotel was excellent.

the negatives - because some of the guests left they shut one of the all incl restaurants which meant that the two remaining ones were jam packed with long queues and frayed tempers.The food was inconsistent sometimes good, but sometimes lacked taste and variety - but hey - you didnt have to cook it yourself! Although we had housekeeping everyday (they didnt always turn up for my mum next door) they did strange things e.g., theyd put a double sheet on our kingsized bed which is obviously not going to be big enough. when i asked them why - assuming there were no kings left they would immediately produce one and put it on????

the biggest negative is that some of the kids toys went missing from our room. we have never experienced anything like this on any holiday so its quite disappointing. one of the toys were returned by the housekeeper Ali, but the others never materialised although he said they would within half an hour. for this reason alone we wouldnt go back. The hotel did make some recompense though by giving us a bottle of wine and dressingowns and stuff, but everytime you couldnt find something you immediately thought it'd been taken until you found it. there is a lot of hassle from the spa, massage, tattoo and newspaper people which gets on nerves after a while; and as for Naama bay - sometimes you just have to be downright nasty to get rid of hasslers. love egypt but would not necessarily return to kiroseiz.

by CAT
7 / 10

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Holiday to the Hell

"Firstly half of resort was closed-out of 5 swimming pools only 2 were opened and they were not clean: leaves and rubish in the adult pool. 1 of 2 privat beaches was clesed, and the one which was opened was full of stones.

Food was undercooked and tastless, most of time cold. My partner and I we got food poison. And the Hotel staff would not allowed to bring any food from a shop in the hotel!!!

They say on website for 'All inclusive' all drinks are free, but THEY ARE NOT!!! We had to pay for alcochol drinks. (wine was free of charge, but no choise: only awful house wine)

Air con in our room did not work properly was hot and unconfortable, room was only cleaned twice a week! And it's suppose to be 5 star hotel!!!

We been ripped of in reception, had to pay for most of stuff what suppose to be free of charge for 'All inclusives' guests.

Would never ever go back again! After 1 week staying in this hotel I could not wait to get back!

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Make sure air con is working in the room. Food is fresh and warm. Provide all facitities what they promise on website!
  • Good For: Beach
by Vicky
1 / 10

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thehotel that we love mam and dadwe were

"we were there in may and thoroughly enjoyed it that was our thirteenth time and we go back in july the rooms are spacious and kept clean and tidy bed linen and towels are changed every day

the staff are very helpful and if you need anything you just have to ask and they do it straight away no problemfrom the managment down to the gardeners dont be afraid to ask

the food could be better but you can always find something to your taste

could do with more entertainment but the animation team do there best to put shows on which are very good

the animation team are round the main pool all day so just join in and enjoy but if you do have problems just go and see guest relations gemma or magda they are tops

and will do everything to help

by daddy cool
8 / 10

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Huge, varied resort that caters for all.

"Reception dealt with us efficiently upon our arrival and promptly escorted us to our room. I reported three minor faults with the room throughout our stay. A member of staff arrived within 15 minutes on each occasion and resolved the issues to my satisfaction. The overall customer service at the resort is excellent.

The room was spacious and our housekeeper Ali did a good job ensuring we have a daily supply of fresh towels. The tv only has 3 english speaking channels limiting my viewing in that last hour before retiring to sleep to BBC World News, CNN or thankfully ESPN Movies. Housekeeping exceeded my expectations by supplying us daily with 2 litres of bottled water.

The complex itself massive. It is basically split into 3 resorts: The Waterpark, The Original pool area and a new pool area. There are 4 A La Carte restaurants that are not part of the all inclusive package and 3 others that are all inclusive. The food in the all inclusive restaurants were varied because the theme changed daily although some Egyptian dishes were always available. I ate in 2 of the other restaurants and the food was good but slightly overpriced.

The point of my holiday was to relax so I spent most of my time in the new pool area close to the gym. The Waterpark and the pool area close to reception are busier. The only downside is that the staff from the A la carte restaurants do approach you to secure bookings but this is a only a minor inconvenience.

The hotel is clearly focused on customer service and the management welcome feedback from guests. I enjoyed my stay and I'm sure the complex provides a little something for everyone.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Excellent staff. Something for everyone.
  • Good For: Beach
by Kev
8 / 10

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Difficult to be negative

"This hotel exceeded all expectations. Was told it was one of the larger resorts at around 700 rooms and the place generally is immaculate. The staff are what make this place, always remember your name to the level of remembering the conversation they had with you 3 days ago. The indian restaurant is a must and also has a tapenyaki there but its just worth it to go see Ahmed the waiter (entertainment non-stop)... Evening entertainment is good for families and encourage to take part as its all good fun. Loads of Pool activities during the day, water polo, aerobics etc. There a nightclub on resort for late night drinks which has a good crowd. Food was generally quite a good with a wide selection. Only slight negative is the shower did seem to flood now and again in the bathroom but that was quite minor and also you have to pay for the gym. Rooms were always kept immaculate so its always good to tip the room cleaner. Planning to go again next year and definitely to this resort."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks
by Dips
10 / 10

4 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

Loved it

"I have stayed at the Kiroseiz for the second time now and they continually strive to ensure that you have a good time there. I have no complaints about the staff and genuine hospitality shown to us by everyone we met...was sad that i missed Marco (animation team who had taken his hols same time as us) but nevermind.

We didnt want for anything at the hotel, the food was plentiful and varied and the soup is to die for.

i was very disappointed in Wings Tours (Eastmar Tours) who were continually late picking us up for our trips...and extremely disapointed with our welcome meeting which in my opinion lasted 10 mins and the whole purpose seemed to focus around us booking these trips...im sorry but a welcome meeting is not all about booking trips...we wanted to know a bit more about sharm and to see if things had changed since we last went there. To make matters worse we were ripped off for our trip to Cairo and the tour guide on our coach allowed others to take multiple seats on the coach before we had sat down leaving us crammed together for the whole journey there and back...and yes i did write all of this down on our feedback sheets

A special thankyou to some of the people who made our holiday very special...Amr, Sayed, Elijah, Mamood, Mohammed, Kamal, and Samier not to mention some of the other staff on reception, bell boys, and bar staff who were extremely nice and friendly...would def go back

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Excellent
by boogie knight
9 / 10

3 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

not worth the risk!

"I will start with the positives as there were many... hotel facilities were first class. In the evenings you could either see a show, have a drink in a quiet bar or enjoy a more lively quiz or karaoke night. The hotel was very clean at all times, and rooms were also cleaned daily by really friendly staff.

The staff were helpful and friendly.

Ok, negatives. My husband had the trots for 7 days of the holiday and a couple of days when we came back. I was lucky- I just had a very gurgly stomach for 3 days then a day of illness after I came home. This ruined the holiday. Most people that I spoke to had at least a day of the same complaint, and one guest actually collapsed and ended up on a drip whilst we were there.

Although the food gets quite bland after a few days, it was ok- the general opinion was that the food was cooked well (most was cookd in front of you, and staff wore gloves) so the pool may have been the source of the "bugs"- but who knows! People say that you always get a tummy bug in egypt but I laughed it off as both my husband and I don't really get ill.

Another source of irritation is the fact that the four specialist restaurants are all inclusive for drinks only- not for the nice bottles of wine (the all incl wine is like vinegar), and you get I think £4 each approx towards these meals but you have to pay for the rest. We went to the Indian twice and the Thai once and the food was fantastic- far better than the normal restaurants. However for 2 courses it was around £25 for the two of us, plus any wine. Not bad, but whe youre all incl it does annoy you.

I also lost my patience with the guys from the beauty salon at the hotel trying to get my business whilst I was happily sunbathing- you would see them insisting on squeezing peoples blackheads (Im not even jokin!)to try get you to have a facial. Everyday they would ask you if you wanted to see them, along with the henna tattoo guy and the italian restaurant guy. Became quite annoying- though I did see a sign that you could get from the towel guys at the end of the hols saying "do not disturb"- so get one!!

The towel and pool guys, and the entertainment team are lovely.

If you have booked this hotel and want a laugh, take a look at the pool attendants at the water park. When they explain how to get on the slide with your mat they dont talk to you, they whistle at you and communicate with their little whistles its hilarious!

The jetty at the beach is really good for a day out, but I heard the beach huts are very basic! Have a go on the water sports!

Thats about all I can say really! Such a shame about the tummy bugs as the hotel has so much to offer, as well as the waterpark! I just wouldnt risk going again to Egypt.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Be prepared to get a stomach bug! Everyone did
by debs
5 / 10

12 readers found this review helpful. Did you? Yes

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  • by egyptlover007

    " Our favourite restaurant was the chez pasel in teh hotel "

  • by guest

    " Go but do not expect good food "

  • by crocket

    " great place well worth the money "

  • by Lynn Sutciffe Was Barr

    " if you are looking for a very lazy sunbathing holiday then this is for you "

  • by Jackie_Steve

    " Purchase a waterproof cover for your camera and take it snorkeling from the private beach. "

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